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Read The Fascinating Billionaire Romance Even After Death Novel Summary

Imagine your perfect life getting torn into pieces in a matter of days.

Even After Death Novel Summary is all about Olivia’s life. Her once-loving husband turns cold and on the same day, her father meets with an accident. She loses her child after her husband chooses to save his mistress.

Heartbroken Olivia proposes divorce in exchange for ten million to save her father. But soon her ex-husband is hit with jealousy as he decides to make her life hard.

;But this time around Olivia is going to make her abusers pay. Even After Death Novel is a romantic drama that you need to check out.

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Part 1: Even After Death Novel Summary

Even After Death Novel Summary Olivia And Ethan

Even After Death Novel Summary revolves primarily around Olivia and Ethan’s marriage that’s based on love, revenge, and secrets.

Olivia seemed to have a perfect husband who she had been married to for three years. He was loving, caring, and protective of her. She was soon expecting a child and she dreamed of starting a family with her husband Ethan.

But her life took a turn when her father met with an accident and went into a coma. Her family goes bankrupt. She finds her husband turning cold and abusing her. Instead of being with her, Ethan chooses his mistress Marina who’s also expecting.

Worse happens when Olivia and Marina both find themselves drowning. Ethan instead of choosing his wife, saves Marina. In the end, Olivia loses her child.

Even After Death Novel Summary Olivia Gets Divorced

Her life takes a turn as she finds out she has cancer. She struggles financially as her father needs surgery so she decides to give her husband what he always wanted which is freedom from her as she asks for divorce with ten million dollars alimony.

Ethan agrees and they part ways. Soon Olivia learns that the reason behind Ethan’s hatred is her father who was having an affair with his little sister who is dead now.

So Olivia takes matters into her own hands as she hires a private investigator. She seeks comfort with her friend Keith who is a doctor and helps her fight her cancer.

In the end, Olivia proves that her father is innocent as Ethan’s sister returns alive. But the couple has already Divorced. She’s sick and is trying to move on after a tormentous marriage that ruined her life over a misunderstanding and hatred she never deserved.

Even After Death Novel Summary Ethan Wins Olivia Back

But Ethan is not ready to let her go as she changes his ways and decides to fight back to win her. Seeing Olivia and Keith together Ethan is jealous and tries to keep men away from her. Ethan loved and loathed her so her absence hurt him the most.

Ethan’s complicated feelings prove his love for Olivia as he sees the truth and realizes his mistake.

Even After Death Novel Summary is about how Ethan wins his estranged wife Olivia back and both go on to find love again after a troubled marriage in the past.

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Part 2: Main Characters From Even After Death Novel

Even After Death Novel Summary Heroine Olivia

Even After Death Novel Summary Is Based On Female Lead Olivia

Olivia is a selfless and kind woman. She worries more about her family rather than herself. She’s compassionate and wants the best for people around her. But soon she experiences her life getting wrecked.

She struggles hard as she’s hit with cancer while her father is in a coma and urgent need of surgery. To make matters worse her husband chooses to protect his mistress rather than Olivia who’s carrying their child.

Her life is a rollercoaster. But Olivia never gives up. She fights back and she fights harder to not let her tormentor husband win. She proves that her husband is wrong and walks away like a queen.

Olivia is fierce, resilient, and strong. Her journey is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions that will stir us to see her happy.

Even After Death Novel Summary Hero Ethan

Even After Death Novel Summary Talks About Male Lead Ethan

Ethan is a successful business that’s wanted by many. He once loved Olivia, his wife. But he turns vengeful wanting to seek revenge on her as he believes Olivia’s father is the reason behind his sister’s death.

Ethan cares only about one thing and that is revenge as he leaves Olivia tormented. He makes her suffer. But in the end, he learns that Olivia’s family is innocent as his sister returns alive.

He made Olivia his scapegoat only to have her serve him divorce papers having enough of his brutality. But Ethan doesn’t want to let her go. He’s a jealous, possessive man. Hard to like but his character was compelling.

Part 3: Even After Death Novel Setting And Review

Even After Death Novel Summary Online

Even After Death Novel Summary is a billionaire romance that talks about Ethan and his wife Olivia. The novel is set in modern reality dealing with wealthy families and toxic marriages which readers find more connectable.

The reason for the novel’s popularity is how the story portrays the tragic life of Olivia and how she overcomes all the troubles to put herself first. Her characters’ growth plays a vital part in Even After Death Novel’s popularity.

Olivia is a doting wife and a daughter. But she is helpless when her father goes into a command her family goes bankrupt. Her loving husband starts to torment her and she loses her child.

Life couldn’t get worse for Olivia despite all this she learns the truth about how she’s battling Cancer. But her husband sides with his mistress. So Olivia decides to intervene and that is to choose Divorce.

Olivia tries to move on but her ex-husband makes it all difficult out of spite. Ethan doesn’t understand his feelings for Olivia as he hates her but also can’t bear to stay without her.

Even After Death Novel Summary is a compassionate, heartwarming romance that will keep us hooked with unexpected plot twists as Olivia takes on a journey of redemption as she decides to fight back.

She gets stronger and decides to pay back with sweet revenge against her ex-husband. But love is complicated for her as Ethan starts to win her back as he clears his misunderstandings.

Even After Death Novel Summary is based on a second chance at love and a kick-ass heroine trope set in the background of wealthy families making it one of the intriguing romances that you need to check out.

Part 4: Book Similar To Even After Death Novel

Even After Death Novel Summary Recommendation To Read More

If you can’t get enough of reading a second chance at romance like Even After Death Novel then you should check out Her Revenge For Divorce By Emmarentia Snyman.

Her Revenge For Divorce talks about Lina who has had the hardest life as she was hated by her father for her existence while she lost her mother during her birth. But her father married her off to Jack Adams.

Jack divorces Lina to marry Angela Summers upon his mother’s insistence. So to seek revenge Lina goes to a nightclub and sleeps with a stranger who turns out to be the most powerful CEO, Markus Green.

Ten years later Lina has successfully destroyed her ex-husband and his family for what they did to her. Markus is engaged to the woman he doesn’t love while he has been looking for the woman he slept with.

What happens when Markus meets Lina again? But Lina isn’t alone. She’s the mother of twins who is fathered by Markus.

Her Revenge For Divorce is book 4 of The Revenge Series which is highly praised by the readers for its unique portrayal of female characters who are fierce and competent as they find love with dominant heroes.

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