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Trials and Triumphs: A Review of The Revenge of the Soul Eater

When your household depends on the fight you win, the stacks become higher. The Mistsurugi family is known for holding such contests yearly where their children are tested.

The emperor assigned the family a crucial responsibility as the guardian of the demon gate. Sona Mitsurugi, a thirteen-year-old soon-to-be family heir, has been called for trial. The story depicts the excessive duties and expectations that parents burden their children with.

You get to explore interesting plot dynamics and unique characters from different backgrounds in The Revenge of the Soul Eater.

The Revenge of the Soul Eater
Explore this fantasy realm with Sona's

Part 1: Core Story of The Revenge of the Soul Eater

The essence of the story The Revenge of the Soul Eater is the thrilling adventure fantasy novel surrounding the Mitsurugi family. Every family member has been given the extremely important responsibility by the emperor of guarding the demon gate so that those demons, monsters, and other disastrous creatures can not land on the premises.

The Revenge of the Soul Eater - Guarding the Demon Gate

They were called deadly creatures because of their phenomenal reproductive rate. When these demons are left alone, they can produce a lot of larvae, enough to destroy an entire town, including humans. In the past, they destroyed a number of different cities.

When the day of the trial came, Sona was chosen along with seven other heirs. Six of them cleared the test, including his best friend Raguna, but when the time came, he couldn’t kill the dragon-tooth warrior who could be easily destroyed by every phantom blade-style pupil.

Winning this trial was the ticket for him to stay in the family that was passed down from generation to generation.

As he could not clear the test, the first person who turned against him was his father, the master of a phantom-style sword. He disowned him and threw him out of the family.

Unexpectedly, the second one was his best friend, who turned his back on him after winning the contest and threw a bunch of gold coins as a sign of pity, breaking Sona’s heart into a million pieces.

However, his fiance’s abandonment was also a turning point in his life. He started his journey as an adventurer and aimed to come back after making a positive recognition. But will he be able to accomplish his goals? You’ll have to read The Revenge of the Soul Eater fully!

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Part 2: Free Chapters of The Revenge of the Soul Eater

Here, we’ll explore the contents of the free chapters of The Revenge of the Soul Eater!

Chapter 2

This chapter of The Revenge of the Soul Eater holds the farewell ceremony of Sona after his master, his father, abandoned him and disowned him from the Mitsurugi family. He went straight to his mother’s grave, where he couldn’t help but cry.

The Revenge of the Soul Eater - Grave

He couldn’t stop thinking about Raguna, his batchmate who had insulted him with his words and by throwing gold coins as a pity. Of course, he didn’t pick up those coins as it was the question of his bravery, but he was in grief to have his dream shattered after all his efforts to win the trial.

As he was thinking about these events, he heard something rattling behind.

He looked back to find a young, pale-looking girl with dark black hair that shone when sunshine dropped on them. It was his fiance Ayaka Azurite. He asked why she was there, and she replied she was there to apologize to Sona’s mother, Shizuya Sama.

She explained how she was given the responsibility to be his support and strength by his mother and couldn’t achieve that.

After all that happened after the trial, Sona had a little hope that Ayaka would stay with him no matter how many people were with him.

However, his reliance was instantly broken when Ayaka said that she was engaged to the heir of the Mitsurugi family. She wanted to break off the engagement because he wasn’t one anymore.

She even said he should start his journey as a warrior or an adventurer but shouldn’t look back to being a swordsman as the master won’t accept him. It came as a shock to Sona as Ayaka turned and never even had a glance back. He was left all alone.

Chapter 3

In isolation, people gain thousands of years of experience daily. However, in Sona’s case, five years have gone by. He started as an adventurer who would hunt monsters and help the kingdom’s people until he got positive recognition. Then he’s going to go back to his father.

He had thought of becoming such a skilled swordsman that he would bring one or two kings of firefly heads for his father. However, Sona’s life has never gone as planned. He had met many hurdles on his way to becoming an adventurer.

As he was on his way to cross the forest, it was still daytime, but due to dense trees, it was darker than night. Suddenly, he came across a wind cutter without even knowing who cast a spell on him in mischief, resulting in breaking Sona’s right arm. He was experiencing extreme pain when he heard the sound of the king of fireflies.

He was disturbingly huge, with wings attached to his shoulder. Sona was shocked to think how such a heavily built body could fly, but he was indeed flying.

As he saw Sona struggling to walk, he jumped down on the ground like a cannonball, exploding the entire ground. Sona flew in the air and landed in a puddle of wet mud. As he managed to get up after a long struggle, his feet slipped, and he fell again.

When he moved his head around, he found the king very close to him, and he picked him up and started hitting him on the ground. This made Sona think about how he ended up in that situation.

The Revenge of the Soul Eater - Sona Broken

Part 3: Conclusion of The Revenge of the Soul Eater

In The Revenge of the Soul Eater, Sona Mitsurugi has many responsibilities at thirteen, but this happens when you are born into a family of guardians.

When you are allowed to guard the demon gate, you should be worthy of whatever it takes. Every child has to pass the phantom blade style trial, or else they will be abandoned by the family and have to live as a rogue without any predecessor.

It has been a tough few months for Sona when he had to practice with every inch of his body to achieve the title of the winner of phantom style blade.

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