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Heaven Official’s Blessing – A Sneak Peek

This Chinese novel is one of many installments in a beloved series. Written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, the story covers elements of love, mystery, suspense, and comedy in such a way that none are lacking.

We see Xie Lian as a kind-hearted prince-turned-deity who interacts with the supporting characters of San Lang (Hua Chang), Fu Yao, and Nan Feng as he finds himself too involved in the mortal world.

The dark plot of Heaven Official’s Blessing is complemented with occasional humor, which gives this novel its signature style.

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Part 1: Core Story of Heaven Official’s Blessing

In Heaven Official’s Blessing, Xie Lian was the prince of the Xianle Kingdom when he decided to ascend to the heavens and become immortal. His first two ascensions hadn’t been as successful because he had tried to interfere in human matters of his Kingdom in hopes of helping them in the face of disease and drought.

His people had been loyal to him when he was the prince, and he wanted to repay them for their support. However, his presence on Earth made things worse, and he eventually ruined the Kingdom he intended to save.

Heaven Official's Blessing - Xie Lian

The Emperor of the Heavenly Realm was not pleased with his actions, so he was more careful with his third ascension.

His Heavenly peers disapproved of him and wouldn’t take his contributions seriously, but he was still determined to do what he thought was right. As part of his first task, Xie Lian has to look into the disappearance of brides in Mount Yujun, which was linked with a possible ghost groom.

Once he enters the mortal world, he meets a young man who enters with silver butterflies and a shower of blood. Xie Lian is enchanted by this man, but little does he know that he is actually a ghost king called Hua Chang (Crimson Rain Sought Flower), one of the Four Great Calamities.

Heaven Official's Blessing - Ghost King

Hua Chang helps Xie Lian complete his mission by exposing the perpetrator behind the disappearances of the brides. When Xie Lian returns to the Heavens, he is made aware of who the man really is.

Though he is advised to stay away from Hua Chang, he feels drawn toward him, and they often come across each other after their first meeting.

As the boundaries of Earth, the Heavens, and the ghosts are blurred, Xie Lian develops a romantic inclination toward Hua Chang.

The latter also feels very protective of the protagonist, and they find themselves battling their feelings. Hua Chang’s ghost minions are surprised that their master treats a Heavenly creature with such kindness.

As we discover more about Hua Chang in Heaven Official’s Blessing, we see him outside of the infamous image painted for him. The story leads us to a past where Hua Chang and Xie Lian were connected to each other without their knowledge. The deeper we go into the story, the more mysteries unravel.

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Part 2: Free Chapters of Heaven Official’s Blessing

In the second part of this article, we provide free chapters of ‘Heaven Official’s Blessing’ for your reading pleasure.

Chapter 1 of Heaven Official’s Blessing

In this chapter of Heaven Official’s Blessing, we see how the people of the Xianle Kingdom loved the Crown Prince, Xie Lian, and how after his first ascension, he voluntarily descended to Earth to help out his mortal supporters.

The Emperor had warned him against doing such a thing, but he didn’t listen. Consequently, his intentions of fixing the potential war and drought only worsened things. It had reached a point where the rebel army took over the palace, and the plague ruined the whole Kingdom.

In their anger, the people began to foster hatred against Xie Lian such that they would burn the temples and statues his parents had created in his remembrance.

Heaven Official's Blessing - The Emperor

Eventually, he was banished and had to pay for his decisions by struggling with poverty and filth. Most banished gods are bound to the Ghost Realm, but Xie Lian had another chance, the second ascension.

However, as soon as he entered the Heavens, his violent behavior sent him back to banishment. No one thinks any god could recover from being banished twice, but Xie Lian did.

Chapter 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing

This chapter of Heaven Official’s Blessing begins with discussing the destruction that Xien Lian’s third ascension into Heaven had caused. The bell had fallen from its tower and landed on a priestess while the golden pillars of many palaces came tumbling down.

When Xie Lian asks the Literary God what he can do to repair the damage, she says that he needs eight million and eighty thousand merits to do that.

He then enters the Heavenly Courts, where he is met with a cold Martial God, who Xie Lian later realizes is the priest hit by the bell. The Crown Prince apologizes for his actions and continues his non-serious attitude.

The Literary God interfered again to tell Xie Lian who the God he was talking to was. 800 years ago, during his first ascension, Mu Qing was a deputy general who had served under Xie Lian himself, and now he had risen to a much higher post.

Xie Lian had facilitated his ascension, but Mu Qing refused to support him when he was banished. We then encounter an angry Nanyang Zhen Jun, whose palace was destroyed by Xie Lian’s ascension, and the section ends there.

Part 3: Conclusion of Heaven Official’s Blessing

In Heaven Official’s Blessing, we see Xie Lian as a character who is confident in his abilities and has little care for what other people think. When he was mocked by everyone on Earth and Heavens alike, he was only slightly bothered by it.

Even though his character development is impeccable, it is also crucial to note that the author gave the supporting characters great depth, making this story such an enjoyable read.

The storyline weaves itself quite intricately as it explores multiple themes and delivers great unpredictability in its series of events.

As there are three worlds to explore: Earth, Heavens, and the Ghost Realm, there are a few loopholes that the story fails to address. However, overall the novel was a thrilling read and offered great gems for the reader.
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