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Wolves Eating Bunnies: “The Viking’s Mate Hunt” Novel Read Online Free

Elisabeth has experienced a series of hardships in her life. She has had enough with her abusive mother. Now, some mythical figures in the dark are more than ready to take her life.

“Little bunny, little bunny. Wolf is HUNGRY!” is the taunt those creatures use to call Elisabeth. Those creatures are the Viking werewolves, the rulers of the realm.

What happens when Elisabeth finds her mate in this monstrous forest in The Viking’s Mate Hunt novel?

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Part 1: The Primary Storyline Of The Viking’s Mate Hunt Novel

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Elisabeth of The Viking’s Mate Hunt has never met her father while he was alive. Instead, she lives with her mother, who can’t spend days without being indebted. Then, again, her mother seldom pays the debt. As a result, these two women should live under an old dump.

Electricity, fire, power batteries, and other “modern” things, are foreign to Elisabeth since the school was the only place for her to learn all about these survival kits. Still, Elisabeth’s mother doesn’t care about her daughter’s miserable life, as she would bring Elisabeth’s mistakes on to make her look ungrateful.

Living in such an uncomfortable place triggers Elisabeth’s instincts to move away from her mother and save herself. Yet, the stories of The Viking’s Mate Hunt prove Elisabeth hadn’t run away when some mysterious-looking figures attacked her mother to death.

Elisabeth’s terrors in her life continue when these monstrous-looking figures are cackling and taunting her after killing her mother in front of her eyes. In The Viking’s Mate Hunt, they say, “Run, rabbit, run!” and “Little bunny, little bunny. Wolf is HUNGRY!”

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It sounds like those creatures, the werewolves, are about to eat Elisabeth alive. Further chapters of The Viking’s Mate Hunt suggest their long-braided hair and tattoos all over their muscular bodies are signs of their Viking status. These Viking werewolves are also taller than average werewolves.

Luca is the Viking werewolf in The Viking’s Mate Hunt who looks slightly different than his peers. He has a leaner body; yet, it doesn’t mean Luca is not a muscular guy. His eating habits are also different than the average werewolves.

In The Viking’s Mate Hunt, Luca could’ve recognized Elisabeth as his mate. However, the two MCs start with friendship rather than mate. Still, will Luca’s presence save Elisabeth from the rabbit-eating wolves? Or, will Elisabeth be forever trapped in a world ruled by Viking werewolves?

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Part 2: The Wonderful Characters of The Viking’s Mate Hunt


The Viking's Mate Hunt Elisabeth

Elisabeth of The Viking’s Mate Hunt is a resilient woman. She is constantly learning things she needs to navigate through the harsh world. If there were things Elisabeth wasn’t aware of, those things would be the result of her late mother’s tendency to not care about her isolated conditions while remaining indebted.

Elisabeth may never know what it is like to have decent parents, for she has never seen her father, and her mother suffers from a tremendous dose of addiction. However, Elisabeth is a person who values friendships and is quick to learn everything about the universe of Viking werewolves, and we see this part more clearly as we turn the pages to read more chapters of The Viking’s Mate Hunt.


The Viking's Mate Hunt Luca

Luca of The Viking’s Mate Hunt acts like the leader among all other Viking werewolves. So, no wonder Luca’s physique slightly differs from his other peers. He has a thin yet muscular build, and he wears a pair of thick leather socks. His other facial features, such as the clearly defined V-shape on his jaws and intense pairs of blue eyes signify his charisma among the Viking werewolves.

In The Viking’s Mate Hunt, Luca’s werewolf instinct lets him identify Elisabeth as his mate when he first met Elisabeth. Since then, he constantly surprises Elisabeth with his powerful energy drives as he teaches Elisabeth to live like his kind.

As a Viking werewolf, fish is not a foreign thing to eat for Luca, and we see this in the chapters of The Viking’s Mate Hunt. Not only does he regularly consume fishes, but he also uses his “utensils” differently than other humans and werewolves in eating fishes.

Part 3: Some Reviews About The Viking’s Mate Hunt Novel

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The sea should be the central place for all stories happening in the chapters of The Viking’s Mate Hunt. However, the rustic feeling in how the author describes the houses, including Elisabeth’s house when her mother was still alive, also intensifies the “Viking” part in this novel.

I see great indicators of Elisabeth and her late mother living with the Viking werewolves since Elisabeth’s eyes haven’t opened yet about the amazing universe of Viking werewolves. If that’s the case, Elisabeth’s mother might have closed her mouth, not to prevent Elisabeth from understanding the world that has hurt her, but so the daughter can’t learn survival skills on her own.

Then, again, keeping the environment secret from the daughter doesn’t mean the mother reserves the absolute right to ignore the daughter’s needs. Thankfully, Elisabeth’s mother’s death and her encounter with Luca come at the right time. Luca’s thinner posture than his other friends makes him look less intimidating while not losing the Viking werewolf’s charisma.

Elisabeth thought Luca would be like his other peers, who call her “little rabbit” and “cat” mockingly. Anyway, the “Run, little rabbit, run!” indeed leaves a cringy feeling to the novel’s chapter, which leads me to normalize Elisabeth’s fearful reactions upon encountering Luca.

Still, Luca of The Viking’s Mate Hunt turns out to be a protective guy. Not stopping there, he also values the same value as Elisabeth: Friendship. So, it’s a friendship-become-mate scenario for Elisabeth and Luca in The Viking’s Mate Hunt, which adds unique touches to this novel’s story.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks About The Viking’s Mate Hunt Novel

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Werewolves are not always all about the ranks in the pack: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Omegas, and so on. Those fantastic creatures are also mythical beings that value their relationships. Mate isn’t the only relationship werewolves know about, even though it is also present in The Viking’s Mate Hunt.

Instead, friendship is also something that the werewolves treasure. I’ve read many other novels emphasizing the friendship ties between Alphas and Betas, but, the stories in The Viking’s Mate Hunt present unique POVs, as the mating bond between Elisabeth and Luca starts from establishing friendships.

Luca’s thinner posture than other Viking werewolves doesn’t only give an impression of a less intimidating werewolf leader. Reading the chapters in The Viking’s Mate Hunt will also inspire thoughts of a leader who acts like the pack’s mentor rather than ruling the pack with iron fists.

The more you read the chapters of The Viking’s Mate Hunt, the more you’ll convince yourself of Luca’s unique characteristics that way! The classical Viking habits, such as how Luca eats his fish, also become the stunning elements in this novel.

Dive deeper into the storyline of The Viking’s Mate Hunt, and you will find more interesting Viking elements in this novel!

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