• 1.Queen With A Little Meat On Her Bones

    Beloved was the quiet to herself type she'd always been that way since she saw her mother get killed when she was five. She never really spoke two words to anyone after that night until she met her friend Connie. Beloved knew that Connie wasn't the friend she needed, but she was the only person that hung around Beloved. One night something goes down with Connie and Beloved meets Tyler, Tyler and Beloved began to become close, but Beloved knew she couldn't let Connie find out because she didn't want to lose that friend the only friend she has, but she can't quit Tyler either what will she do?


  • 2.Getting love from him

    She was talking with me, don't know why she is behaving like I'm going far from her. She is spending her whole time with me. S neither she is taking her class nor meeting her friends only talking with me why I'm getting irritate by her action. What is she doing?? Will he understand why she is doing this??

    nisha chauhan

  • 3.The outcast

    After his parents' death, Tyler Rose have been fighting his depression and since he has no friends in school and no one to talk to he became suicidal each day. One day, Daniel Midnight the most popular boy in school noticed Tyler crying and decided to be his friend. However, Tyler has been planning to commit suicide. Will Daniel stop him in time?


  • 4.Shadow of Night- Falling for Darkness

    Hayley is just an ordinary girl who is running from a horrible pass, trying to start over is a struggle, picking up double shifts at the Mist nightclub. She doesn't expect life to change much when she meets the dark handsome mysterious, Kieran Blackburn. Whose eyes seem to pier directly into her soul. Hayley felt instantly drawn to him, restless every time we start locking eyes, he has her so fixated slowly losing control. Who is this fascinating creature she craves to know?'' Along the way a dangerous threat from Hayley's pass arrives. Kieran isn't really the jealous type, but when it comes to her he will do anything for her to keep her safe, even if that means giving into the brutality he spent his whole life fighting. Giving in a little though, may mean giving in forever, if he is unable to bring himself back from the darkness that has always enticed him. *Weekly updates* Please feel free to follow if you like the story, comments are welcome also.

    Ashley D Fielder

  • 5.La Vie En Rose

    La Vie En Rose is a story of a countrywoman who wants to find beauty and love in the cities around the world. She finds more than those.


  • 6.Confessions of a Fangirl

    "I'll tell you what, I will quit one bad habit every time you confess about something bad that you did." He smirked before lighting a cigarette. I looked at him baffled. "What do you mean?" "What I mean, princess, is for you to do live a little. You do something that a good girl like you would never even dream of and I quit something bad that I do almost every day. It's a win-win situation. My parents won't throw me out if I come out clean and you could enjoy your life. Deal?" He explained before taking his now lit cigarette near his mouth. I debated with my own conscious before saying something I know I would regret later. "Deal." What the heck did I just do? Did I just make a deal with the bad boy? . . . Julia Norman isn't your average teenager. She is what other people call her at school; a geek. Not a nerd, but a geek. In her words, she's a fangirl. Enter Jonah Walker. Typical bad boy; he's the guy that every other guy wishes he was and every girl wanted to be with him. Every girl except Julia. What happens when a harmless deal is placed between them? It's funny how a deal can make you do things you never even imagined. Or how you give something up. 7 confessions. 7 bad habits. 2 young hearts. Join Julia and Jonah in their adventure in the Confessions of a Fangirl .. Updated every Tuesday.


  • 7.Captured Princess

    Princess was Chinx's biggest money maker he took her off the street when she was fourteen only to make her a escort he was her pimp. Princess was thankful that he gave her a roof over her head, but didn't like using the body God gave her for other men needs. When Chinx started shorting her portion of the money and getting heavily abusive against her Princess knew she had to get out. That being said she packed all her things ones night stole his money and set out on the run she knew Chinx would come after her for taking his money half a million . She got far , far away though from Chinx and his goons and went to the East Coast. There she went to school finished at a two year college and was about to start her own business. She was young and wanted to start early on her road to success. She had to celebrate first, so after all her friends backed out of going to Jamaica Princess takes it upon herself to go on vacation by herself big mistake she soon finds out. 


  • 8.Falling For You

    Everyone in school idolized Carson Summer, girls and boys swoon at the sight of him. Everyone thought Carson has a perfect life however they are wrong. Carson is an emotionless boy, he is cold and distant to others. Alex Walters, a boy who is the smartest person in school but he is always picked on as he is shy and introverted. Alex does not have any friends, people only approach him for help in their subjects. One day Carson shifted seats when he was bothered by a girl in school, it turns out that he sat beside Alex. Little do Carson know it was the start of his life changing...


  • 9.I'm missing you

    (Book 2 of Unexpected Love) It's been years since Daniel Carter broke up with Tyler Valentine, now Tyler is CEO of a publishing company. Tyler swore to never fall in love with anyone as in his heart he still loves Daniel very much. One day a man wanted to publish a book, Tyler seemed to have known him somewhere but where?


  • 10.His Queen

    "YOUR FUCKING MINE SIERRA" he said kissing my neck and, pinning me to the wall.                                                                                     Sierra jones is a 16 year old girl who lives with her best friend savannah her parents left her at age 3 and, ever since then she turned into a badass bitch thanks to savannah she, dosen't give two shit about who you are if your in her way there is gonna be problems.                                                                                                                                                             Dante gray is a 17 year old gang leader of the most feared gang in the country. When he moves to a new high school  and sees sierra he right away he  knew that she was gonna be his, weather she knew it or not.                              WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE, SEAXUAL CONTENT, AND VIOLENCE

    Angelya Quilimaco