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Vampire Novel Review: Halfway To The Grave

Halfway to the grave isn’t your normal paranormal novel. It’s a sweet vampire novel based in Ohio.

This novel follows the life of Catherine Crawfield known as Cat Raven, her huntress name. Catherine is a half-vampire thanks to the vampire jerk that raped her human mom.

She discovered her true identity from her mom when she was sixteen years and ever since then, Cat has been on a mission to eliminate vampires from the surface of the earth. On one of her cruel kill missions, Cat fell into the traps of the daring Bones.

Bones was stunned by such a young girl who has successfully eliminated some of his kind. He made an offer to partner with her and eliminate the vampires. Will Cat take his offer?

You’ve to read this novel to find out.

Indeed, Jeaniene Frost is a great author. Her book, Halfway to the grave can send you a full way to a dreamy island.

This book is an exception to other supernatural novels. Its a combination of supernatural, romance, action, and incredible sex scenes. If youre a fan of such a theme, then jump on this one.

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Part 1: Main characters of Halfway To The Grave

Catherine Crawfield:

In Halfway to the grave, we get to see the strong heroine, Catherine. Catherine is a twenty-two-year-old girl from Licking Falls, Ohio.

At the age of fourteen, Cat began to notice that she wasnt just a normal human but some freak. Even her peers saw that and some mocked her for being a freak without a dad. When she was sixteen, her mom opened up to her about her true identity and that of her father.

Characters Of Halfway To The Grave

Catherine’s mom was raped when she was younger and Cat is a product of that raped. What’s worse? Her dad is a vampire she barely knows but wants to devour now.

Cat set out on a mission to kill every vampire according to the halfway to the grave novel. Her moms hatred of vampires fuelled her more and by the time she was twenty-two, Cat had already killed sixteen vampires successfully. Then came her seventeen kills and she was trapped. By who? Well, Bones!


Bone is a 200-year-old vampire who was hell-bent on eliminating bad vampires and the human they work with. In Halfway to the grave, Bones played the role of an irresistible, masculine, strong, dangerous, loving, and witty hero.

Male Lead Of Halfway To The Grave

On a visit to the bar, he met Cat. At first, he resisted that beauty but after witnessing her kill his pal, he wanted to know more about her.

Bones came to the same bar again and fortunately, there was Cat again willing to take a shot at him for the second time. Bones lured her and trapped her.

After much investigation, he found out about her identity and offered her a deal. Cat resisted because she didn’t want to associate herself with the likes him.

Can Bones get Cat to give in to his offer or not? What do you think will be his next move if she declines again?

Part 2: Hot Chapters From Halfway To The Grave

Chapter 1:

This chapter of halfway to the grave talks about Emilys last kill before she met Bones. Emily decided to hunt for her prey at a party.

She normally seduces them by bringing out her cleavages and looking sexy then she would take them to a remote area. While her targets plan to feed on her, she takes them.

Cat of Halfway To the Grave

Her first target at the party was Bones but he refused her offer and she had to move to another vampire. After successfully killing the vampire, Cat returned to the party the next day to kill another vampire and Bones was still on her list.

Chapter 2:

In chapter two of halfway to the grave, Cat went for Bones again but this time he knew what was coming and was prepared. He got her trapped and knocked out.

Trapped Cat In Halfway To The Grave

Cat never saw this coming and now bones have her just where she never wanted to be, in a vampire’s net!

In a trap she sets, she ends up becoming the prey!

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Part 3: Interesting Storyline Of Halfway To The Grave

A long way from home and some vampires to stake, theres no stopping Catherine. Have you seen a vampire romance novel packed with steamy scenes, actions, dramas, and fun? Well, here’s one for you.

Halfway to the grave is a story about a half-vampire girl called Catherine. Her mom was raped by a vampire and Cat is on a mission to find him and other vampires like him and end them.

Cat hates vampires and what they did to her mom shouldnt be done to anybody again. She has been tagged a freak and mocked because of them.

This pain has driven her to accomplish her missions and successfully eliminated sixteen vampires until she was caught by the dreaded Bones.

Halfway To The Grave

Bones thought she was sent to end him but when he discovered her identity, he wanted a partnership. He was amazed at how such an amateur with no skill took off sixteen vampires all alone.

With her by his side, they will kill lots of bad vampires and evil humans. Will Cat agree to be his partner and help this dangerous vampire in his mission halfway to the grave?

Is there no doubt of him feeding off her? Can he turn off the flames of hatred she has for vampires? You never can tell.

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