• 1.the paranormal Priestess and her 16 paranormal ninjas

    this is about a special paranormal Priestess that is abandoned at birth and is saved on day in a back alley in Old World China by 16 special ninjas. that are destined to be her husband's. and give birth to a family that will be the start of a new ninja and priest and Priestess. it will be a real mystery but love and loyalty and bravery and strength will be the start of a great future. little does anyone know but their future children will be able to start anew race of ninja so let's see what happens

    the singing storm ninja 34


    Cristina Leonor was just a kid when her father left her mother for another woman. Because of that Christyn (her mother) decided to moved in with her mother's younger sister which is happen to have a family too, due to big problems and trials on they're family Cristina used her body to get a money but she ends up being her Ex-boyfriend's mistress. She get everything that she wants and needs, Slowly she realize that She's already falling for him again but everything turned into a chaos when His twin showed up and ruined they're dirty little secret. He offered her more comfortable relationship and his surname, Just who she is to say no to this handsome uncomplicated man? From being Enzo's Mistress , She became Sin's Wife. Will she manage to live peacefully with a man who truly loves her? or She will run away because of her Dirty Dark past with Her husband's twin?

    Drassy Cristobal


    No sé qué poner acá, porque para serles sincera, soy mala explicando un libro o película. Pero creo que soy buena inventando relatos


  • 4.The Silent One

    The story of a man who gaves everything for love and kindness. A man who never talks his feeling towards others and keep it for himself even if it hurts. Can he still be change or he will stay remain as he is?

    Eva Mae Violeta

  • 5.Vengeful Sisters

    Being born as twins, Phidelia and Phidel were separated at young age due to one or two reasons. Phidelia lived with her aunty in Netherlands whiles Phidel lived with their parents in Australia but they had always kept in touch. On one way or the other, Phidelia mysteriously went missen, making her parents return back to Netherlands with Phidel with the bid to find her sister. They tried to find out more from the school authorities but nobody seem to give them any good answers. Phidel then thought there was only one way to find out the whereabout of her sister and that is to get enrolled in the school which she did. She, from her research found out that her sister lost her life to bullies. She felt bitter, seeking revenge for her sister as her spirit hoovers around her and She is the only one who can see her. What really happened to Phidel? What is the reason behind their separation? And how is Phidelia going to get back at her sister's murders? Will Phidel's spirit ever leave her sister? Join me in this journey to find out more. Disclaimer: Picture not mine, credits to the rightful owner. Follow me on IG@Henrietta_Otu

    Henrietta Otu

  • 6.Mummy I love You

    Anabela seorang gadis yang merangakap.menjadi sekertaris sifatnya lugu dan penurut juga penakut.... Delon pria dingin yang selalu mengambil sikap tegas dan tanpa perasaan kata katanya yang selalu ketus jika berhadapan dengan Anabela sekertarisnya karna dia sendiri seorang CEO pemilik perusahaan raksasa yang sukses Dan William Pria yang angkuh dingin dan sama satu profesi seperti Delon sebagai CEO dan menjalin tali persahabatab dengan Delon


  • 7.Hlw everyone, i am mostakim. Hope you are all fine.In this pandemic situation we have to take care of ourselves & family's.

    The time what's going on is very difficult to us,we cann't move to outdoor freely on this time.So student's are facing huge problem, they are siting idlely on their home.They cann't carry on their study properly,Online classes isn't enough to learn perfectly on their basic course's.So it will be great threat for the nation, without perfect learning a student cann't be a shining material for a nation.As well as business man are also unable to run their business properly.Now we should aware about our outdoor activities. If we controll our outgoing, this pandemic situation will be controlled to us.Then the world will be recovered form corona virus, we can go outside for study, business and other purposes.So we should work together. Stay home, stay safe.

    mostakim 007

  • 8.Living my truth self

    I am in touched with my sexuality and right now at this very moment in my life. I am finally to be free and love who I want to love no matter how anyone feels about it. I used to worried about how others would feel about me being a lesbian I kinda felt embarrassed about my sexuality in the past. Today I don't give a care who knows about me loving women. I have learned that it doesn't matter how people feel about me and what are their feelings about whose in my bedroom that doesn't mean shit to me. People doesn't have any right to judge me or my sexuality. You know now day every one has an opinion about whatever you're doing with your life. Misery definitely loves company I won't let a miserable ass person ruin what I have today. Hard work is all I am caring about and taking care of myself and family.

    Sparkle Williams

  • 9.Lihim na Pagtingin

    Pigil ang hininga ko habang naglalakad sa pasilyo ng engineering building. Nakasanayan ko na ang dumaan dito bago pa ako makarating sa Architectural building. Magkatabi kasi ang mga colleges ng Engineering at Architecture. Tanaw ko mula dito ang aking crush simula pa freshman years ko na hanggang senior years ko ay di parin naluma sa puso ko. Dinig na dinig ko ang malakas na tibok ng puso ko habang papalit ako sa harap ng crush ko

    Mybabies Love

  • 10.The President's Wife Is A Little Too Wild

    After watching her beloved planet fall before her eyes, and she getting killed by her beloved husband. Annabel Mo transmigrated into another world, and reincarnated into the body of a young daughter of a businessman, who was shy and naive. But much to her dismay, she later figured out that the young girl who's body she was living in, was getting married to a ruthless billionaire who looked a lot like her ex-husband. On their wedding day, she ran away from him, hoping this would discouraged him, and make him divorce her. But her dear husband never did that, instead he kept on doting on her. "Mr Williams, you know I can never love you right?" He smiled ruefully and pulled at her slender waist, "it doesn't matter as long as I have you in my arms!"

    Darcy Robinson