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When His Eyes Opened | Billionaire Romance Book Review

Billionaire romance is unquestionably one of the most popular troupes nowadays. The reason behind this is perhaps stories of these genres are a fulfillment of our fantasy – being in a relationship with a wealthy and handsome man. If you’re one of those readers hooked by this troupe then you would surely love reading When His Eyes Opened.

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This novel, When His Eyes Opened comes with lots of elements like forced marriage, from enemy to lovers type of romance. When His Eyes Opened follows the story of Avery who was forced to marry a rich man because of his father’s bankruptcy. Unlike the usually arranged marriage story, Avery was forced to marry a rich man who was in a state of coma.

So, if you want to know what will happen, then you can check out the book online. If you have doubts if this book, When His Eyes Opened is worth reading, thenyou can read this review first.

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Part 1: Story And Main Characters of When His Eyes Opened

I’ve mentioned earlier that Avery was forced to marry a rich man who was in a state of coma. The exciting part of the story was when a loveless, light marriage suddenly became complicated when the coma husband unexpectedly woke up.

So, I guess this is why the book title itself is When His Eyes Opened because lots of complicated and exciting events are to unfold when the husband wakes up. Well, don’t expect the sleeping husband would wake up liking Avery because he did not. It was the contrary. Elliot Foster despises Avery and with that,

Avery was pushed to leave the city. And after four years, Avery returned to her homeland with twins – a boy and a girl. From this point, lots are to unfold in the plot, as lots of questions are boggling our thoughts with this When His Eyes Opened, like, who’s the father of the kids?

What would happen if Avery crossed her path with Elliot? If you’re as intrigued as I am, you can check out When His Eyes Opened online.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters of When His Eyes Opened

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 366

When His Eyes Opened chapter 366 was about conflict with Elliot’s presence in Avery and the kid’s life. What makes the conflict even more chaotic is that there’s another man in the picture which makes Avery’s family life chaotic. The twins were worried that Elliot was tutoring their mom.

In this chapter, the author did t get detailed with the scene between Avery and Elliot that disrupted the people in the mansion. At first read, it seems that the two were fighting but as you go through you would later on that the characters weren’t just engaging in a fight but the fight scenes are evoking some passionate feeling in them. I guess that’s what makes this chapter interesting.

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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 403

Chapter 403 exposes more of Elliot’s wickedness. The scenarios here are more intense than in When His Eyes Opened chapter 366. In this chapter, Elliot was unhappy with Avery’s return. This chapter was just a fight scene with Elliot and Hayden, whom the latter didn’t know as his son.

While Avery was injured and on a hospital bed, trying to interrupt the commotion. I think the downside of this chapter is that too much drama of the fight with acne plus with Avery coughing blood and Elliot without caring at all, had made Elliot depicted in a way far more than just being an arrogant billionaire.

You won t like Elliot in this chapter. But hold on, wait for his growth in the next chapters.

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Part 3: Simple Silence – Author of When His Eyes Opened

When His Eyes Opened is one of the books written by Simple Silence. The author has another popular novel written in French. When His Eyes Opened has been adapted too in many languages such as Filipino and French.

The author’s specialization is in writing romance stories in genres like When His Eyes Opened, stories that tackle not only romance but also depict relational and family conflict.

The author had written When His Eyes Opened simply. The main plot is intriguing and unique with lots of twists. The characters were also crafted in ways relatable to the readers while in the end, in this book, When His Eyes Opened, the author leaves a lesson that arranged marriages or marrying a rich man are not the solution to the problem.

I like how the author builds the main character Avery. She was introduced at first as weak and needy, a scapegoat for his father’s bankruptcy, but later on, she was depicted as the tough single mother who’s willing to stand up for herself and her children against his arrogant billionaire ex-husband.

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Part 4: Is When His Eyes Opened Worth Reading?

Absolutely, When His Eyes Opened is one of those popular billionaire romance books. I guess because of its charming characters and its unique plot too.

When His Eyes Opened is a story of an arranged marriage without the male knowing he’s been married and when he wakes up from a coma, divorce was rushed to take place but unfortunately, many unexpected twists happened which prevented the main characters from having a smooth divorce.

To add up to the spice, the character of Elliot Foster is the type of arrogant, doubtful billionaire. He has been in a vegetative state due to a car accident. His doctor said that he was not going to make it. His mother arranged a marriage for him.

But on his wedding night, his eyes opened and his body miraculously began to recover. Another thing that makes this story distinct is his personality.

Elliot Foster dislikes women and the thought of having children with them. He is wealthy but he is dangerous. At first, you would think it would be impossible for him to fall in love with Avery. But after those love-hate relationships, the two still fall for each other.

How? Of course, I’m not gonna be detailed with the scenes, or else I’ll spoil the story. If it entices your interest then you can check out When His Opened online.

For those lovers of billionaire romance books, I would say that When His Eyes Opened is a great read, and I’m recommending this. When His Eyes Opened book is worth adding to your reading collection.

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Part 5: Similar Books To When His Eyes Opened

The Red Haired Lover By Elle Gobe

I love the main plot of the book on Dreame, The Red-Haired Lover By Elle Globe. Same with When His Eyes Opened, the male lead here is also a rich man, a billionaire who belongs to the top class of society. But the difference is that unlike When His Eyes Opened, the male lead, Sarkon Richie is the hero protector type whom any girl would fall for.

At age nine, Maria met the enigmatic 17 years old Sarkon Ritchie who claimed to be her father’s friend and wanted to take her under his wing to take care of her when her parents passed away.

As Maria grew older, she came to understand that Sarkon hails from a world that is far different from her own: a world of plutocrats, the richest and most powerful members of Lenmont’s high society.

As a result, Maria’s life was greatly changed. Maria fell in love with that stunning blue eyes and ferocious charm despite Sarkon’s insistence on being her guardian, who pledged to protect her in place of her father. The question here is would Sarkon love her back and would see her as a woman, not as a child needing to be protected?

The setting of the story is very creative, and the world-building is imaginative. And I think the thrilling factor brought by the main characters is another thing that makes this story compelling. You can download the Dreame app to check out this book.

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