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20 Best Single Dad Romance Books To Steal Your Heart And Make You Obsessed

The dads in many single-dad romance books tend to have steamy vibes in their characteristics.
I’m guessing that happens because of their extensive experiences in dealing with people, particularly in wooing women. Here, I’ve hand-picked 20 best single dad romance books to indulge your fangirling squeals!

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20 Best Heart-Stealing Single Dad Romance Books Online

I recommend you to read these 10 best heartthrob single dad romance books on the Dreame platform – you will squeal endlessly at the hot dads!

1. Daddy’s Little Angel

Jack is the single father in this one of Dreame’s single dad romance books. He seems to get custody over his daughter, and as the daughter’s guardian, it should be his responsibility to care for her. Yet, his caring somehow turn out to be more than parent-to-child-type of caring…

2. Having My Ex-Boyfriend’s Dad’s Baby

Single Dad Romance Books Having My Ex-Boyfriend Dad's Baby

In this one of single dad romance books, Chloe used to date Cole when she attended med school. Cole’s father, Dr. Addams, was a trauma doctor, and he never kept his eyes away from Chloe when she was having sex with his son. Now, Dr. Addams is about to do the same…

3. Daddy Home

Single Dad Romance Books Daddys Home

Daddy Home is one of Dreame’s single dad romance books with some touches of forbidden love elements. After ten years of not being home, Harper’s dad comes back… And this time, these two grown-up individuals feel more than parent-to-child ties. “Where is the mother”, you ask. Who cares?

4. Love Me, Daddy


Single Dad Romance Books Love Me, Daddy

Love Me, Daddy is one of the single dad romance books continuations from the previous series. This time, the romantic relationship between the two MCs, Maria, the female student, and James, the headmaster, has been weakened, and Maria starts to fall in love with the headmaster’s father…

5. Yes, Daddy (Dominant Series #1) ✔


This one of the single dad romance books on Dreame tells us a story about a 17-year-old orphan named Bella, who gets adopted by the most sinister New York playboy on Earth, Xavier Ricci. Soon, the two were involved in a romantic and erotic relationship. Warning: Lots of 18+-only scenes in this novel!

6. Loved By Twin Daddies


Single Dad Romance Books Loved By Twin Daddies

Do you love to read single dad romance books with some twisted elements on the MC? Well, read Loved By Twin Daddies – here, the single dads are twins! Both of them love the much-younger female MC… And now, the female MC is confused: Who is her dad? Who is her uncle?

7. Daddy Or Daddies?


Single Dad Romance Books Daddy Or Daddies?

Rosalie, the female MC of this one of Dreame’s must-read single dad romance books, has been the slave of love to Daniel, to a point that she feels her world is haywire without chances of seeing him. Yet, her new daddy, Samuel, comes into her life. So, is it “daddy” or “daddies” for Rosalie?

8. My Twin Doctors


Single Dad Romance Books My Twin Doctors

Imagine twin hotties are about to be the dads of the children of one female MC, and they are also the ones who help her conceive. Your imaginations will be realized and quenched through reading My Twin Doctors’ novel on Dreame! No doubt about this book – one of the must-read single-dad romance books!

9. Tale Of A Naughty Nun


Single Dad Romance Books Tale Of A Naughty Nun

Two “Fathers” are enjoying themselves in 18+ scenes with one “Sister” in Tale Of A Naughty Nun novel. All Fathers in the Church are supposed to be single dads – so, this novel becomes one of the steamiest single dad romance books that you should read. Trigger warning: Religious elements!

10. In Bed With An Incubus

Single Dad Romance Books In Bed With An Incubus

In Bed With An Incubus is one of the most complex yet neatly-written single-dad romance books. It is because it combines steamy, fantasy, and single dads elements in one novel. The ordinary girl MC, Bella Dawson, thought she was serving Demitri’s Family in a mansion. Later on, she realizes her single dad masters are incubi…

Online platforms are also great to find single-dad romance books that will feed your obsessions on these hot dads!

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11. To Hate Adam Connor

Single Dad Romance Books To Hate Adam Connor

Romances in single-dad romance books tend to be forbidden. So, it’s normal for at least one MC to feel love-hate feelings. Here, Adam Connor is the Academy Award-winning actor who just divorced and moved in with his kid… And the female MC finds it hard to resist the sexual temptations…

12. Look The Part

Single Dad Romance Books Look The Part

Are you interested in reading single-dad romance books with slow-burn elements and special attention to mental health issues? Not only that Flint Hopkins’ child is autistic; but this single father MC eventually also gets involved in a romantic relationship with Ellen Rodgers, a music therapist who can’t get her hands off him…

13. A Nordic King

Single Dad Romance Books A Nordic King

A king can hop from one relationship to another really fast because of his status and wealth, and the King of Denmark in this novel, is not an exception. Here is one of single dad romance books with a forbidden romance element – it’s about a widowed king and his nanny…

14. Zack

Single Dad Romance Books Zack

Nanny’s ways of winning the dad’s heart: Win the heart of his son first, then, he will be putty in the nanny’s hands. That’s what eventually happens in Zack, one of the most recommended single-dad romance books. It involves a series of self-discovery journeys, too.

5. Sweet Temptation

Single Dad Romance Books Sweet Temptation

It’s normal for fathers in some parts of the world to arrange a marriage between their daughters to the man he chooses. Yet, what if the man is also a single father – what’s more, he’s a mafia? You’ll discover more portions of such stories in this one of single dad romance books!

16. Mr. Masters

Single Dad Romance Books Mr. Masters

Brielle, the 26-year-old female MC of this novel, never married and thinks her only skills are to work as a nanny. The time she flies from London to Australia to meet Julian Masters, her boss, who is also a widowed judge with two kids, is also the moment their romance sparks.

17. Single Dad Seeks Juliet

Single Dad Romance Books Single Dad Seeks Juliet

Online dating is heaven for all singles from various backgrounds to meet – including single dads. This one of the must-read single dad romance books tells a story about a popular 33-year-old female newspaper employee and a 40-year-old former Navy SEAL who is also a single dad.

18. The Naughty, The Nice, And The Nanny

Single Dad Romance Books The Naughty, The Nice, And The Nanny

Becoming a short-term nanny doesn’t only get you extra income. It also introduces you to a series of irresistible adventures. That’s what the female MC experiences in this one of single dad romance books… As she gets involved in a romantic relationship with the single dad who happens to be her high-school sweetheart…

19. Happily Letter After

Single Dad Romance Books Happily Letter After

Did you think of relationships starting from a love letter when you read the title of this one of the most tempting single-dad romance books? Yet, the letter is written by the dad’s daughter and has been published regularly in the female MC’s magazine… Until she falls in love with her dad.

20. Hot Single Dad

Single Dad Romance Books Hot Single Dad

What if the romantic scenes in single-dad romance books are triggered by the male instead of the female MC? Hot Single Dad’s male MC who lost his wife when their daughter was still a baby experiences it – his imaginations go wild thinking about the young live-in nanny who is also his sister-in-law.

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Part 3: Conclusions

Most romantic scenes in single-dad romance books are forbidden and steamy, even though there are some variations that exist in the books. Be sure to bookmark this page to read more portions of your favorite books!

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