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[Un-Bully Target] A Review Of Marked By The Alpha Novel By Mathieu Forest

Marked By The Alpha is a story about Layla Fabrini, the daughter of the Sanguis pack’s Beta. Layla is well-known for her rebelliousness, and she frequently runs away from the pack. Her running has eventually got to stop when her fiancé betrays her.

Layla suddenly becomes a bullying target after her fiancé’s betrayal. Such bullies almost cost her life. Fortunately, Alpha Hector, her mate, comes to her rescue.

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Part 1: The Main Story Of Marked By The Alpha Novel

Marked By The Alpha Layla PDF

The Sanguis pack is the werewolf pack and the primary focus in Marked By The Alpha book. In Marked By The Alpha, it’s the werewolf pack where Layla lives with Gaius Fabrini, her Beta father, and Lucretia “Lu” Fabrini, her half-sister.

The author positions Layla as the family’s scapegoat. Yet, I don’t see evident descriptions of Layla frequently running away from the pack. Other characters, including Alex, her soon-to-be ex-fiancé and mate, picture her as having a disabled wolf. Yet, I don’t believe them, as these things could be parts of their gaslights.

Layla can communicate well with her wolf, Lea. The only thing that she misses is her love for Alexander “Alex” Rockmountain. Alex betrays her for her half-sister. The bedroom is always the heaven for cheating acts. For your information, the same bedroom place is also the place where Layla breaks up with Alex.

She ignores her parents’ feelings when she breaks the mating ceremony in front of her pack. In return, her parents refer to her acts as displeasing and shameful to the whole pack. For me, that’s not shameful. Instead, it’s a sign of bravery that Layla stands firm in her decision.

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By the way, the Sanguis pack is a pack under the authority of Alpha Hector. So, it’s normal for all pack members in this novel, including Alex, Lu, and Layla’s parents, to obey the Alpha.

No matter how hard Gaius tries to force his daughter to continue the mating ceremony, the final decision still lies within the Alpha’s hands. In addition, Layla also prefers to go rogue than mate with her horrible cheater fiancé, Alexander Rockmountain.

The first time Layla meets the Alpha also leads to the first scene of her being Marked By The Alpha. As Hector guides Layla to his office for the first time, he asks Layla questions about how she values herself.

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Part 2: The Amazing Hot Chapters From Marked By The Alpha Novel

Marked By The Alpha Chapter 1

Marked By The Alpha Chapter 1

The bedroom scene between Alex and Lu opens up the story in Marked By The Alpha Chapter 1. Alex is supposed to be Layla Fabrini’s fiancé instead of Lucretia “Lu” Fabrini, her half-sister. Both Alex and Lu also agree they won’t bring up anything about Layla whenever they make love.

Yet, the betrayed Layla can’t unsee what she has seen. So, in Marked By The Alpha Chapter 1, Layla immediately breaks her mating ceremony. She doesn’t care what Alexander “Alex” Rockmountain will do after she breaks up with him. All she needs to do is run away as fast as she can!

Marked By The Alpha Chapter 4

Marked By The Alpha Chapter 4

At first, Alpha Hector’s roars and two men standing towering over Layla might signify the punishment that Layla has to undergo. Yet, Chapter 4 of Marked By The Alpha shows that the Alpha’s rage is not directed at Layla. After all, Layla ends up being Marked By The Alpha. So, there’s no way the fearsome Alpha Hector would pour out his anger to her.

Instead, Beta Gaius and Reno, Layla’s parents, are the two werewolves who join Alex in receiving punishments from Hector. Meanwhile, Hector guides Layla to his office. It’s the first time for Layla to enter the Alpha’s beautifully painted dark red rustic office! What can happen next?

Part 3: Meet The Characters Of Marked By The Alpha Novel

Layla Fabrini

Marked By The Alpha Layla

In Marked By The Alpha, Layla Fabrini is a free-spirited daughter of Beta Gaius of the Sanguis pack. She originally agreed with the false thought that Alex was her mate, while Alex was cheating with her half-sister, Lu Fabrini. Her actual mate is Alpha Hector, the fearsome and well-known Alpha in her pack.


Marked By The Alpha Hector

Alpha Hector, the male lead of Marked By The Alpha, is unlike stereotypical Alphas who rely on their cold-bloodedness and domineering nature. Even though he has it all, along with his fearsome reputation, Hector is a protective mate who listens to Layla. He also uses his Alpha authority to punish people who don’t support Layla, such as her father and her ex-fiancé.

Alexander “Alex” Rockmountain

Marked By The Alpha Alex

In Marked By The Alpha book, Alex is supposed to have a mating ceremony with Layla, a she-wolf who has loved him for a long time. Unfortunately, Alex is too cowardly to be with her, as he chooses to betray her along with Lu, Layla’s half-sister. Alex is also a failure in playing the victim role in front of his Alpha who doesn’t take lies.

Part 4: A Reflection Of Marked By The Alpha Novel

Marked By The Alpha Mathieu Forest

When I read the novel’s summary, I got that Mathieu Forest, the author of Marked By The Alpha novel, intends to describe Layla as a defiant child who loves to run away. However, her running away histories are unclear in the first three chapters.

In addition, Layla’s courage in standing up for things and people she believes in doesn’t help picture her as the problematic girl MC of Marked By The Alpha novel. Instead of labeling her as problematic, I would say that “free-spirited” is better in describing this werewolf romance novel female MC.

I love how Alpha Hector appears from Chapter 3 of Marked By The Alpha onwards. He’s one of the few Alpha male werewolves to use his Alpha authority to empower his mate.

Still, I prefer a novel with an Omega she-wolf trying to be strong on her own while recognizing her mate. As such, I will tell a brief summary about Marked By The Moon that I believe is a decent alternative to Marked By The Alpha over the next part of this article.

Part 5: Alternative Book To Marked By The Alpha

Alternative to Marked By The Alpha

Vika Grannim of Marked By The Moon might only be an Omega she-wolf, the weakest werewolf in the werewolf-verse hierarchy. Yet, other werewolves envy her for her honorable position in serving the princess. Let’s not forget that she is close to a prince.

However, what Vika experiences in Marked By The Moon novel is far from ideal. Her princess whips, kicks and abuses her regularly. Still, Vika doesn’t give up on her desire to become a strong warrior.

Vika’s refusal to rely upon a gentle prince charming and merely praying for mercy are parts of her resilience. You can read more about her resiliency when you read Marked By The Moon on theplatform!

Prince Regent Asher, her mate, is only a bonus to her life. In the end, it’s Vika’s resilience that makes her an attractive character!
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