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Grace’s world was turned upside down when her mate chose another, shattering their bond and marking her as the first divorced She-Alpha in werewolf history, in mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad. Now, she navigates the rough tides of single life, nearly landing in the arms of her ex-husband’s dad, on her 30th birthday!

She was the first ever She-Alpha divorced by a cheating husband, and almost had a one-night stand with her ex’s dad, the Lycan King! She was not getting back together with him even if he begs her father to talk to her.

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Part 1: Main Story of Mated to my Ex`s Lycan King Dad

Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad lady birthday

On her 30th birthday. She was divorced, mateless, a survivor of infidelity and broke, in mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad. If there was a woman in the werewolf or lycan community who had it worse than her, she’d like to meet her. Maybe she could split the cost of this drink that wasn’t doing anything for the sorrow in her heart or the direness of her situation.

Daddy cheated on mommy and went off to be happy with his fated mate. That’s why they’re broke. She resisted the urge to toss back my drink and disappear into the haze of alcohol. She was only ordering one drink then hiding out somewhere in the city before going home and pretending like she`d partied her heart out.

Usually, she’d be in the kitchen serving up the feast she’d ordered for the Harvest Moon festival for the family and getting ready to open presents with Cecil, Richard, and Eason. Cecil had made her a card. Richard drooled all over her apron. She cooked using a lot of simple recipes and whatever they had in the cabinet. She had tried to smile from the moment that the final divorce papers had arrive, but it was empty.

Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad broke

She took another drink as her eyes burned and checked the clock again. She finished the last of the drink, wanting to keep the rest of the cash, in mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad. It was all the money she had to her name after the divorce. He had wiped out what little savings she’d from before they were married, and she couldn’t have access to the pack accounts.

She was almost certain that Devin, her ex-husband, had used all she could to cover his portion of the divorce. He had left their marriage with nothing that hadn’t belonged to him before, and left her with our two children and a broken heart. Before it felt as though one day they had been happy and he was the one who would always stand by her side.

Part 2: Main Characters of Mated to my Ex’s Lycan King Dad


Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad queen lady

She was their misfortune Alpha She. Grace, is the first She-Alpha in werewolf history to go through the turbulence of divorce. Her path reveals herself as she navigates the challenges of being single while coping with the grief of a broken relationship. Grace’s will to find love and acceptance is fueled by her fortitude and tenacity in mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad.

Grace exudes resolute purpose, grounded on an implicit pledge to protect her kids from the upheaval of her divorce. She has a placid demeanor, but inside there is simmering resentment due to her ex-husband’s infidelity and impending financial disaster. She is stuck in a tumultuous entanglement with the Lycan King, the adoptive father of her ex-husband, and faces an insurmountable situation.


Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad manlike

The Lycan King is him. Charles is a mysterious and attractive character who is essential to Grace’s crazy tale. His persona, as the father of her ex-husband, gives the story more intriguing undertones. The Lycan King is the unanticipated dreamboat we never knew we needed; he is cunning and gentle.

The Lycan King, Charles, shows himself to be a strong character with a kind heart in mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad. His protective impulse defines his character, as he is unwilling to let Grace endure hardship on her own. Charles, driven by a desire to preserve their legacy, navigates a difficult father-son dynamic with Devin, his adopted son and Grace’s ex-husband. His steadfastness is rooted on his desire to protect the empire he built

Part 3: Free Chapter of Mated to my Ex’s Lycan King Dad

Chapter 2 of mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad

Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad Not Again

She had thought her marriage to Devin would be the start of a new age in chapter 2 of mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad. This was something Eason said would start the path to better lycan and werewolf cooperation. She remembered reeling him back from making it a big deal when they got married. It didn’t take much convincing once Eason met Devin, but he said nothing at the time.

She didn’t know if she would trade her two children for the peace of mind of never letting Devin into her life or into her father’s pack, but she would have to make peace with her decisions and all the fall out to come.

She cringed at the thought of what would happen when people found out about their divorce. After five years of marriage and saying everything was fine, she’d be the laughing stock of the entire werewolf community, and it was only a matter of time

She knew Devin well enough: hotheaded, rash, and insensitive. He was probably going to make some big showing about their relationship. A press conference or news announcement that would lead to reporters streaming to Mooncrest to get a snapshot of her children, grieving their broken family and her.

Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad Guy In love

Her father had been the former alpha and had handed the seat to her a year after she had started the pharmaceutical program at Werewolf Elite Academy, in chapter 2 of mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad. She had been twenty-five years old, grieving and determined when she’d met Devin. He was nineteen at the time and there as an exchange student for his business, program.

He pursued her relentlessly. She remembered being annoyed at first then flattered that he’d taken such an interest in her. There had been something about him that had drawn her in. They said that alpha lycan oozed a natural sex appeal, but she had never thought she was susceptible to it. She’d met alpha lycans before. They were different from alpha werewolves, but a man who was full of himself was the same no matter the species.

She had thought Devin was different. Despite not being mates, she believed she had found true love as being with him. Their age difference was inconsequential Werewolves didn’t live extraordinarily long lives. He told her he would take care of anything. He told her that they’d be happy together for the rest of her life. He told her he loved her.

Chapter 3 of mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad

Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad Sunset

She turned around and tilted her head up to look into the man’s face, in chapter 3 mated to my ex`s Lycan King Dad. He was tall, towering over her. Her heart fluttered with anticipation and anxiety. He settled into the seat beside her easily. The heat of his body so close sent a shiver of awareness through her.

He lifted her hand to his lips and brushed his lips across her knuckles. The heat of his breath sent goosebumps up her arm. She thought to protest, but he was already turning to the bartender and ordering with easy confidence. When the drink arrived looking suspiciously like the fruity whiskey thing she had ordered before, topped with a huge chunk of pineapple, she looked at Charles with a raised eyebrow.

Part 4: On Dreame, Find Similar book to Mated to my Ex`s Lycan King Dad

Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad Lonely

Piper rejected her Mate at 21, as he could not scent her, did not know who she was. Unable to handle the pains of betrayal anymore, she moves away to live her life as a human, her wolf Harper no longer able to shift to her wolf form, to weakened by their life inside the pack.

Piper knows she is unscentable to her own kind, no one has ever even noticed her, has been alone in her pack since she was 10 years old. Leaves her home pack for her own self-preservation and survival, Rejects her Mate while he sleeps in the hope it will break their bond to each other, runs away to live her life out in the human world. Mate-less with only the mind of her wolf left.

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