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The Millennium Werewolf Book Series

Sienna, a nineteen-year-old werewolf with a secret in the Millennium Werewolf book series. She was a virgin. The only virgin in the pack. She’s dead set on making it through the year’s Haze without giving into her primal urges but when she meets Aiden, the alpha, she forgets all about her self-control.

When she was younger, around the age of eleven and fourteen she was quite indifferent when it came to hanging around with the alpha males in her pack. She would find it detestable if she sees her fellow female wolves jumping all over the pack with them. She believed female wolf should keep their dignity and should be respected for doing so.

The Haze season comes with a lot of smashing energy and the male wolves were always looking for it. To the point that they set their objectives ahead of the grand day. Some when even tell their counterpart who they were going to end up with.

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Part 1: Author of the Millennium Werewolf Book Series

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Sapir A. Englard is the author of the Millennium Werewolf book series, it is an erotic werewolf fantasy series that has been read over 125 million times on various mobile apps. She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Sapir is a full-time writer, public speaker, and music producer. Born and raised in Israel, Sapir enjoys traveling, chatting with readers, and creating new stories.

The Millennium Werewolf book series is a saga of more than eight books written by Israeli author and musician Sapir Englard. The work was first published on the independent book app, where it has more million views to date. These numbers make the supernatural collection one of the most profitable and recognized on that platform.

Her work is a saga framed within erotic fantasy whose protagonists are werewolves. The author’s original handling of discourse and plot has allowed the genre to gain a place among the demanding adolescent reading public.

Part 2: MainCharacter of the Millennium Werewolf Book Series

Sienna Mercer

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Sienna in the Millennium Werewolf book series is the most polarized character in the play. She is horrified by the fact that she can carry a sexual mark, especially considering that the one who is after her is the Alpha male of her tribe.

Sienna feels that she will be forced to be a submissive person if she pairs up with Aiden. It is possible to understand her reluctance, especially considering that one of her best friends was raped.

Sienna wants the first time she will experience intimacy to be special. However, she tends to have mood swings and opinion about it throughout the story. Also, she has a habit of being sensitive, and even illogical, because, at some point, she stops warning the male protagonist of imminent danger because she is upset with him.

Aiden Norwood

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Aiden is a man and dominant. He is a natural leader in the Millennium Werewolf book series, and he enjoyed it.

However, he ends up feeling attracted to the most different of the women of his clan. Early in Sienna and Aiden’s encounters, he comes across as possessive and demanding; he can only think about his own wants and needs. However, the character receives an advance that allows for a less unstable relationship.

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Part 3: Core story of the Millennium Werewolf Book Series

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The Millennium Werewolf book series tells the story of Sienna Mercer, a 19-year-old werewolf. Who hides a big secret from all her clan: The secret was that she was a virgin.

This fact is quite unusual at their age since members of the pack are expected to participate in La Haze or La Bruma from the age of 16. This is about the heat of wolves. Sienna has always kept her animalistic instincts in check, as her desire is to mate with true love.

However, she must face all her desires when she meets the mysterious Alpha of the pack, Aiden Norwood. One thing that was certain was the sexual acts carried out by all members of the clan on Haze nights.

Aidan announces a raffle whose prize is dinner with him. Rumor has it that the fierce Norwood is looking for a partner or at least a pair for the next mating season. Sienna receives the invitation and Aiden, upon meeting her, claims her for himself. However, the young woman was stubborn and determined to protect her purity for the perfect companion, and that’s not Aiden Norwood.

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Sienna is not like the other women in her clan, she is an artist in the Millennium Werewolf book series. While all the others gather en masse to attract the attention of the Alpha, the young woman simply goes about her business. One day, Aiden stealthily approaches her and looks closely at a drawing made by her at that moment. That’s when the real romance began.

On another occasion, Sienna Mercer and her family are invited to dinner at the Alpha’s house. That night, The Haze hits the young woman hard, who goes to the bathroom to calm down and spend a few moments with herself. However, Aiden follows her.

While the two are in the private bathroom of the Norwood residence, they have their first intimate encounter, which is described through biting, finger sniffing, and other funny additions.

One aspect you have to come into acceptance with this story is the mention of violent sex, and attempted abuse of clan members. The author also recounts the sexual encounters with minors that involve one of the secondary characters, so discretion is recommended when enjoying this reading.

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