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Top 40 Alpha Male Books That Will Make You All Dreamy And Swooning

Alpha males are the essential charismatic bad boys in all novels. The term “Alpha” itself refers to the highest and the most powerful rank in werewolf verse. Yet, these dreamy adult males exist in all realms, from humans to fantasy realms. Here, I present you my top 40 Alpha male books.

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Part 1: Top 25 Alpha Male Books On Dreame That You Can Read

The moment you open the Dreame website’s homepage is also the moment you see many Alpha male books. Anyways, here are my top 25 recommendations:

1. The Master Alpha

The Master Alpha The One In Charge

You know someone’s in control when you hear the word “Alpha” – and that’s what precisely happens in this one of Dreame’s best-selling Alpha male books! After getting dumped by her most recent ex-boyfriend, Gwen goes to a special convention… And this convention is the beginning of her encounter with the Alpha werewolf…

2. My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Tasting Karma

Dreame’s My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother may look typical for portraying the relationships between an Omega she-wolf and her disgusted Alpha. However, this one becomes one of my most recommended Alpha male books on Dreame; the Alpha has to taste the karma to live with the Omega the moment their parents married…

3. Twisting Her Fate

Twisting Her Fate Mistakes In Throwing

The Alphas in Alpha male books are usually either jerks or annoying that second-chance mates are so possible. Apart from having the second-chance mate element, Dreame’s Twisting Her Fate also has revenge and kickass heroine elements. Leilani may have been rejected, yet, rejection is what makes her stronger.

4. The Alpha King’s Breeder

The Alpha King's Breeder Powerful Widow

In werewolf-verses, the Alpha King refers to the Alpha of all Alphas. So, we can’t mess around with the bargaining powers of the male MC in this one of Dreame’s Alpha male books. The Alpha King may have been widowed, yet, it doesn’t stop his desire in bearing pups with his breeder.


OFF THE CUFF Taming Rebel

The assistant may be the President’s most valuable sidekick in the company. Yet, what if the President is so cold and ruthless? Well, the assistant may rebel and shows her wild child attitude. The rebellion eventually leads to a steamy romance scene in this one of the most recommendable Alpha male books.

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6. The Billionaire Escort

The Billionaire Escort Fake Date Engagement

Do you wish to read Alpha male books that involve a relationship with a fake boyfriend who is a billionaire? Read The Billionaire Escort – in this novel, the lonely female MC hires a fake date, a male escort, and takes him to the engagement party of her cousins.

7. The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn

The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Things He Needs

All Alphas from Alpha male books either have worked hard to earn their massive income or are coming from wealthy families. Yet, wealth and family business alone is not enough to win their heart. Gentleness and pure love are the things Atticus Fawn needs, yet, he doesn’t seem to realize it in his (unwanted) bride…

8. The Italian Don

The Italian Don Cold Mafia Alpha

Cold, ruthless, fearsome, downright bastard, and an Italian don – nothing screams more Alpha than Lukas Cavalli, the male MC of this one of Dreame’s most recommended Alpha male books. He always remains untouchable until he finds Rhea Castallenos, a fiery-spirited girl who screams to him A LOT.


9. I Fell For The Mafia King

I Fell For The Mafia King Torturing The Weak

The title speaks volumes of how Alpha the MC of this one of Dreame’s most popular Alpha male books is. Catharina, the female MC, doesn’t only have a mafia king father. The well-known mafia king also takes delight in torturing and punishing her until she falls to his knees.

10. The Alpha Eluded Luna

The Alpha's Eluded Luna Fight Demonic Pasts

It’s common for male werewolves to long for their Lunas, and Alpha Paul Lopez isn’t an exception. He already knows Dani Lee is his Luna; however, their demonic pasts haunt them and lure them to fight the pasts. Warning: This one of Dreame’s Alpha male books is also full of 18+ only scenes.

11. Her Triplet Alphas

Her Triplet Alphas Charity Bullies

No Alpha male MCs in Alpha male books are as naughty as Alpha Alex, Felix, and Calix in Her Triplet Alphas! At first, they enjoy making fun of Chasity, naming her “Charity”… They change as soon as they found out Chasity is their mate, though! Sooo adorable!!

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12. The Silent Alpha

The Silent Alpha Broken Alpha Love

Have you gone tired of reading Alpha male books with “mysterious” or “intimidating” as the only characteristic of the Alpha? Look no further to this book! It’s about a mysterious but abused and neglected Alpha meeting a human Luna who is pregnant and experiences betrayal from her previous Alpha.

13. Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas

Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas Arrogant Beloved Quadruplets

Do you love reading Alpha male books with some touches on university life? Enter the lives of a scholarship student in a prestigious academy, who has mated with the arrogant (but beloved) quadruplet Alpha billionaires from the academy, through this novel. P.S.: Lots of love-hate relationship dynamics here!

14. Alphas Broken Mate

Alphas Broken Mate Saving Alpha's Luna

Alpha Andrew from the Moon Lake pack in this one of the best Alpha male books on Dreame has been proud of his achievements until he lands his feet on a ruthless pack. There, he meets his Luna, Catalina, whose father and the rest of the members treat her like a servant.

15. Alpha Markus

Alpha Markus Aztec Alpha

Stories involving Aztec elements are always interesting to read, particularly when the novel itself also belongs to one of the best Alpha male books. Also, this novel’s female MC is an Omega who is comfortable in lying about her ranks, until she discovers Alpha Markus, who also helps her learn about her Aztec bloodlines.

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16. Enslaved By The Alpha

Enslaved By The Alpha Kidnapper And Cheater

Do you think of a powerful yet heartless being when you think of the MC in Alpha male books? Alpha Kane is not only heartless, but he also enjoys kidnapping, cheating with other she-wolves, and seeing the suffering of other beings around him… Until he discovers that the she-wolf he kidnaps is his mate.

17. The Alpha Prince And His Bride

The Alpha Prince And His Bride Fallen Alpha Prince

Handsome, the first-born prince, powerful, and loved and adored by everyone… That’s Alpha Prince Austin Lance Vinci before the fall of his kingdom’s economical conditions, which requires him to accept a princess’ proposal. In this one of the Alpha male books, he also learns to tame his arrogant self.

18. A Beta Before An Alpha

A Beta Before An Alpha Becoming Alpha

The road to being an Alpha is paved with lots of challenges! So, if you love reading Alpha male books with lots of mental challenges, this book’s for you! Zac used to be a Beta before he becomes the Alpha, and his Luna feels difficulty

19. The Challenge Two Alphas, One Girl

The Challenge Two Alphas, One Girl Competing Guys

The Challenge Two Alphas, One Girl is your answer to Alpha male books with two Alpha MCs competing with each other to get one Luna. Her name is Friday, and she has the lovesick Alpha Thaddeus and her ex-Alpha, Maze, competing over her in 30 days.

20. Alpha’s Rejected Mate

Alpha's Rejected Mate Contemplating Mate

Anaya is not only a she-wolf who gets treated like a servant in her pack, but she also comes from an Omega family and gets rejected by her mate right after she discovers him. Not stopping there, the Alpha in this one of the best Alpha male books doesn’t even want a mate.

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21. Forced To Have The Alpha’s Baby

Forced To Have The Alpha's Baby The Inhumane Blackners

“The Inhumane Blackners” in this one of Dreame’s Alpha male books refers to a werewolf clan where Alpha Lord Arthur Blackner belongs. It’s a clan that doesn’t believe in the natural mating process. Yet, Arthur’s father forces him to kidnap a woman to bear children with her.

22. Sold To The Billionaire Alpha

Sold To The Billionaire Alpha Buying Young Doctor

A medical career should secure our lives, but not with the overworked and burnt-out Orchid. She has an abusive boyfriend, indebted, and stayed in a thankless job. Now, in this one of the Alpha male books, she is abducted in an auction and sold to the highest Alpha bidder.

23. The Last Alpha

The Last Alpha Forbidden Fate

Heartbroken and cheated? No worries, as long as you have a friend to invite you to an elite party, just like Alina in The Last Alpha. There, she meets her mate, Logan, who already has a mate… Who will Logan choose, though? Definitely one of the best Alpha male books!!

24. The Alpha Rejected Silent Mate

The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate Rejection Effects

No Alpha male books describe the aftermath effects of rejection as detailed as this Dreame novel! Winter’s mate doesn’t fully sever the mating bond after rejecting her; as a result, she becomes mute, silent, and unable to trust anyone and anything; her second-chance mate is the one discovering this part.

25. Alpha’s Unwanted Mate

Alpha's Unwanted Mate Alpha Beta Warrior

There are three MCs in this one of Dreame’s Alpha male books: the parent-pleasing Alpha Tate, Beta Alarick who lives his fake life, and the openly gay Warrior Lyell who has to hide his love. Also, Omega Adaline is treated like she’s invisible, and she is mated with the Alpha…

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Part 2: Top 15 Enjoyable Alpha Male Books On Different Online Platforms

Enjoyable-to-read Alpha male books can also be easily found through different online platforms. Anyway, these books are my top 15:

1. Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey Classic Steamy Powerful

I would say that Fifty Shades Of Grey is the granddaddy of all Alpha male books until today. This novel is more than just a steamy romance novel. Instead, it is also all about a beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating successful male CEO fighting his demons along with “her”.

2. Gabriel’s Inferno

Gabriel's Inferno Erotic Professor

Is your definition of an Alpha male including an enigmatic and sexy professor with dark pasts? Professor Gabriel Emerson in this one of the steamiest Alpha male books is ready to satisfy your fantasy! Read as he tantalizes the readers through the erotic scenes with the sweet and innocent female MC.

3. Dark Lover

Dark Lover Dangerous And Sexy

A vampire male MC almost always comes as the Alpha in any Alpha male books, including Wrath, the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Not only that he is dangerously sexy, but the tales of his powers frighten so many mortals. What will the helpless female MC do, though?

4. Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre Brooding Proud Rich

Brooding, proud, and rich – Edward Rochester of Thornfield Hall in this one of the darkest Alpha male books has it all to be referred to as “the Alpha”. As usual, the Alpha here meets an orphaned girl, and I can see that Jane, the orphaned female MC, is attracted to this guy’s terrifying past.

5. Kiss Of Midnight

Kiss Of Midnight Keep On Dancing

Lucan Thorne in this one of the steamiest Alpha male books online isn’t only a vampire who watches ladies in a crowded dancing club. Instead, he also remains as the all-powerful vampire who can’t let the mankind touches him… Until he witnesses Gabrielle, a female MC, targeted by his enemies.

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6. Lothaire

Lothaire The Vampire Savior

Lothaire is one of the answers for decently-written Alpha male books with a male vampire MC! Here, the Lore’s most ruthless vampire becomes the savior to Ellie Pierce, a girl who grows up in desperate poverty. Ellie continues to seduce Lothaire, and not once does she feel sorry for it.

7. In Flight

In Flight Intimidating Charisma

As a First-Class flight attendant, it’s normal for Bianca to deal with supermodels and movie stars. However, none of them match James Cavendish’s intimidating charisma. The promise of pleasure and pain from this man’s eyes also adds to the elements of this one of the Alpha male books.

8. The Golden Dynasty

The Golden Dynasty Brutal King

Alpha males in Alpha male books are not only brutal, possessing powerful influences, or other typical Alpha characteristics. They also know what they want and will persist until they get what they want, just like Dax Lahn, the brutal Korwahk Horde’s king, in The Golden Dynasty novel.

9. With No Remorse

With No Remorse Protecting The Supermodel

Do you wish for more Alpha male books with strong doses of military and intelligence backgrounds? Read With No Remorse – here is a romance book where the Alpha male MC, Luke Colter, is a bodyguard from Black Ops, Inc., who protects the supermodel with dark pasts, Valentina a.k.a. Val.

10. Real

Real Temptation Of Fighter

There are reasons why I put “Real” as one of the must-read online Alpha male books. First, this story involves a woman who can’t get pass her obsession over the male MC until she forgets the essence of herself. Second, who can resist the temptation of a strong, sexy, and formidable underground fighter like Remington Tate?

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11. Carnal Secrets

Carnal Secrets Challenging The Extreme

Being more extreme than a (fake) extremist is one of the typical characteristics we find in Alpha MCs of the Alpha male books. In this novel, Nick Axton has successfully proved to the readers that Shaya Critchley, the apparently-submissive half-shifter, can’t hide her identity in front of him.

12. Prince Of Wolves

Prince Of Wolves Desired By Wolves

Alpha males are equal to princes, and the same also goes for this one of the best Alpha male books. Jacque may only be an ordinary 17-year-old girl, but she is the mate of a werewolf prince from Texas. At the same time, another Alpha werewolf is also about to claim her!

13. Sold To An Alpha

Sold To An Alpha Equal Strengths

Alpha male’s mates in most other Alpha male books tend to be submissive and/or even worthless, but not with Leia, the hot-headed female MC of this novel. Even the wealthiest Alpha should try his best in wooing and seducing her. Warning: Lots of 18+ moments here!

14. The Second Ritual (Werewolf Erotica)

The Second Ritual (Werewolf Erotica) Alpha Ritual

Do you wish to read Alpha male books with mating elements, but not cheesy and wishy-washy romantic mating concepts? You will find these elements in this book. Instead of mating, you will find lots of erotica rituals in this book. Not safe for non-legal-aged children!

15. Rise Of The Dark Alpha

Rise Of The Dark Alpha Traumatic Past Love

Zev, the male MC in this one of the best online Alpha male books, is not an ordinary Alpha. Instead, he’s a half-human and half-wolf, making him a chimera. His only love is about to be killed; and now, he should fight for his life and even fight his own people…

Part 3: Conclusions

The Alphas in Alpha male books are not only dominating their partners. They also become their partners’ most desirable possessions. Bookmark this page to find out more about your favorite novels!

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