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The Summer Moon | Werewolf Book Review

The Summer Moon by Ally Parker is bringing us a fresh vibe of a love story between a good girl and a rule-breaker werewolf guy. Summer Moon is a young adult romance story that falls in a werewolf romance subgenre. This novel tells about a young girl’s journey to love and self-discovery.

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The Summer Moon is Malia’s story. A girl who has been content to follow her mother’s rules and has always done so. She was an achiever in school and living the straight good life every student dreamed of until her school world collapsed when she learned that all she had was a fake. Fake friends and a cheater boyfriend.

These circumstances pushed her to spend her final summer before college with her father in a small Florida town that is home to one of North America’s largest werewolf populations is a violation of her mother’s most important rule, and as a result, Malia’s life is flipped upside down.

Part 1: The Plot of The Summer Moon

The Summer Moon Plot

In The Summer Moon, Malia was first introduced like she was a human living with her mom. Her parents had separated but it seems that they have good arrangements for her.

Despite her mom’s reluctance, she still ended up spending her summer with her dad in Florida not knowing she’ll discover more of her werewolf roots there, and most of all, she’ll meet the man that would twist her life upside down.

Malia of The Summer Moon was always the passive, nice girl type and she couldn’t believe she hooked up with a stranger in the airport restroom as soon as her plane landed in Florida.

Her emotions and her body’s reaction, whenever she was near that stranger, were all new to her until she found out one day that the man she hooked up with was connected to her dad, and that he was an alpha of a werewolf pack.

Ty of The Summer Moon felt the same attraction too, however, he isn’t sure if Malia is a human or a werewolf yet beyond all the hook-up and sensual tension between him and Malia, he hopes that she’s his mate and that what happened to them is not just a one night stand but he hopes to have forever with her.

Part 2: Main Character Of The Summer Moon

The Summer Moon Characters Malia And Ty


Here in The Summer Moon, we have been given a female lead that is described as gorgeous with an almost too-good-to-be-true type of personality. Malia is charming. She’s neither weak nor strong. She’s not the damsel of distress type. The way her character is built is just enough for the vibe The Summer Moon has.


Ty of The Summer Moon is the kind of guy every girl would have a crush on. He’s the typically responsible alpha. He’s flirty, and no doubt attractive.

In the first chapters of The Summer Moon, you’ll have an impression of his character as the playboy type who would hook up without hesitation, but later on, you’ll be surprised he’s the opposite as when he showed his sincerity towards Malia.

Part 3: Evaluating The Plot Of The Summer Moon

The Summer Moon Evaluating Plot

It was a wonder why The Summer Moon is charming to readers. This novel is popular with young adults and is trending online.

Why? First, The Summer Moon is giving us a kind of fantasy love story that has a light theme and fresh vibe. The setting of the plot is a pull here. As you read, you would feel like you are being transported to a romantic countryside. The setting adds a light romantic vibe to the story.

Another thing is, The Summer Moon is the kind of book you would pick if you just want to relax and feel in love. There are no heavy conflicts and dramatic events, just the vibe of falling in love. That is why perhaps, this appeals much to young readers.

Plus, here we are given such main characters whom any reader would fall for. The female lead is charming, and so is the male lead. The unique story premise of The Summer Moon is another factor. We always see stories of a girl chasing a guy, like she’s the one who’s madly in love.

But here in The Summer Moon, it’s the other way around. Seeing a charming male lead being sincere with his love for the female protagonist is a breath of fresh air. That’s why perhaps, many readers fall in love with Ty of The Summer Moon. All in all, I could say that the plot of The Summer Moon is structured best for its intended readers, and the author did a great job on it.

Part 4: Ally Parker, Author of The Summer Moon

The Summer Moon Author

Ally Parker is the author of The Summer Moon. Aside from writing, she is also an animal lover and a DIY enthusiast. She has several works in dreame apps such as Keeping Superman’s Secret, The Curse Moon, and The Autumn Eclipse.

The Summer Moon is one of her popular books in dreame app. She specializes in writing werewolf romance and going through her works I could say that she has this clear, unique way of storytelling.

As for The Summer Moon, the plot of this novel was told in ways even non-native English readers could catch up with. The language is simple and clear, yet the emotions are there.

Part 5: Recommending The Summer Moon

The Summer Moon Book Cover

Yes, I would recommend The Summer Moon. This type of story is particularly appealing to young girls. This is rated 18+ as there are some bad scenes in some chapters but it’s presented creatively which is good.

If you are a werewolf fantasy lover and just want a light read, like a kind of book that would help you relax then The Summer Moon is a great suggestion.

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