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Read Tattooed Luna By Mrs Smith (Kristen and Alec)

Who says that Lunas are supposed to be meek and shy? Kristen is far from being a demure teenager. She’s a kickass Alpha daughter who doesn’t want to depend on her father.

Financial independency will offer Kristen the pack liberation she needs to get away from her stepmother. Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith is a story filled with intrigues and plot twists that are going to keep you glued to its chapters.

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Part 1: Kristen’s Icy Story In Tattooed Luna

The novel Tattooed Luna By Mrs Smith is a wonderful read, with an uncommon female lead character, who will win your heart from the beginning of her rough journey.

As the Alpha’s daughter, Kristen is bold and defying. She owns her own tattoo shop, being one of the most-sought artists in the werewolf world.

As she works on Jacob’s latest ink choice, the boy wants to know whether it will be done by the weekend, as he has a date. Jacob is hot and a womanizer, yet Kristen isn’t interested. They are friends, and she’s the twin sister of their group’s leader.

Colt, Kristen’s twin brother is one of the best guys out there. He is handsome and gentle and he is keen on serving justice. This is why he will be a good Alpha for their pack.

As Kristen is finishing with Jacob’s tattoo, Colt demands to know whether his sister skipped the last class at school, but she isn’t willing to answer. Her eyes are locked on Ace, the boy she facies, but the one guy she could never dream of having.

Colt, Jacob and Ace together with Kristen and Emmy are friends, thus getting intimate isn’t an option for them. They respected their friendship too much to do so.

Suddenly, a hot guy emanating a strong aura walks into the shop, looking for Chris, a famous tattoo artist. Learning that Chris is actually shortened from Kristen, a girl, he is taken aback but he composes himself and asks for a tattoo to cover his back.

Tattooed Luna-Alec

The boy is Alec, the future Alpha of the Black Moon Pack. He looks dangerous, yet not terrifying. Being left alone with Alex, Kristen puts together a plan with him for his next tattoo sessions.

After Alec’s departure, Emmy can’t help herself from stating that she would definitely hook up with that gorgeous guy. She is willing to let the boy have his way with her if Kristen isn’t willing to.

Laughing, Kristen tells her friend that Colt would literally kill the guy if something happened between the two of them.

Arriving at the packhouse, Kristen meets Ann, her stepmother, who wasted no time in accusing the girl of not finishing her chores in the morning. Arguing that she had actually fulfilled her duties, Ann tries to slap her, but her hand is caught mid-air by Colt. He can’t stand anyone bully his sister.

As the Alpha enters, his Luna starts complaining about his children. The man demands Kristen to prove she fulfilled her chores, and the girl pulls out her phone with the evidence.

The gang goes out for pizza and as the girls go to the boy’s table, the she-wolf clinging to Jacob urges Emmy and Kristen to find another empty table to sit at. Kristen gives the girl an angry look, but Jacob immediately takes action and asks her to go order some drinks and pizza while he handles his date.

Meanwhile she caught sight of the girl who was trying to get Ace’s attention but it was obvious that he wasn’t interested at all.

Standing in line to place the pizza order, Kristen feels a sudden pang in her foot as the person in front of her stepped back without realizing someone was behind. Holding her injured foot and cursing, Kristen sees a girl walking up and scolding her, while putting her arms around Alec.

Sensing her disdain, Kristen pushes her aura and demands respect from the clingy girl. Alec apologizes on the girl’s behalf as he drags her outside.

Returning home, Kristen is greeted by Luna Ann, who slaps her hard across the face. Fed up with the woman, the girl returns the slap. She is strong though, knocking her stepmother on the floor.

This incident prompts her to make a decision. As soon as she turns eighteen, she will flee from the pack. She hopes her mate will be Ace, maybe even take a vacation and go with her until Colt took over the pack. But she knows this is not possible, as Ace would never leave Colt behind.

As time passes, Kristen feels more and more attracted to Alec, who treats the girl right, causing Ace to become jealous. As her eighteenth birthday is approaching, Kristen is nervous. Who will be her mate? Whose heart will she break? Read Tattooed Luna to find out Kristen’s decision.

Part 2: The Inked She-Wolf And The Protective Future Alpha In Tattooed Luna

Tattooed Luna Story

Although there are plenty of characters worth mentioning here, I would like to focus on Tattooed Luna Kristen and Alec, the future Alpha of the Black Moon Pack and her mate.


Unlike other teenage she-wolves, Kristen isn’t interested in fancy clothes, parties and boys. She is a talented tattoo artist, who finds solace in her work after being mistreated by her stepmother.

As her father’s wife and Luna of the pack, Ann finds it easy to torment her stepdaughter, not wasting any chance to torment her and make her look bad in front of her father.

Although Kristen tries her best to keep calm and not stir any trouble, Ann knows how to push her buttons. This is why the girl is so eager to turn eighteen and go as far away as possible from her pack.

Kristen’s secret crush is the handsome Ace, who reciprocates her feelings. They refrain from starting anything as she is the future Alpha’s sister and the boy is his future Beta, not to mention best friend.

Ace’s feelings are starting to become obvious as Alec starts expressing his interest towards the girl. Kristen will face a problem that only her eighteenth birthday will be able to solve. Recognizing her mate will spare her from having to make a choice between two gorgeous men.


As a future Alpha, Alec is a powerful werewolf but despite his status, he is polite and patient, treating Kristen with respect. I like the fact that he doesn’t push himself on the girl. He is considerate towards her feelings, even understanding her sentiments towards Ace.

He never clashes with Colt, although they are both Alphas-to-be and their dominant character resurfaces whenever they talk.

As the Tattooed Luna story progresses, Alec becomes more and more protective towards Kristen as unknown enemies lurk around, ready to strike his mate.

Part 3: Werewolf Book Review: Tattooed Luna By Mrs Smith

Tattooed Luna Romance

If you’re interested in my feedback regarding Tattooed Luna novel, I must tell you this. Kristen’s tale won’t disappoint you.

Yes, the story lacks a damsel in distress or a rejected she-wolf, but believe me when I say that Kris’s character is offering a lot more than you know.

The author has created a well-rounded novel, putting the right cliffhangers at the right time, adding a sweet and enticing rivalry between Ace and Alec and let me be honest, I haven’t encountered in a long time such a fair and chivalrous competition in a novel.

It’s a great book with an interesting plot and great characters that you’ll love. This is a relaxing weekend read that you will want to read again in the future.

Part 4: A Similar Novel To Tattooed Luna

If you liked Tattooed Luna, you will also like this Dreame novel. Tattooed In My Heart revolves around Brent, a teenage wolf who gets dumped a week after his anniversary with his boyfriend.

Sad and brokenhearted, the boy looks for comfort in his friend, Clarissa. What he didn’t know is that Clarissa had a sexy step-brother.

Deciding to get back at his ex-boyfriend, Brent seduces the guy, only to find himself tangled in a mess. He had fallen in love with his sexy fling. How will things unfold between the two of them and how will Clarissa react after she explicitly asked her friend to not mess with her brother?
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