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Read Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle by Black Rose

In Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel, the gloomy and peaceful life of a young orphaned she-wolf was send to an endless pit of doom when her then boyfriend and fated mate rejected her in the worst way possible. The unexpectedness of his decision caught Sara off-guard, leaving her hopeless and clueless of how her future would become now that everyone and everything that she possessed had been taken away.

What would happen if in the midst of it all she discovered her second chance mate? What kind of assistance would it provide on overcoming all of the trials she faced? Can a second shot at love, with the last person she expected to become her mate, help her become the best version of herself?

Discover how Sara Black of Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel found solutions for that.

Reborn Girl's New Life

Part 1: Synopsis of Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle

Second Chance: Mated to My Ex's Uncle - Mates

Twenty-year-old orphan, Sarah Black, the main heroine of Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel, finds herself in a very dubious situation when her long-lost cousin, Megan, came back from the unknown. That miracle wasn’t supposed to be concerning and upsetting but because of her relatives’ sudden dissociation and distaste on what she do, Sarah can’t stop herself from worrying.

So much so that on her birthday, all she did was contemplate and think of scenarios that might occur if she won’t face it sooner. She wasn’t wrong to do so as on the day she was supposed to celebrate her birthday, her fated mate, Alex, made a startling confession. He’s beginning to like Megan and he’s already decided to pursue his feelings. Confused and torn that he had the time to become invested on someone else, Sarah asked for a second chance and a time to talk it out. All she got, however, was a painful rejection and malicious words thrown by her relatives.

(Alex’s betrayal and Megan’s triumph marks the inciting incident of Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel. Brace yourself as there would be more in store for you.)

Their unspeakable betrayal maimed Sarah’s heart so deeply. When she thought nothing good would happen anymore, she found her second chance mate. The timing would have been perfect if the man hadn’t been the leader of the nearby pack and if he wasn’t connected to Alex, at all.

Second Chance: Mated to My Ex's Uncle - Kane and Sarah

But Alpha Kane is Alex’s uncle. No matter what Sarah do, nothing would change that. What’s more worse, he’s got a rather vile reputation as an alpha. How will Sarah handle such a devastating news? Will she entertain the whispers of her heart despite their differences and internal conflicts? Will love prevail in the middle of chaos?

Find out more about Sarah and her riveting journey towards success and love in Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel hot chapters online!

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle

To give you the full picture of what happens in Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel, here are the hot chapters of Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle free read that you can look up on any search engines. What you’ll gain can be used to cataloging your thoughts once you give in to the temptation of reading it.

But if you wish to keep the suspense intact, feel free to skip it and access it right away.

Chapter 1

In Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel Chapter 1, Sara celebrates her 20th birthday. Unlike any other she-wolves who makes the most out of their birthday through parties and events, Sarah spends the whole day training and maximizing her core strength. It kept her distracted from facing the unexpected twist in her life. Megan, her long-lost cousin who had been missing for years, just made a shocking return. Everything that she has, from parents to her position as the alpha’s adopted daughter, was handed back to Megan. Because of this, Sara was kept to the corner like an overused toy. Although she wasn’t in the right position to complain and she understood well the floating excitement, she can’t help but to feel lost and betrayed for the sudden disinterest on her.

Afraid that her jealousy might take over, Sara decided to ignore that for a while, a mistake that she’ll forever regret because if she did pay attention, she would have been able to notice Megan’s ulterior motive to steal away Alex. She succeeded and Sara was heartlessly dumped.

Chapter 2

Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel Chapter 2, Sarah is still on the process of acceptance and grief. To lessen the heavy burden hanging off of her chest, Sarah went to the pack bar for a drink and called her one and only friend. She narrated everything that happened with a heavy heart, crying as she mulled over the betrayal and hurt. What kind of being would conspire to hurt her? They loved her, she knew that. How could they changed so quickly just because they found someone much better?

As much as Natasha wished to comfort Sarah and offer a place to stay, nothing can be done for the time being. She’s afraid her family might get attacked for that. Sarah understood it and assured her all she wanted for tonight was a shoulder to cry on. Natasha willingly provided that. Just as Sarah enjoy the night, though, a dainty faint smell attacked her nose.

Chapter 4

In Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel Chapter 4, Sarah kept the eye contact going with the daring mysterious man who can’t his eyes off of her. It’s the first time Sarah had seen such face and the first time she felt exhilarated by a stranger’s attention. Natasha caught her dissociating. Sarah saw that as an opportunity to ask for his information. It took Natash not only less than a minute to realized it was Alex’s uncle, Kane.

Reborn Girl's New Life

Part 3: Evaluation and a Similar Book on Dreame

Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel can be interpreted in two different ways. One, a book that displays well the essence of a werewolf romance book. And failed representation of uncanny and forbidden romance. Unfortunately, with the manner of how Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel was executed, it’s dreadful to say that it succeeded on the latter. The premise and plot of Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel is interesting enough to keep anyone going to the last chapter. However, if you look at it closely, anyone would guess that the author did a poor job on carrying out the plot and main idea of the story.

For one, the tragedy that occurred at the main character’s life felt forced and unreal. It felt as though it wasn’t justified enough. The characters were two-dimensional, too. Their existence in the story appeared as mere plot devices, like instruments only created for the sake of the story’s completion. Because of that, it made everything impossible to relate to them.

Don’t worry, though. Not because it failed on putting sufficient depth on the narrative, the style of writing compensated for that well. If there’s one thing that kept me going to the end was how concise and short each chapters became. For that, it was easy to read it until the end.

If you want such experience come to you, Second Chance: Mated to My Ex’s Uncle novel is a good choice to take. But if you dig up for stories that explores much deeper themes and taps on societal issues then Reborn’s Girl New Life is the right pick for you.

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Reborn Girl's New Life

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