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The Redemption Road: A Review of The Regressor and the Blind Saint

As life gives you a second chance, you can’t help but contemplate the actions and deeds you have committed over your past years, especially the bad ones.

As Vera lost and found himself in the slums, he cursed himself for making such evil decisions and doing wrong to people who didn’t deserve it. However, when he met the saint and listened to the selfless actions she had done all her life, he was appalled by his life.

At that moment, he decided to change his life to make the most of the opportunity.

Get ready to dive into the wholesome story of a cursed war demon with many wrong deeds in his sack and the saint who has given her all for people’s sake. The engaging characters and captivating dialogue of The Regressor and the Blind Saint will surely keep you in your seat.

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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

Part 1: The Storyline of The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint story revolves around a war demon named Vera who was saved by a saint from the war going about the continent. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a filthy place with a smell damaging his nostrils; he immediately recognized it as a slum as he was a part of it.

He emerged from the slums and gained his position as a renowned personality by doing harm to people.

He lived a royal life until he was dragged down on the battlefield, and now he is about to die. As he contemplated his decisions, the sound of someone entering came into his ear.

He saw that it was a woman with burnt marks all around her face that distorted her original appearance; she looked unrecognizable from how she would look before. Vera also heard a clunking noise as she moved, making him think she was carrying a dagger and a mercenary sent to kill him.

However, when he narrowed his eyes, he saw only the saints had a platinum rosary. Living in the royalty for years had made him instantly recognize the original, and that was it. His mind did the calculations, and his mouth uttered the word, saint.

As she heard Vera’s voice, she inquired if he was alright. He asked her how he reached here and how her wounds were better, to which she replied Lord was sufficient.

He found her disturbingly calming; nobody would live under such conditions in a slum. As he remembered the news of the saint’s death, he investigated it, to which she replied yes, the saint is dead, and I am Renee, a beggar in the slums.

He knew she didn’t want to reveal her identity and had probably given up her powers to avoid getting in between the war.

As the days passed, he was getting better, but his demon pride was resistant to admit it. Instead, he would ask Renee to stop making efforts for him as he’s going to die soon.

The days went by fast, with them arguing over his health, sharing stories about their past lives, and discussing their decisions. This is Vera’s journey to look at the positive side of the world, just like Renee, even in the worst possible conditions.

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Part 2: Free Chapters of The Regressor and the Blind Saint

Having set the stage with the intriguing plot of ‘The Regressor and the Blind Saint’, let’s dive into the captivating world of free chapters.

Chapter 2 of The Regressor and the Blind Saint

This section of The Regressor and the Blind Saint shows Vera’s annoyance towards the saint, who was taking care of him excessively, despite knowing that he’s not going to live more than a few days.

He would look around the area of slums she’s living in and think about why she is doing it to herself. And he examined his hideous face filled with burnt marks and wrinkles, her blue eyes, which lost their sight, and her white which lost their shine with mud and dirt.

Nobody could believe she was a saint; many would have often insulted her. However, she didn’t care and kept a smile on his face. She used to eat porridge worse than bird feed, but she savored it so much that it felt like a delicacy.

Although she used to enjoy her porridge so much, she would never even finish it and feed the rest to Vera. It reminded Vera of his time living in the slums when he used to eat rotten food, which made him lose his sense of taste.

He would think of her as a fool, wasting her time over him. As he expressed his opinion, the saint, Renee, told him it was the expression of love in the Holy Kingdom. After that, Renee told Vera the story about her life from the beginning, when she would actually be able to see the world with her eyes.

Chapter 3 of The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The essence of this chapter of The Regressor and the Blind Saint holds Vera’s pride in himself even when he is on his deathbed. As he thought he’d die in just a few days, he had survived due to Renee’s constant care.

However, instead of being thankful, he would tell her that all her efforts had gotten in vain, as he was still feeling pain and couldn’t even lift a finger.

After having a verbal battle and none of them was willing to back off, Renee decided to go about picking up some stuff for Vera to heal. Watching her taking stuff to go out, Vera told her to leave the rosary, or else she would get killed by the scavengers.

He said the scavengers were looking for people with even a piece of valuables to slit their throats and steal. They would not even leave the corpse and would sell the organs too. Vera felt like he had started caring about Renee and felt a sense of hesitation.

Part 3: Conclusion of The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint’s story perfectly balances black and white characters with a hint of gray plot. Vera’s curiosity about the saint and comparing his actions to hers were the classic portrayal of how humans only learn to do good to people from a competitive angle.

As he thinks of himself as worthy of being cruelly dead, he can not help but want to live and turn his fate. The author reflected the relatability of human nature with the character of Vera and the perfect person he wants to be in the form of a saint.

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