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Saving The Blind Billionaire┃Romance Book Review

Saving The Blind Billionaire is another escape while pregnant troupe. It is a story of a housemaid who falls for her master. This novel, Saving The Blind Billionaire by November follows a very common premise but what makes this book stand out from the ocean of werewolf books?

If you have the same question as mine. Then, read this as I would lay an honest review of this novel, Saving The Blind Billionaire.

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Part 1: The Characters Of Saving The Blind Billionaire

Saving The Blind Billionaire Character Lewis

Lewis Peterson

In Saving The Blind Billionaire, Lewis Peterson was the male lead. A son to the rich mogul. He’s a famous basketball player too.

He got money and fame and was about to get married when an accident changed his life, leaving him blind. His life has stopped. His days changed, confiding him in the corners of his house with a housemaid who was patient with all his arrogance.


Saving The Blind Billionaire Ava

She is the female lead of Saving The Blind Billionaire. Ava was the typical heroine who grew up in an orphanage. She’s sweet and enduring. Lewis’s parents liked her, but Lewis always treated her with rudeness and arrogance. Although she was introduced as a sweet weak girl yet it seems that her life has lots of secrets to unveil.


Okay, so she’s the ambitious villain in Saving The Blind Billionaire. She’s Lewis’ fiance. Her real name is Barbara and she came from the same orphanage as Ava. The tension between the female lead and the villain comes with the idea that Ava knows her real identity.

Yet, contrary to Ava, Michelle is a bitch. She’s remembered as the bully in St. Marcus orphanage. Her only goal is not to become poor again.

Part 2: Main Story Of Saving The Blind Billionaire

Saving The Blind Billionaire Main Story

Saving The Blind Billionaire centers on the drastic change in Lewis’ life.

A day after he had proposed to his girlfriend, Lewis Peterson, the son of a wealthy international businessman and a former basketball player, was involved in an accident. Meanwhile, Ava St. Marcus, a young woman who was raised in an orphanage, started working as a housekeeper for the Petersons.

Ava had lived there for four years before Lewis’ accident, but he had never noticed her. Later, they learned that life had something different in store for them.

Saving The Blind Billionaire is a story of an enduring woman and a guy whose life was winning in the limelight, but then when he became blind he learned who will honestly stay with him.

I don’t want to lay many details of the story of Saving The Blind Billionaire but I would guarantee that there are lots of twists and revelations to unfold in the latter chapters, and the biggest question that lingers here as you go through the plot is whether Lewis would remain blind, what is the complicated past between Barbara and Ava, and with the ambitious bitch love rival we have here, would Lewis and Ava have their happy ever after?

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Part 3: The Author of Saving The Blind Billionaire

Saving The Blind Billionaire Author

November is the author of Saving The Blind Billionaire. She has several books in Dreame such as The Lycan’s Abused Mate and Twice Rejected. Looking at her profile, it’s obvious that she writes to express her creative imagination and that is evident in her works. She particularly specializes in the romance genre.

Saving The Blind Billionaire was written in a simple manner, one in which the plot flow is easy to follow. Also, I can see that she had crafted best a male character lead which is typically perfect for the romance genre.

Also, the way she laid out the character’s description is charming to readers. We all want attractive main characters, but as for the author, she artistically did that. I like how she played with words on that part. I like how she structured the plot.

It’s slowly rising until we get to the turning point – Lewis’ accident, then the female lead was introduced, and some cliffhangers come after. I should say that’s effective to sustain the reader’s interest. If you’re a lover of the romance genre, then Saving The Blind Billionaire by November is a great recommendation.

Part 4: The Charm Of Saving The Blind Billionaire

Saving The Blind Billionaire Charm

Analyzing Saving The Blind Billionaire I should say that the title itself is promising. Looking at it then we can instantly guess this is some kind of romance drama. Its from weak to a strong, stranger to lovers theme was such a hook to readers. It’s charming not just because of the characters but of the elements of it.

Though outdated it may seem, a love story between a rich guy and a poor girl still has its appeal. And that’s what Saving The Blind Billionaire has, and to add more interesting elements, the male lead was a blind rich guy.

With all this kind of story build-up, Saving The Blind Billionaire would get your attention and curiosity, that’s why this novel earned many positive reviews and reads on Dreame. Saving The Blind Billionaire may look bland and common at first, but as you dive into the story you wouldn’t notice that you’re hooked.

Part 5: Recommending The Novel Saving The Blind Billionaire

Saving The Blind Billionaire Recommendation

Should I recommend Saving The Blind Billionaire? Absolutely! If you’re a lover of the romance genre, then this one’s for you. The vibes of this story, Saving The Billionaire is just enough. The conflict isn’t grave. The drama is enough, not heavy and tragic.

I think this is one great read too if you’re looking for a book that would ease your stress or boredom yet would thrill and make you fall in love at the same time.

Another thing I want to commend in this novel, Saving The Blind Billionaire, is how the male lead was crafted. You will love Lewis’s complex personality. You would hate him for his coldness and arrogance, yet you would pity him because he is blind. The author did good in leaving that kind of feeling to the readers.

So, if I intrigued you enough, then you can check Saving The Blind Billionaire in Dreame app.

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