• 1.Emmeline's Alpha

    A tale of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast spun together  ---- He has only been seen in the hours of darkness. Rumors spread around about his face riddled with scars. His hair was as silver as the moon. If you see him, you won't live to speak about it. Some say he was a myth, other claimed to have seen him. His fury rains like thunder. His heart was as cold as ice. Emmeline was an innocent soul. Her heart was as pure and as kind as can be. After living under her stepmother's roof for so many years, Emmeline's life takes a spin when she meets her mate, Alpha Gideon Steel.

    Leila Vy

  • 2.The Best Friend's Contract

    Aidan, a billionaire and CEO of Empire is known for the title 'Top 5 Hottest Bachelor' for two reasons. His extremely good-looks and for not wanting to get married, at least until he reaches forty but his mother keeps on setting him with unwanted dates, leaving him frustrated. Kenna, Aidan's best friend, is a doctor who has never found the right time for love. She has always been busy with work to an extent that she forgets about her own personal life. Both of them has always been close ever since they were kids, after a single incident that happened, instantly making them inseparable. As they grew older, things began to change yet best friends are forever . . . no matter the circumstances. What happens when Aidan sets up a contract and wants Kenna to be a part of it?


  • 3.New Father (18+)

    "Gabriel, please leave. You're drunk," I said and he scoffed and his glazed over eyes glared at me and his lips pouted. "Why, so you can fück yourself and think of me again?" He snapped and my eyes widened and my face went pale. He had heard me earlier. Oh my god he heard me this is so embarrassing. Please god. Take me now. "Y-you m-must be mistaken Gabriel-l" I stuttered out but he shook his head lazily and a smirk appeared on his lips as he leaned even closer to me and his hands tightened around my hips. "No, I saw it with-h my orn-own eyes, Ellie!" He slurred and my mouth went dry and I felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out of my skull. "I saw those pretty little fingers pleasure your sweet puśšy and I heard my name leave your sweet lips," I licked my lips and my legs clamped shut at his dirty words... *mature content! 18+*


  • 4.Sex with a Beast

    * Book 1 completed* *Book 2 Taming His Beast: http://www.ficfun.com/novel/1962124-Taming-His-Beast-(Book-2).html "Anything for you." He turned to me. He walked over to me and stood between my legs; he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. He leaned in, unknowingly sparking that stupid sensation I got every time he touched me....


  • 5.Doctor Vagina

    Daily updates*** A gynecologist that’s my job, to every other man this job was something unbearable. In the beginning, they got excited of touching women vagina but by the time they got bored and disgusted. But not for me, this never happened. That’s why I’m the most famous in this career, they came along just asking for my touch for the pleasure and the satisfaction that I can give just by my fingers. But the way I look helped in accessing through a lot of woman's heart and pussy as well. They crave for my bod for my huge dick for the playful experienced fingers that could make them wet and ready for my dick by only a few seconds. It’s not easy and wasn’t easy at all, but I made my rule ‘ I don’t ever sleep with any woman more than once to do not fall in love’ I enjoy tasting every woman but just for once. And not to get bored as well. I don’t give myself for every woman step by my doors. I do have a taste and I don’t make sacrifices. At the start of my career, I made that kind but not now.  Until this woman stepped inside my door and turned all my life upside down. Or I should say ‘the virgin girl that destroyed my borders and made me begging to taste her and only her.’

    Bosy Elselhdar

  • 6.Hybrid Prince

    Alex and Zab grew up together as brother and sister. They love each other, and always have each other's back.   What will happen to Alex if when he turned 16, he found out that he's quite different from the rest of the pack and coven. And to make matters worst, he is falling in love with his sister, and turned out to be his mate.   Two years later..   A night of passion, And a morning of pain and hurt.   What will happen to a 16 year old Zab when she woke up marked and mated to her brother who disappeared the next day. And to make it more difficult, she is carrying the next heir to the throne. Will the couple be reunited once again?


  • 7.Delinquent (Athens Wolves Series Book 1)

    Reese stood up against her former Alpha and was sent to Werewolf prison until she was 18. Not one Alpha since she had been in there for three years has ever thought about accepting her. Until the day she was getting released. She has a choice, to go with them and become part of their pack, but it goes down hill when the guards try and tame her for doing nothing wrong. Or does it? And what will she find if she does join a new pack instead of becoming a rouge? She was a Delinquent, a monster, a fighter, and no one, not even a nice Alpha or his family can make her forget about that. What is her biggest fear? Being so impulsive and aggressive that she scares her new friends and mate off.

    Bonnie Hoffman

  • 8.Their Broken Hearts-His Purchased Wife II

    **Completed** Sequel of 'His Purchased Wife' You don't need to read 1st book to read this book but I will appreciate if you read the first book. This Book will be written down in three parts. All in this same book. All parts will entertain you for sure. Fiona was a broken soul waiting to turn 18 year old, she was always tortured by her mother who used to bring a new guy at home every other day. But one day her life got changed when she was purchased by a rich lady who took her to new home giving her the dream life where she meet the hero of her dream, love of her life only to be left with broken heart. To read the love story of Fiona and Theo filled with tragedy and love, follow this book and you will fall in love with it.


  • 9.My Bad Alpha Mate (Book 1)

    An impulsive idea.  A trip into the woods.  Sneaking across pack borders. Lola Evergreen thought this was innocent fun. Secretly following her father and his men to the legendary Blackwood pack, to see if the future alpha lived up to all the stories. Keaton Thunders. Future alpha of the Blackwood pack. Powerful, stunning, and deadly. Is set to be the most powerful alpha in America.   And he's her mate.....

    Elisabeth Marks

  • 10.Alpha's Girl

      "You're mine kitten, and not even the devil himself is going to change that."      He is the most powerful Alpha of his generation. She is the quirky human girl who has dark secrets. When the two unlikely souls gets put together, it can only lead to one thing.

    Athena Lee