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The Luna’s Escape In Worthless To Priceless: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate

Amelia knows what it feels like to be the unwanted daughter of the family. While Brittany is doted on and cherished, she is looked upon with disdain and seldom ignored.

Just a few minutes was all it took to make the difference between her and her sister. Brittany was a few minutes older, thus she was the future Alpha of the pack, while Amelia was deemed as useless.

Worthless To Priceless: The Luna’s Rejected Mate shows just how worthy Amelia truly is as she finds the strength to build a new life.
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Part 1: Worthless To Priceless: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Enticing Story

Worthless To Priceless: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate revolves around Amelia, a courageous she-wolf who finds the strength to change her life.

Amelia woke up at three in the morning to begin handling her daily chores. She had to clean the house and prepare breakfast before her father and her twin sister woke up. The girls were the Alpha’s daughters, yet the man only doted on the older sister, Brittany.

Today was a special day as the girls turned eighteen. When Alpha Gregory woke up, Amelia was happy and brought her father a cup of coffee, eagerly waiting for him to wish her happy birthday. The Alpha ignored her though, silently savoring his drink.

When Brittany came downstairs, Gregory’s demeanor changed, he became happy and wished his favorite daughter happy birthday while telling her about the birthday party he had arranged for her.

The two of them kept chatting while completely ignoring Amelia. The girl was broken hearted but at least she could count on Blake, her boyfriend. He was the sole person in the entire world who cared about her and the only one willing to defy everyone to be with her.

The only thing standing between Amelia and Blake was her lack of wolf. Ever since Brittany had gotten her wolf, Amelia spent every day urging her own wolf to resurface, yet nothing happened. She knew that no one would want to be with a wolfless girl, thus she continued meditating and praying for her wolf to show up.

As the evening came and the party was about to start, Amelia made her way to the venue. Blake was supposed to pick her up but he seemed to have forgotten.

Worthless To Priceless-The Alpha's Rejected Mate Amelia

Instead of being greeted and congratulated for her eighteenth birthday, Amelia was the mocking target for the guests. Someone even spilled his champagne glass on her dress trying to ridicule her.

Upset, Amelia searched for a place to hide and clean her dress when she came across a couple making out. It was Brittany and Blake. They were kissing and Brittany was urging the boy to break up with her sister and mate with her so he would become the pack’s Alpha.

Hurt by their betrayal, Amelia confronted them, only to have Brittany convince Blake to break her heart. He told his former girlfriend he couldn’t be with a wolfless girl, no matter how much he cared about her.

Engulfed in pain, Amelia passed out and Blake rushed to her side, picked her up in his arms and carried her to her room. Walking out, the boy saw Brittany and Alpha Gregory talk about their successful plan to steal Amelia’s boyfriend and poisoning her every day to prevent her wolf from resurfacing.

Instantly, Blake returned to Amelia’s room and urged her to flee from the pack. Before he could explain the reasons, Gregory walked in and told his daughter that she needed to pack her things, as she would be going to college in the neighboring pack.

The Alpha gave Amelia a car and some money and sent her off that very night. As soon as she walked out, Gregory called his Beta and let him know that his younger daughter had stolen one of his vehicles and money and had fled. He declared the girl a rogue knowing that wherever she went, she would be hunted by werewolves.

Running away, Amelia comes across a gorgeous man by a lake, Alpha Kaden who immediately recognizes the girl as his mate. But since she didn’t have her wolf yet, she couldn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Kaden takes the girl under his wing, he protects her and waits for her wolf to resurface to recognize him as their mate.

While tending to Amelia, Kaden’s mother urges him to start dating Lucy, a vicious she-wolf who loathes the alpha’s mate. At the same time, Gregory, Brittany and Blake start visiting Kaden’s pack and discover that Amelia is there.

While Gregory tries to discredit his daughter, Blake tries to win her back.

What will Amelia do? She still has feelings for Blake but her pull towards Kayden keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Part 2: Hot Chapter From Worthless To Priceless: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate

Worthless To Priceless: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 5

I found this chapter from Worthless To Priceless: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate very interesting as it displays the ultimate betrayal that Alpha Gregory could do in respect to his unloved daughter.

He could have simply banished the girl, yet he did something so much worse. Keep reading to find out.

Amelia woke up after the terrible night when her boyfriend chose her sister over her. She tried to suppress her tears but she failed. One may believe that she was accustomed to terrible birthday as her father always celebrated Brittany and never Amelia.

This was by far the worse day, as Blake turned his back on her when she least expected. Wiping away the traitor tears, Blake enters the room quietly and approaches Amelia. He tries to plead with the girl to listen to him and run away from the pack as soon as possible.

Worthless To Priceless-The Alpha's Rejected Mate Kaden

She tells her that she is not safe within the pack’s borders but before he could add anything else, Alpha Gregory enters the chamber. Amelia looks at him and finally asks the question she held in all her life. She needed to know why her father never loved her.

Dismissing her question, the Alpha tells his daughter that he arranged for her to go to a neighboring pack to college, but she had to go tonight. He told her that it was for the best to put some distance between her and Blake.

Amelia agrees with her father and proceeds with packing. Before leaving, Alpha Gregory hands her the car keys and an envelope with money for her journey.

As the girl drove away, Gregory took his phone and called his Beta to tell him that Amelia ran away after stealing his car and money. The Alpha declared her a rogue. He knew that her rogue status would most likely make her become a target for the other wolves.

Part 3: Worthless To Priceless: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Review

As a fantasy werewolf book lover, I must say that Worthless To Priceless: The Alpha’s Rejected Mate is a great book. I like the story, the development and the characters altogether.

The author has created a world where hate is frowned upon and there is nothing that could justify the mistreat of a family member.

I partly expected Blake to be on Brittany’s side, seeing that she offered him the Alpha position, but it was actually nice to see him willingly jeopardize everything for Amelia’s sake.

Amelia, Blake and Kayden are great characters that make the story a worthy reading.

Worthless To Priceless-The Alpha's Rejected Mate Romance

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After being rejected, she becomes the Lycan King’s bride.

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