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When Love Comes Before The Mate Bond: She’s The Luna I Want Read Online

Toying with a heart is something Jace would never do. No matter how much his heart ached for Amara and how much his body craved for her body, he would never play with her feelings. Not when there’s a chance they wouldn’t be fated mates.

She’s The Luna I Want werewolf novel will put you through a swirl of emotions as Jace and Amara keep getting close succumbing to their feelings only to pull apart again and again. Stay tuned to see whether they end up together or find their fated mates.

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Part 1: Amara And Jace’s True Love Story In She’s The Luna I Want

She’s The Luna I Want Amara and Jace’s story is thrilling and filled with emotions as they discover the meaning of true love.

Jace is the soon to be Alpha of the Black Shadow Pack. He is making his rounds around the pack when one of his warriors tells him that he’s seen Amara running towards the forest line and urging everyone to not follow her.

Although Amara is only sixteen, she already turned heads as she is a young, beautiful she-wolf and a future Alpha herself. Jace knows that his friend would never do anything reckless, nor would she simply run away like that, so he immediately chases after her.

It doesn’t take long for Jace to find Amara. She is all curled up in the forest, looking disheveled. She has no idea what’s happening to her as her entire body is engulfed in pain. She had never experienced such immense distress.

Amara had been friends with Jace and his sister, Catherine all her life, she knows she can depend on them and seek their help whenever she needs it. Jace knows what’s happening to the girl. She is young, but her Alpha nature makes her shift earlier than other she-wolves.

He can’t leave her shift alone, so Jace undresses Amara and holds her in his arms until the shift is complete. Then, he takes her wolf, Ice, for a run and they return together to the packhouse to rest.

Although it is midnight, Austin, Jace’s future Gamma, catches them together and jokes about them sleeping together. The truth is that both Amara and Jace are drawn to each other, but the boy is determined to save himself for his destined mate.

Amara, on the other hand would give in to her desires. After all, who can tell for sure that they would meet their fated mates during their lifetime?

She's The Luna I Want Amara

Jace doesn’t hold back because he only thinks about himself and preserving his purity for his fated one, he does so because he considers Amara’s feelings. If one of their fated mates should show up at any time, one of them would terribly get hurt.

The future Alpha sets some ground rules with his friend to remain close, but never overstep. Two years later, Jace and Amara are still attracted to each other. He does everything in his power to refrain from letting his feelings loose, while the girl keeps pushing her luck.

She hoped she could break him one day, make him surrender. She boldly kisses him whenever she gets a chance, invading his personal space. Yet, Jace is unmoved, he doesn’t want to ruin their lives. On the inside though, he is torn. He secretly lusts for Amara, dreaming about possessing her body on daily basis.

One day, Amara decides to share her true feelings with Jace. She loved him and she didn’t want to keep waiting for her fated mate. It’s true that she had only one month left until she turned eighteen and could sense her fated one, but she knows her feelings are genuine.

Engulfed in Amara’s scent, Jace believes that he is having a dream and gives in to his desires, making love to the girl after she confesses her feelings. The next morning, he wakes up happy after having the best dream of his life, yet he is startled to see that Amara is actually naked in his bed.

He is upset and throws the girl out of the packhouse. He may have feelings for her, but he blew his chance to save himself for his fated mate.

Heartbroken, Amara leaves, determined to forget about her former friend. They only see each other again when she turns eighteen and surprisingly, they find out that they are mates.

Still hurt after Jace mistreated her although she had given him her purity, Amara rejects him but Jace is adamant in winning her back. Will he succeed?

Part 2: A Sneak Peek Into She’s The Luna I Want Werewolf Novel

She’s The Luna I Want Chapter 4

Jace stopped tickling Amara when he realized the position they were in. She was all curled up in his lap, as her cheek was resting on his shoulder. He didn’t want to push her away, so they stayed like this until their breathing slowed down.

She's The Luna I Want Romance

Amara didn’t want to go back to her dormitory as she knew that the headmistress would scold her for being out at that hour. Besides, she didn’t want anyone to know she had shifted.

Both of them drifted off to sleep, but their impatient stomachs started growling, as they were hungry after all the running they did in their wolf forms.

Jace and Amara decide to head for the packhouse to rest and they are greeted by Austin who had been on a date. Seeing both of them half naked sprung Austin’s interest who wanted to know whether they had done the deed or not.

Without uttering any words, Jace smacked the back of his friend’s head who was still mocking them and reminding them that Amara’s dad would kill them if something happened between them now, as the girl was only sixteen.

Jace used the mind-link to curse his friend and tell him to keep his mouth shut as Amara had shifted and this is why they were so exposed tonight. Reaching the boy’s bedroom, Jace brings Amara some Tweety Bird pajamas from his sister, Catherine.

He couldn’t bring her any sexy nightwear, not when he had to sleep next to her and keep his mind clear of dirty thoughts.

Part 3: Werewolf Book Review: She’s The Luna I Want

She's The Luna I Want Fantasy Book

One of the things I mostly liked about She’s The Luna I Want novel is the teenage games and bickering between Jace and Amara. Their dialogue came so natural and their gestures had me fully comprehend the depth of their relationship.

I admit that I rooted for them from the beginning and some part of me was a little frightened about the possibility of them not being fated mates.

Although having more male wolves and she wolves interested in our protagonists would have made things more interesting, things still unfolded perfectly and the story has been truly engaging.

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