• 1.the paranormal Priestess and her 16 paranormal ninjas

    this is about a special paranormal Priestess that is abandoned at birth and is saved on day in a back alley in Old World China by 16 special ninjas. that are destined to be her husband's. and give birth to a family that will be the start of a new ninja and priest and Priestess. it will be a real mystery but love and loyalty and bravery and strength will be the start of a great future. little does anyone know but their future children will be able to start anew race of ninja so let's see what happens

    the singing storm ninja 34


    Cristina Leonor was just a kid when her father left her mother for another woman. Because of that Christyn (her mother) decided to moved in with her mother's younger sister which is happen to have a family too, due to big problems and trials on they're family Cristina used her body to get a money but she ends up being her Ex-boyfriend's mistress. She get everything that she wants and needs, Slowly she realize that She's already falling for him again but everything turned into a chaos when His twin showed up and ruined they're dirty little secret. He offered her more comfortable relationship and his surname, Just who she is to say no to this handsome uncomplicated man? From being Enzo's Mistress , She became Sin's Wife. Will she manage to live peacefully with a man who truly loves her? or She will run away because of her Dirty Dark past with Her husband's twin?

    Drassy Cristobal

  • 3.Sebuah Penantian

    Kepastian adalah hal yang selalu ditunggu oleh setiap wanita. Terlebih ketika sudah berhubungan cukup lama dan tak tahu sampai kapan akan berakhir ke tahap yang lebih serius. Seperti halnya yang dialami oleh Melshi Maheswari, Melshi sudah berhubungan dengan seorang pria bernama Fahri selama 5 tahun, namun seiring berjalannya waktu Melshi tak kunjung dinikahi, hingga akhirnya orang tua Melshi mengangap bahwa Fahri bukanlah pria yang baik untuk Melshi dan memaksa Melshi untuk menikah dengan lelaki pilihan orang tuanya. Melshi pun bimbang, ingin sekali melshi mengatakan bahwa ia sangat mencintai Fahri dan tak akan menikah selain dengan Fahri, namun Melshi juga sadar akan status keluarganya dengan keluarga Fahri, Melshi anak dari orang biasa sedangkan Fahri anak dari orang kaya. Hal itu juga yang membuat Melshi tak mampu melawan keinginan orang tuanya meskipun hatinya sudah terpaut pada satu nama. Akankah Melshi bertahan dengan cintanya pada Fahri dan bersabar tuk menunggu Fahri, ataukan Melshi akan menyerah dengan cintanya dan memilih menikah dengan lelaki lain.


  • 4.sedekah yang barokah tidak menilai status sosial

    assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, saya akan berbagi sedikit tentang amalan sedekah,sedekah itu ada 2 kategori sedekah materi dan sedekah tenaga,yang pertama kita akan bahas soal sedekah materi,jadi sedekah materi itu bisa berupa sedikit materi yang kita punya,sedekah itu tidak kenal dari kalangan kaya maupun miskin,bisa kita lakukan walaupun kita hidupnya pas-pas an, kita bisa sedikit berbagi rezeki kita kepada kerabat terdekat kita, keluarga kita,maupun tetangga kita,tapi ingat sedekah itu harus dari keluarga kita yang gak punya,baru kita bantuin ke kerabat kita maupun tetangga,bahkan orang yang di luar sana,karena semakin kita banyak sedekah,semakin banyak pahala yang kita dapatin,bahkan bukan jadi miskin,mungkin kita bisa terkecupi dengan nikmat nya sedekah, sekarang ini dunia sudah terbalik,mereka yang kaya malah menjauh dari keluarga mereka,mereka yang sedekah nya malah ke orang - orang lain,bukan kepada keluarga mereka,rasa empati mereka bahkan mungkin sudah tidak ada,yang ada sekarang mereka sedekah hanya kepingin pamer sama tetangga nya, maupun rekan bisnis mereka,bukan mencari amal malah riya' yang ad, nauzubillah.. sedangkan sedekah tenaga,bisa kita lakukan misalnya ada tetangga kita,kerabat kita,maup keluarga kita yg membutuhkan tenaga kita, sebaiknya kita rendah hati, walaupun kita gak bisa kasih materi setidaknya kita peduli sama mereka itu sudah buat mereka senang,semoga ini bermanfaat buat kalian semua,aminn

    Agus Tetriansyah


    No sé qué poner acá, porque para serles sincera, soy mala explicando un libro o película. Pero creo que soy buena inventando relatos


  • 6.ComeBack

    Febe Elizabeth Zeralde Sy , a strong and independent woman , a woman who control everything using her charm , skills and intelligence. At the early age of 10 she already killed almost the whole population of their enemies armies , reason why she's now leading their own battalion, she lead their own arm of forces. She has her own army and organization in and outside their island which people doesn't know . Everyone is having an insecurities towards her as they thought she'd living her life perfectly , she's living being afraid by the people , she's living free and safe . They thought that she's lucky in her life but little did they know she's living in hell . She's been a victim of child abuse by her own step-mother . She's been in pain as her own father abandon her as he thought that she'd be ok living with his new partner in life . She's been seeking for love and attention . She was being betrayed by the people she only choose to give love and and trust . She knew it all , the plans and the betrayal but she remain silent . She played it well . She let everything including herself fall down . And as a new life she had started she met people , people she doesn't want to be part of her life . She met someone . Will she be able to be save ? Will she be able to be feel love ? Will she be able to survive ? Will she be able to comeback ?

    QUEENOF Pain

  • 7.The Silent One

    The story of a man who gaves everything for love and kindness. A man who never talks his feeling towards others and keep it for himself even if it hurts. Can he still be change or he will stay remain as he is?

    Eva Mae Violeta

  • 8.S.L.U.T. Magic

    Cari had it all. major sex appeal, the best friends, the hottest ride, you name it. She even had four of the schools hottest guys all trying to gain her attention. Nothing could go wrong... or could it?

    Tara Diane Vittitoe

  • 9.Vengeful Sisters

    Being born as twins, Phidelia and Phidel were separated at young age due to one or two reasons. Phidelia lived with her aunty in Netherlands whiles Phidel lived with their parents in Australia but they had always kept in touch. On one way or the other, Phidelia mysteriously went missen, making her parents return back to Netherlands with Phidel with the bid to find her sister. They tried to find out more from the school authorities but nobody seem to give them any good answers. Phidel then thought there was only one way to find out the whereabout of her sister and that is to get enrolled in the school which she did. She, from her research found out that her sister lost her life to bullies. She felt bitter, seeking revenge for her sister as her spirit hoovers around her and She is the only one who can see her. What really happened to Phidel? What is the reason behind their separation? And how is Phidelia going to get back at her sister's murders? Will Phidel's spirit ever leave her sister? Join me in this journey to find out more. Disclaimer: Picture not mine, credits to the rightful owner. Follow me on IG@Henrietta_Otu

    Henrietta Otu

  • 10.I've seen enough

    Shes a small she-wolf doughter of a beta werewolf,having the perfect life that anyone could dream of,but what happens when her mate rejects her and she is driven out of the pack because of a mistake?Can her wolf endure so much pain?Or is this the bigining of her end? ** -A loneley wolf can't survive you know that,now why don't we end this in the easy way. -over my body. -Your a pain in the leg little wolf,but rest assured its you or me and i don't plan to die so soon. **

    Nackir WK