• 1.The Awakening

    Her name is Caliope, and when she was a young girl, she never believed in happy endings. For her, there was nothing more than what you see in front of you. All she needed was her best friend Vanessa. Her background is very simple; a foster child with foster parents that were everything but warm and caring. Regardless of that, she became a smart and responsible young woman, ready for whatever came her way. At least that is what she thought. Her new job interview changed her life. It changed everything she ever believed in, and what she thought it was real. Her new boss is an amazing woman who has a son, something different from what he is made out to be. As she discovers the hidden truth about her boss and her son, she has to prepare herself for a whole new world that will unfold to her. Original Picture from the cover made by Marcus J. Ranum

    Barbara A. Insfran B.

  • 2.A Murder, Inc.

    Super closed-off and a closet sadist, heir to the multi-billion dollars group Vira Cynfael works as a hitgirl. The life she goes through so far is not easy, but she always find a fine line in between. But all of that is about to change when her dearest cousin, Aramis Cynfael, goes missing. And when times get rough, she will have to assemble members of the Murder, Inc. once more. (Volume #1 - #4, Completed.)

    Stella Purple

  • 3.Beautiful Man

    "Burne Manda knows a lot goes into photographing a hunk-filled calendar titled Beautiful Man to raise money for a non-profit AIDS organization in Pittsburgh. He’s in charge of the project, overseeing his assistant Timmy, his makeup artist Georgina, and the new intern Late. Burne is also responsible for shooting twelve models for the calendar: promiscuous twins, a bad boy with bullying issues, a stranger named Tinder, and others.

    Of all the men in Burne’s life, there’s only one he has a crush on -- local weatherman Kevin Mercer. Kevin’s a dreamboat and knows how to charm Burne, who’s clueless about starting a relationship with the guy.

    Burne may know how to photograph beautiful men, but he doesn’t know how to fall in love with a guy. Is it too late for Burne to change the pathway of his heart? Or is someone like Kevin going to forecast love for Burne, and modify his life forever?"

    R.W. Clinger

  • 4.Smoke and Dreams

    "The last place medium and artist's model Tally Munro wants to be is Galveston, Texas, in 1908. After the terrible hurricane devastated the island, killing thousands, ghosts assail her with their cries for help. But her fiancê, artist Crispin Reid, has asked her to join him and his new friend, businessman and inventor, Angus McClaren at the Reid summer home.

    Angus is a pragmatist and dubious about the reality of spirits. But he's willing to join the couple in their spiritual venture, plus he's interested in both Tally and Crispin -- and not just as friends.

    Cris is a romantic and just wants them all to get along -- really well. With the help of one of Angus's inventions, they take on the spirits of the hurricane and their feelings for one another."

    Rhozwyn Darius

  • 5.Back at the Altar

    "Cole Altridge believes in happily-ever-after. Or at least he did until he is jilted at the altar by his cheating ex-fiancé, Hunter. Heartbroken, Cole tries to get over the pain by burying himself in work, but it doesn’t help.

    When his best friend Brenda gets tired of watching him wallow in misery, she drags him out for a night of karaoke at a local bar. Enjoying himself for the first time in a long while, Cole comes to the rescue of Jeremy Sultan, a friend from his book club who is being harassed by a guy at the bar. A seriously hot kiss saves the day.

    Cole and Jeremy find common ground and sparks fly as they flirt and dance to the pounding music. A week later, another date leads to a hot night of sex and fun. Cole finds himself falling fast and has to decide: will he let Jeremy be his one and only? Or allow Hunter the rat bastard ruin his love life forever?"

    J.D. Walker

  • 6.Giving Up My Room

    "At eighteen, Shawna hasn't come out to her family as a lesbian. It’s a secret she isn’t ready to reveal, but when her mother's sexy coworker comes to visit with husband in tow, Shawna can't take her eyes off the woman.

    After a night of playing spy, with her digital camera in hand, Shawna takes a bold chance. When Sarah's husband leaves for a few days, Shawna acts on her desires -- with unexpected, but very pleasant, results."

    Eva Hore

  • 7.Cowboy Lullaby

    "Horses, a sympathetic ear, or a good night’s sleep. Cole Woodruff, owner of the Lazy W Dude Ranch, supplies whatever his guests need. But when Jack Harmon arrives, Cole’s own desires clamor to be met. Should he risk the ranch to satisfy what might be nothing more than an itch? And even if Jack turns out to be that special man Cole’s yearned for, is it right to move forward when a vulnerable child is involved?

    Not long ago, Jack was awarded custody of his son Alex after the sudden death of the boy’s mother. Out on the road for all of his son’s life, what does he know about being a dad? Sleepless nights spent worrying have worn Jack to a raw nerve.

    Visiting the dude ranch with Alex, Jack delights in Cole's friendship. And the way Cole’s warm, wonderful voice is so soothing, it cradles Jack to sleep whenever they’re together. Jack aches to spend every night dreaming in the big cowboy's arms.

    But can a lullaby last forever? Or will the dream fade when morning comes?"

    Lisa Gray

  • 8.Tangled Web

    "Kevin Baker is a banker, fifty-eight years old, but tells anyone who seems interested that he’s fifty-five. He regularly visits his gym in order to keep in shape, as well as to scope out the hunks. One particular hunk, Jake Whittiker is a leather-clad,muscled, tattooed, shaven headed biker. Kevin is infatuated with Jake and takes every opportunity to check the guy out.

    On the surface, Kevin and Jake couldn't be more different, however, they have certain things in common: both are gay and are seeking love in lieu of meaningless brief encounters. Both also have something they are hiding.

    Life for Kevin becomes increasingly complicated when passion and testosterone take over his normally reticent behavior. He agrees to go back to Jake’s house for sex. Here Jake’s secret is revealed and Kevin inadvertently confesses what he, too, has been holding back. The happy future for which both yearned seems impossible.

    Now the lies and omissions are revealed, can Jake and Kevin accept each others' imperfections and weave a new future with what's left?"

    Terry O'Reilly

  • 9.Hunted

    Hartley and his sister are cervidae, human in form with deer-like features. They're coming home from a late movie and only have a few moments before midnight strikes. When the Hunt starts. Hartley knows he's tempting fate and urges Giselle to run. Almost silent in the darkness, a pair of felidae -- half-human, half-lion -- stalk their prey. The lioness, Leanna, chases after Hartley, closing in for the kill, while her cousin Tau races behind her, eager to catch the buck first. But something more than bloodlust runs through his veins tonight. He's hungry for Hartley, yes, but Tau desires him for more than just a quick meal. He wants to claim the buck as his own. Can the shadowed alleys of downtown Richmond hide this forbidden animal attraction?

    J.M. Snyder

  • 10.Poems Of A Musical Flavour: Volume 1

    In 1989 I was 15 and started writing song lyrics. Why? Because I wanted to be the Australian version of Debbie Gibson, on whom I was also majorly crushing. I thought I was hot and wrote prolifically, although I started writing late in the year. I was also playing drums in my music class’s end-of-year musical.

    In 1990 I was 16 and out of school, listening to more, doing more, and reading more. So more artists were in my life and I was starting to analyse song lyrics, which I guess led me to analyse books…

    Little did I know over the seven and a bit years I wrote that it was setting me up for bigger and better scribblings, namely novels over 500 pages and 100,000 words, and now novellas and short stories.

    This book features lyrics I wrote from 1989 to 1990 and contains some witty one liners and anecdotes about what was happening, who I wanted to be, or who I had a crush on.

    They are not perfect, nor meant to be, they’re just the musings of a young teenage girl with crushes and dreams.


    Tiara King