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Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask

He knew her as not just a human, but as weak and fragile different from his type. He will never accept her as his mate, not because she is a human, but not his type, and he loves someone else and will make her his in rejected: The Alpha behind the mask.

Alpha Eric hated and rejected his mate the very day he set his eyes on her and would do anything to get her out of his life, but everything changed when he met her in a BDSM club and had to disguise himself in a mask. Eric had had enough of his Dad`s bullying because he didn’t have a mate. He knew his mate would come when the time is right, and right now he loves his girlfriend, and he is happy with her.

Part 1: Core story of Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask

Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask She Is Your Wife

His Dad was a jovial fellow, but whenever he gets angry, he sees a different person in him and really wants to avoid such a scene in Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask. When his father nagged about him, he usually ran his fingers through his hair in frustration and sat back on the couch, staring at him with an irritated look before speaking up.

His Dad wanted was for him to find his mate, he or she is his second half, and he can’t be a powerful Alpha without his mate. But didn’t want a mate, he was fine with Sophie, she has all he need in a woman.

Sophie is a gorgeous lady, no doubt, but she is not your mate, and that’s a fact. He thought if he didn’t have a mate. At least I could be with Sophie. But to his Dad, that’s not possible. The moon goddess gives every wolf a mate, and he was sure Eric have one. He just doesn’t want to find him or her. This has been a regular topic between Dad and him for the past seven years.

Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask Sick And Tired

He has been tormenting him about finding his mate, even when he knew he loved Sophie and was happy with her. Dad’s voice brought him back from my thoughts in rejected: The Alpha behind the mask. He had to lie he had a conference so he can escape his blabbering and lecturing.

He might be a different person to his dad, but to others, he was seen as a cold-blooded alpha. He don’t have many friends, and he was really okay with it. He picked up his phone and dialed Sophie’s line. It rang a few times before she picked up, she was home. He and his driver were close to Sophie’s apartment when he noticed his dad was calling, which made him wonder why he was calling.

He picked up the call and placed it on his ear but no one said anything until he was about to drop the call when a voice spoke. His father just had a heart attack right in a grocery shop and was taking him to a nearby hospital. Throughout the drive, he couldn’t get his thoughts over who she was, and why he reacted that way by just the mere sound of her voice.

Part 2: Free Chapters of Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask

Chapter 2 Of Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask

Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask Can`t Get Enough

The moment she heard those words from him in chapter 2 of Rejected: The Alpha behind the Mask, she felt her legs getting weak, and she couldn’t remove her gaze from him. She locked eyes with him and noticed the color of his eyes was getting darker, which scared the shit out of her.

She tried moving her gaze from him, but she felt intoxicated by it and couldn’t move an inch. He clenched his fist and made an animal-like sound she couldn’t understand or explain.

They stood there for a while staring at each other, until I saw him blink his eyes and moved away from me.

“Meet my son, Eric. Eric, meet Victoria, the young lady who saved my life.” The young man left the door and walked up to them but did not say a word.

”Nice to meet you.” She smiled at him and brought forth her hand to him for a handshake, but he ignored her, which made her awkwardly keep back my hand and smiled at his father.

”I just came back to check on you and will be taking my leave.” He said those words and quickly stood on my feet, wishing he could vanish away.

Chapter 3 of Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask

Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask I Am Gone

Eric watched her run out of the room like a scared chicken in chapter 2 of Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask, which angered him. How could his mate be this week? Not only was she a human, but she was also a freaking scared human who gets scared by a mere stare.

“What the hell.” He shouted at no one but Dad was in the room. “You should be ashamed of yourself, you just scared your mate away,” Dad spoke in a disappointed tone, which angered me the more. “She is not my mate.” He shouted in anger,

“Your wolf says otherwise.” dad replied,

In frustration, Eric took his seat. He closed his eyes to calm himself and all he could see were her beautiful set of brown eyes, which annoyed him.

”Now you know you have a mate, you must do everything to get her, she is your soul mate and your second half.” He got to his car and told his driver to take him to Sophie’s place because he knew she was the only one that can ease him at this moment.

Part 3: Conclusion of Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask

Rejected: The Alpha Behind the Mask Forever Together

Rejected: the alpha behind the Mask is a moving and inspiring novel that will stay with readers long after they have finished reading. It is a story about resilience, love, and the human capacity to overcome even the most difficult of challenges.

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