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Read The Most Awaited Even After Death Novel Ending

Even After Death novel ending raised the bar of happy ending in fiction novels as Olivia who was married to Ethan finally decides to divorce him and move on after years of torment and abuse.

Olivia doesn’t simply leave, but she proves that her husband is wrong and gets her perfect revenge as she battles cancer and tries to move on by not needing her billionaire husband.

Ethan gets jealous and tries to win Olivia back. Even After Death novel ending is dramatic filled with romance and crazy plot twists.

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Part 1: Even After Death Novel Introduction

Even After Death Novel Ending Olivia

Even After Death novel talks about Ethan whose on a mission of revenge against Olivia, his wife. Once he loved her and was a doting husband. But now he has turned cruel, and toxic and tries to hurt her at every given chance.

Meanwhile, Olivia learns that she’s suffering from cancer. But she worries about her father who is in a coma. She recalls how her husband Ethan chose to save his mistress instead of her when they drowned.

Olivia has already suffered a lot including losing her child. So she decides to divorce Ethan, ready to let him go so he can marry his mistress. But Olivia is curious to know the reasons behind her husband’s hatred for her.

Ethan finally gives in to Olivia’s demand and lets her know that he hates her for her father’s fault. Olivia’s father Jeff had an affair with Ethan’s sister. To save himself Jeff killed Ethan’s sister.

Ethan chose the path of revenge to avenge his sister’s death and his victim is his wife as he wants her to feel the pain he went through. But Olivia manages to prove that it’s all a misunderstanding.

Even After Death Novel Ending Review

Even After Death novel takes a turn as Ethan’s sister returns alive. Now Ethan is left with divorce papers signed by Olivia. On the other hand, Olivia is supported by her friend Keith who is a doctor and helps her with chemo to beat the cancer.

Olivia’s miserable life finally ends for good as she decides to cheat her family name and tries to settle the score with all the people who wronged her. And her revenge starts with her husband who used her as a pawn in his revenge game.

Even After Death novel ending shows how Olivia has managed to turn her life around and is now trying to move on after a hurtful marriage with Ethan. But Ethan is not ready to let go of Olivia as he tries to win her back.

Can the couple reunite after everything? Will Olivia best death to be with Ethan?

Even After Death novel ending gives a perfect climax for Olivia’s journey of redemption and it’s a story of love filled with hatred and a second chance at romance with the hope of a happy ending.

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Part 2: Let’s Check Out The Main Characters In Even After Death Novel Ending

Even After Death novel ending shows the journey of Olivia and her estranged husband Ethan. Let’s talk more about their character growth.

Even After Death Novel Ending Character Olivia

Olivia, the Kick-ass Heroine from Even After Death novel ending.

From empathizing with Olivia for her miserable life as she struggles financially to take care of her father to battling her sickness while her husband enjoys being with his mistress to a woman ready to challenge her husband we saw a fierce version of Olivia in the end.

She became confident as she tried to save her life after giving up on her marriage. Olivia learns that the reason behind her husband’s mistreatment is his misunderstanding which doesn’t even concern her.

But she was a victim of his revenge plan. Olivia puts her feelings aside as she makes the right decision to divorce her husband as she finds comfort in a new friend Keith. She turns her life around wholeheartedly.

Olivia’s character has the best transition. From a selfless young woman to a kick-ass heroine Olivia is a true heroine. In the end, she gives back the karma to all those who humiliated her and her journey is commendable.

Even After Death Novel Ending Hero Ethan

Ethan, The Anti Hero Husband From Even After Death novel ending

Ethan who thought he had figured a perfect revenge by tormenting his wife Olivia for her father Jeff’s mistake of killing his sister turns out to be a mistake which costs him dearly.

Olivia divorces Ethan not wanting to put up with him any longer. The man who was cruel to watch his wife suffer and lose their child gets a taste of his medicine as he’s left alone and Olivia moves on.

But he’s filled with jealousy and tries to win her. Ethan decides to change himself by learning from his mistakes.

Part 3: Why Are All Curious To Know About Even After Death Novel Ending?

Even After Death Novel Ending Curiosity

Even After Death novel is very popular among contemporary romance readers as we are hooked from the start as we follow Olivia who’s stuck in a toxic marriage as she learns the news of cancer.

But she still worries about her father who is in a coma as she fights hard to arrange money for his surgery while her husband is spending more and more time with his mistress.

Olivia’s character is vulnerable and broken as readers get to witness jaw-worthy plot twists including Ethan saving his mistress instead of Olivia who’s carrying his child.

At this point, we learn the truth about Ethan’s hatred towards Olivia and that has nothing to do with her. Ethan is taking revenge on Olivia for her father’s affair with his sister whom Ethan believes is dead.

The crazy twist in Even After Death novel ending is when Olivia proves her innocence and Ethan’s sister is found alive. Readers are curious to see what’s going to Olivia’s next step as she tries to move on.

Even After Death Novel Ending Popularity

Readers are amused by Ethan’s jealousy of seeing Olivia with other men. He tries too hard to win her back and the Even After Death novel ending gives us the perfect hope for a second chance at love.

But this time it will involve a great heart to forgive and accept Ethan after everything he has put Olivia through. Readers are curious to see if Olivia will forgive Ethan and get back to him or if will she choose Keith to move on forgetting all about her ex-husband.

Despite the story seeming too much as you get into it the storyline is perfectly structured making it an interesting romance read.

Part 4: Book Similar To Even After Death Novel

Even After Death Novel Ending Recommendation

If you are looking to read more novels similar to Even After Death then here’s my top recommendation that you shouldn’t miss.

The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife By Tatienne Richard

The novel begins with Mackenna who’s only nineteen years old when she meets Alessandro, the famous billionaire CEO of Giordano fashion house in Milan. But her perfect love story hits reality in a year into their marriage.

Alessandro hires a new model and soon begins with affair. So Mackenna gives an ultimatum to her husband to choose between her or his mistress.

But Alessandro refuses. To keep her self-respect and dignity while her husband is captured dancing with his lover Mackenna runs away to America hoping to restart.

Five years later she returns to Italy to seek Divorce from her possessive Italian husband who decides to not let her go.

The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife is a steamy billionaire romance that talks about a second chance in marriage as Mackenna and Alessandro set their differences aside to give their love a rekindling.

Currently, the novel has over 400 thousand reads making it one of the best-selling contemporary romances on Dreame.com.

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