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Top 20 Boss Romance Books To Read In Your Free Times

The “boss romance” things become possible through the bosses’ extreme wealth and social influences.

It doesn’t matter if the bosses are humans (hello, billionaire CEOs!), werewolves, Lycans, or any other beings. Here, I give you the list of my 20 best novels.
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Part 1: Top 20 Boss Romance Books Online

As usual, I will start listing my top 10 from the Dreame platform as follows:

1. Pleasing The Boss

Boss Romance Pleasing The Boss

In boss romance books, you will find all bosses have one similarity, and one similar thing is to prefer submissive partners who are willing to change to please them! Here is Pleasing The Boss for you: Thea should look pleasing to her magazine CEO and crush, Ethan Sawyer!

2. The Mysterious CEO’s Domineering Devotion


Boss Romance

Boss Romance The Mysterious CEO’s Domineering Devotion Love stories involving young CEOs are always pleasing to read, and this boss romance novel on the Dreame platform is not an exception. After all, the 29-year-old CEO is pictured as a man of few words: Cold, mysterious, rude, and calculating… And he is in a contract marriage with a 22-year-old female MC.

3. 365 Days With My Billionaire


Boss Romance 365 Days With My Billionaire

Think again if you think all boss romance stories have the same patterns of “the girl wants money, while the guy wants an additional family member,” In this novel, all things can happen during their 365 days of “contracts”. A baby, a family, then, they part ways… Are you sure, though?

4. The Dragon Lady


Boss Romance The Dragon Lady

We’ve heard enough of Male!BossxFemale!Secretary dynamics in other novels. Yet, what if we switch gender? Boss Romance The Dragon Lady novel is where you can witness such dynamics! It’s all about a female boss ruling with an iron fist and impatience with incompetencies and a good-guy secretary who has a dark past.

5. Falling For My Playboy Boss


Boss Romance Falling For My Playboy Boss

Collin Lauder is the hard-working but superficial CEO in this boss romance novel. He has dated tons of models and actresses, and to him, Cora Bowers is just another unattractive bookworm. His feelings for her begin to bloom once Cora changes her appearance and clothing… And poses as a model.

6. The Rejected Omega And The Werewolf King


Boss Romance The Rejected Omega And The Werewolf King

The Omega rank is known as “the slave rank” in werewolf-verses. So, it’s common for them to face rejection, just like Lindsey Smith in this werewolf boss romance novel. Yet, the moment she is thrown to the “cannibalistic” king is also the moment she knows she is mated to the werewolf king.

7. The Lycan King’s Runaway Human Bride


Boss Romance The Lycan King s Runaway Human Bride

Lycans are like the bosses of the bosses in any boss romance book with werewolf MCs. So, no doubt the Lycan King in this novel wears a crown and everybody is calling him, “Your Majesty”. However, such a glorious appearance shocks the human female MC, who turns out to be his mate.

8. The King’s Tainted Mate


Boss Romance The King s Tainted Mate

“The King” is an alternative nickname for “The Boss” in any boss romance book, including werewolf boss romance books like this Dreame novel. Shifting, rebellion, and punishments also become three elements that you’ll find in The King’s Tainted Mate. Even though Shyla can’t shift right away, she doesn’t back off from the boss!!

9. Mr. President’s Rebirth Bride


Boss Romance Mr President s Rebirth Bride

All hell breaks when the boss’ significant other doesn’t submit to his will. Even though it’s gonna happen for Kira, the female MC of this boss romance novel who marries a billionaire who doesn’t love her, this time, she’s going to use her billionaire father’s influence to retaliate!

10. The CEO’s Contracted Mistress


Boss Romance The CEO s Contracted Mistress

Bobbie, the 21-year-old gorgeous barista and the female MC of this boss romance novel has been abandoned by the billionaire hotel tycoon who has swept her world on her 60th day of becoming his contracted mistress. What will she do next? Will she continue to run away from the unfaithful boss?

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Billionaires and other “boss-looking” guys are always tempting to readers. That’s why, these top 10 boss romance books on online platforms exist:

11. The CEO Buys In

Boss Romance The CEO Buys In

In any boss romance book, the male CEOs will always be more than happy to “buy” a marriage contract with a girl who needs money for whatever purposes. Yet, what if the CEO is also needing the money (and other forms of support from his partner)? This novel’s storyline is the answer!

12. The Stopover

Boss Romance The Stopover

“Naughty pairs of blue eyes” are the phrases that become the emphasizing points of The Stopover novel. So, this novel is more than just a boss romance novel: After all, both MCs are bosses in their ways! Both parties’ romantic sparks start the moment they embark on their first-class flights.

13. The Fine Print

Boss Romance The Fine Print

The boss romance stories in The Fine Print start with Zahra, the drunken assistant who submits a criticizing proposal about Rowan’s Dreamland business’ most expensive ride. At first, she has to work for this difficult and seemingly-arrogant CEO, but then, their romantic relationships start to bloom as they learn valuable life lessons.

14. The Favor

Boss Romance The Favor

The bosses in boss romance books like The Favor always have undeniable charms that make them convenient in approaching their ideal significant others. Even though the female assistant knows the ruthless nature of her boss, she can’t help but fall in love with the seduction powers of the well-known CEO.

15. The Billionaire Bachelor

Boss Romance The Billionaire Bachelor

What happens when two future hotel bosses fall in love with each other? Boss Romance The Billionaire Bachelor is your answer! The father of Merina Van Hausen, the female MC, is a funky boutique hotel owner. The male MC, Reese Crane, is the playboy CEO of Crane Hotel, a premium-starred hotel.

16. Burn For Me

Boss Romance Burn For Me

Have you been tired of reading boss romance novels with a CEO, secretary, marrying for money, and other classical themes? Burn For Me combines fantasy and detective elements in one novel… And let’s not forget that we’ve got the super-hot, dark, and tempting billionaire male MC here!

17. The CEO – The Christian Girl: A Christian Arranged Marriage Romance

Boss Romance The CEO The Christian Girl A Christian Arranged Marriage Romance

Are you interested in reading boss romance books with some touches of religion inside the storylines? This boss romance book may be for you! Katerina Devereaux, the gentle and selfless female MC, has faith in God’s will and that God will change her cold-hearted and hard-headed future husband, Alexander Steele.

18. Storm And Silence

Boss Romance Storm And Silence

Storm And Silence is your answer to boss romance books with some “flashback” elements in the time settings. The storylines are based on the 19th-century of London, where freedom becomes a buyable commodity. Lilly seems to have no hope of freedom, until the dark, dangerous, and powerful billionaire steps into her life…

19. Winning The King

Boss Romance Winning The King

Even though Diana is not used to hearing rejection words, her ways of viewing herself are being tested in this boss romance book. It happens when she encounters the gorgeous bachelor King of Angonia, Gareth, who doesn’t want women who only stay as decorations. She eventually has to show the King her real power.

20. Heart Of The Dragon

Boss Romance Heart Of The Dragon

This book is yet another boss romance book for those of you who wish for some degree of fantasy elements in the novel’s storylines! Here, we follow the story of Grace, a girl who is thrown into a mythical creature world and finds herself in a forbidden loving relationship with a shape-shifting male warrior.

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Part 2: Conclusion on Boss Romance

The Dragon, Mr. President, the billionaire CEO… There are so many alternative names of bosses in these neatly-written boss romance stories. Go on and bookmark this page, and let’s enjoy reading your favorite novels! Don’t wait too long to put them on your favorite lists!!

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