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All About A Beauty With Multiple Masks Novel Read Online

Arielle was taking care of herself to the best of her ability while she was lost on an island. Her ship had sank. Luckily, she was lost in a place where there was edible crop and water, so she was able to take care of herself for the past seven days that she had been living there. According to A Beauty With Multiple Masks Novel, Arielle even built herself a cave where she took shelter from. It had been an uneventful seven days until Arielle saw a handsome man with a pale face lying at a corner in the rowdy island.

Arielle was indeed a lady of capability as her survival instincts swooped in again and she moved to save the man that she saw on the island. Confirming that he was still alive, Arielle pulled the man to her cave but even for someone whose life was being saved, Vinson Nightshire was careful and would not allow just anybody have access to him because he needed help. It had to be the pride of being the most influential man in the country that kept Vinson Nightshire at alert even at such a critical time.

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Part 1: Main Plot Of A Beauty With Multiple Masks

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Read Online Free PDF

One would think that saving someone’s life would make the person humble and thankful, but that could not be said about Vinson Nightshire. While Arielle was saving him, he gripped her and demanded to know who she was. According to A Beauty With Multiple Masks Novel, Arielle was a tough lady, so she was quick to put Vinson in his place as she applied herbs to his wounds. It was such an encounter between Vinson and Arielle, and it even bordered on them being intimate but that was caught off as Arielle woke up the morning after to see that help had arrived.

Well, the help that had arrived was meant for Vinson Nightshire but there was no way he was going to abandon Arielle in the island after she had saved his life in ways that were not ordinary. Arielle had gone as far as undressing herself to cover up Vinson when he had a fever in the middle of the night as a result of an infected wound, and seeing that it was not enough for him, she went ahead to cuddle the man while he slept so that he could share some of her body heat. With all that being done by Arielle to help Vinson, if course, he was not going to leave the Island without her. As soon as Arielle woke up, she joined Vinson in the helicopter that came to rescue him, and they left the Island together.

Meanwhile, Arielle was out for something important and that was how she had gotten lost in the island in the first place. Arielle’s mother was from the Moore family who were wealthy and important, so much that when Arielle’s mother got married to Arielle’s father, the Southall family which Arielle’s father was originally from, joined with the Moore family who had an upper hand and bigger reputation than the Southall family. However, Arielle’s mother suddenly passed on, and Arielle was rumoured to be dead after being kidnapped by human traffickers. When Arielle left the Island with Vinson Nightshire, she was being taken to the Moore manor which was now being occupied by the Southall family, and it would be her first time in ten years since she had been there.

According to A Beauty With Multiple Masks Novel, a party was about to take place. It was the birthday of Arielle’s stepsister, Shandie. Shandie posed as Arielle’s sister, but the truth of the matter was that Shandie was an illegitimate daughter of Mr. Southall, Arielle’s father, and guess who Shandie’s mother was? Cindy Moore, the sister of Arielle’s mother was sleeping with her brother-in-law, Mr. Southall while Arielle’s mother was alive. The timing was just right for Cindy to pretend to have been pregnant with Shandie after her sister was no more. That notwithstanding, it was a shocker for the Southall family when a maid announced the touching down of a helicopter from the Southall family.

Who did not know the Nightshire family in the city? As soon as everyone heard that the helicopter belonged to Vinson Nightshire, they became interested in it as Vinson Nightshire was a force to reckon with. According to A Beauty With Multiple Masks Novel, before Vinson stepped out of the plane, everyone thought that it just happened to be the Nightshire helicopter that found Arielle and that she did not have any direct relationship with Vinson nor any of the Nightshires, as a result, Arielle’s family looked down on her and did not exactly welcome her as someone that had been lost for ten years. Arielle saw her aunty, Cindy Moore, who had now taken her mother’s place as the wife of Mr. Southall, and Arielle could not be any more or less disgusted.

While they were swooning over Arielle and displaying different emotions which mainly bordered on negativity, Vinson Nightshire stepped out of the helicopter, and that is in fact where the story starts. Then first person tp have a change of attitude towards Arielle was her father, Mr. Southall. He deluded himself with the fact that he might get close enough to Vinson Nightshire and start living his best life as he would be respected especially in the business world, and every business or contract he wanted would be his. But things were not that easy. After a dramatic and eventful time of back-and-forth emotions, pretence and hypocrisy, Vinson asked Arielle for the second time what she would like him to do for her given that she saved his life. “Marry me.” Arielle said, jokingly but as the saying goes; “Be careful what you wish for.”

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of A Beauty With Multiple Masks

Chapter 1

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1

“Who am I? I’m your saviour. If you’re not going to let go of me anytime soon, I’m going to have to build you a gravestone. In memory of nameless. Does that sound good?”

That was what Arielle said to Vinson Nightshire after she had found him and saved him in the Island. The man that was obviously being saved had the boldness to ask his saviour who she was. One would think that as much as nobody would feel comfortable around a stranger particularly while helpless, asking the question about who Arielle was did not sound right mainly because Vinson Nightshire was at her mercy. As it should have, Arielle’s reply to Vinson’s question was perfect and that was enough to let him relax and allow Ariell to help him.

“If you have questions, you can ask your teacher instead. Why don’t you save your strength and lie down to rest instead of speaking?”

Arielle snapped at Vinson because she had it with the man who she had spent time and energy to save, as according to A Beauty With Multiple Masks Novel, Vinson could not just stop piling questions on Arielle, including asking her where they were as if she was not also lost like him.

Chapter 6

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 6

“My darling daughter, are you hurt? Dad was going to help you just now but Mr. Nightshire was a step ahead of me… Mr. Nightshire seems to treat you so well!”

Words said by Arielle’s father, Henrick Southfall. The man was pretending as if he loved the living day light put of his daughter who had been lost for ten years. There had been a little incident that happened in Shannie’s birthday party and Arielle was about to fall, but Vinson Nightshire was quick enough to save her and prevent her from falling. According to A Beauty With Multiple Masks Novel, when Mr. Southfall saw the way Vinson Nightshire hurried to save his daughter, Arielle, he abandoned his other supposed preferred daughter who had just had quite a disturbing fall, and was swooning over Arielle, openly announcing the fact that Vinson Nightshire was friendly with her.

“I’m not here to attend the function. I only waited until now to make sure that there are really no wishes you want me to fulfil for you. Are there?”

Vinson Nightshire was still at the Moore Manor, which was now inhabited mostly by the Southfalls, but he was there for a reason. It must have been a near-death experience that Vinson had to be loyal to the fact that he needed to do something outstanding for Arielle, and one that she would never forget. Yes, he had brought her to the Moore Manor as she had requested, but that did not seem enough for Vinson Nightshire as he insisted that Arielle made a reasonable wish that he could grant her.

“If you really want to repay me, why don’t you… marry me?”

Frustrated about the fact that Vinson Nightshire would not give up asking what she wanted him to do for her even though Arielle had clearly stated that she did not need anything from the man, she jokingly stated that Vinson could get married to her if he so badly wanted to repay her kindness.

Part 3: Conclusion Of A Beauty With Multiple Masks

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Yvonne Hargrave

A strong female lead is always a welcome idea in a world of web novels were weak female leads are the order of the day. The author of the novel does not go wrong in portraying the solid character of Arielle Moore. According to A Beauty With Multiple Masks Novel, ten years was not enough for Arielle to give up on finding out the reason her mother was no more.

A story narrated with subtle vocabulary to suit nearly any age bracket; the novel is a stark contrast against other novels of the same trope. Sister rivalry is a trope that is often come across while reading contemporary romance web novels, and the readers would be excited to read one that does not conform to the norm and cliché writing style and plot.

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