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Immersive Reality and Transformation: A Deeper Dive into The Founder of Diabolism

Have you ever dreamt of living a dual life? One is a simple middle-class worker who leads an everyday life with friends and family, and the other one is associated with royal or well-established families, living a dream life.

However, the case was a little twisted in the scenario of the lead of our book when she was switched from her real life to a game story she used to play. You’ll find some engaging plots with unusual characters to keep you on the edge.

Read The Founder of Diabolism novel to explore different aspects of the fictional world and how our main character will change the perception of many regarding the new personality she has been transformed into.

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Part 1: Core Story of The Founder of Diabolism

The essence of the story in The Founder of Diabolism revolved around a woman working on her daily job in Japan, where she had to work 12 to 15 hours to make her living sustainable.

The Founder of Diabolism - Women in Japan

She leads a simple but happy life where she works, eats, plays games, and hangs out with friends. However, on my way home one day, she met with an accident that greatly changed her life.

When she opened her eyes, she was in a luxurious outfit, with many people leaning over her to ensure she was okay.

She sat down and looked around to see what had happened when she found herself in a fantasy world where people dressed unusually.

Turning her head, she realized she was one of the characters from her favorite game Kimi wa Boku no Princess: you are my princess.

However, the bad news was that she transformed into a secondary villain character known in the game only by her fiance’s personality.

Iris was the daughter of the Duke. Her family was second to the Royal family in this empire, where her father was the prime minister and her mother was the daughter of the governor-general.

Because of her lineage, she was extremely unbearable. All she wanted to do was brag about her wealth in front of everyone and look down on people.

Everyone hated her, even her fiance Ed who in the game was after the main character, the daughter of Baron. Iris used to bully and humiliate her in front of everyone at school because of her status, and in the game, she rose to take revenge on her.

This gave the idea to our main character to change Iris’ personality into a people-friendly, loveable character so that everyone could love her and she’ll stand a chance to be a main character.

Although Iris wasn’t totally evil, she had a big heart for people in slums, and that’s why she picked up many girls to make her servants and give them a good life. She even used to bring them dresses and gifts that they loved to make sure they were happy.

The Founder of Diabolism - Iris

On this journey, she admitted every bad thing that she had done with the knowledge she had after playing this game for hours. She convinced her fiance to leave her and ensured her dad accepted her as independent.

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Part 2: Free Chapters of The Founder of Diabolism

Want to understand the story of The Founder of Diabolism before you decide to purchase it?

Look at our analysis of the free chapters of The Founder of Diabolism novel here!

Chapter 2 of The Founder of Diabolism

This chapter of The Founder of Diabolism involves the determination of Iris, the daughter of the Duke, to come out of house arrest by convincing her fiance and her father.

After she was caught in front of everyone, there wasn’t much left for her to do than to accept that she tried to assault and harass the daughter of Baron on the school premises.

She tries her best to not let out the daughter of Duke’s personality, or else she’ll screw up and will be punished even more.

As her fiance, Ed tried to convince her that she shouldn’t be this stubborn and should apologize to the daughter of Baron right away. She made this point an ego problem.

She said that she would never lower her standards and apologize to the daughter of Baron for anything.

Later on, when Ed was gone, ending their engagement, she was determined to convince her father to let her out of this problem so that she could work for a better and kinder personality on her journey to become the game’s main character.

The Founder of Diabolism - Ed

Chapter 3 of The Founder of Diabolism

In this part of The Founder of Diabolism, she reached the door of the Last Boss, whom she had to convince to transform her life goals. It was her father, the Duke of Amelia, whose last say is above everything in the entire country. This new personality inside the daughter of Duke was meeting her for the first time, so she was a little nervous.

She was carried inside by a maid named Tanya, who was always kind to her and was among her favorites. The Duke’s daughter had picked her out of the slums, realizing the terrible life they must lead, and handed gifts to every worker.

She deeply conversed with Tanya about their current financial state and household problems. She even asked Tanya about her son’s health and if she needed more money to assist with his treatment.

A guard told her that her family was waiting for her as she was finished. She held her breath and took light steps to measure it. She wanted to make this meeting worth a while.

The third chapter of The Founder of Diabolism is available for free!

Part 3: Conclusion of The Founder of Diabolism

The daughter of the Duke was famous for her evil personality and rotten behavior throughout the game. The only mission she appeared in the game was because of her fiance Ed and only as a third-rate villain bound to be sidelined by the player.

With her new personality, she has been given a new life where she holds a place other than her fiance’s representation. She wanted to get out of the evil boundaries and wanted her reputation as the game’s main character.

You’ll observe many captivating characters with diverse backgrounds in The Founder of Diabolism.

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