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Read The Abandoned Wife Novel Review Free Online (Lucian and Roxanne)

Roxanne used to be a kind-hearted and gentle socialite when she married Lucian, her childhood crush. Little does the public know about her being The Abandoned Wife until her divorce from Lucian.

Since then, Roxanne has traveled to rebuild her identity and self-image. Countless men have lined up over her since then, yet, her daughter keeps telling her to remarry the “Daddy”.

How will Roxanne deal with her feelings when she encounters Lucian the second time?

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Part 1: The Core Summary Of The Abandoned Wife Novel

The Abandoned Wife Novel Free

Roxanne Jarvis is the name of the character in The Abandoned Wife novel who is currently under the supervision of Professor Harvey Lambert in a research lab in Yartran. She currently works there doing her research on traditional Chinese medicines, and sometimes, Archie and Benny, her genius sons, accompany her.

Archie and Benny might only be six-year-old children. However, their specializations are on par with adults. Archie can differentiate thousands of medicine herbs, demonstrate talents in the medical world, and know quite some things about investments. Meanwhile, Benny is an expert programmer and hacker.

Professor Harvey is proud of Roxanne’s accomplishments and her children’s competence. Let’s not forget countless men are lining over her. Roxanne is not only smart, confident, and independent. She is also blessed with good looks that match her compassionate ways of parenting her children.

The Abandoned Wife Complete Novel

Behind these achievements lie The Abandoned Wife identity, an identity Roxanne decided to leave behind six years ago. That time, she was the wife of Lucian Farwell, the handsome guy who also happens to be her childhood crush.

Unfortunately, Roxanne couldn’t transform Lucian’s heart into liking her despite all of the good things she had done and the second chances she had given to him. After all, Lucian wants to marry Aubree Pearson. So, Roxanne threw away the Divorce Agreement letter in his sleep and left Lucian’s residence afterward while carrying her twin sons.

Roxanne thought her daughter had died. However, a little mute lady surprises her upon her arrival in her home city thanks to Professor Lambert’s assignments to her. At the same time, Lucian and the bodyguard, the last men she wants to meet up with, are greeting her.

How will Roxanne’s second encounter with her ex-husband in The Abandoned Wife novel mend her heart? What if the mute girl was Roxanne’s daughter whom she forgot to take away in her runaway to Yartran? What if this girl missed her daddy so much?

Part 2: Meet The Main Characters Of The Abandoned Wife Novel

Roxanne Jarvis and Lucian Farwell

The Abandoned Wife Roxanne And Lucian

Lucian Farwell, the handsome and wealthy CEO in The Abandoned Wife novel, used to be Roxanne’s childhood crush until their marriage. Since then, Lucian never reciprocated Roxanne’s love. Instead, choking Roxanne to death after his much later waking-up times always comes first in Lucian’s mind when he marries Roxanne.

It caused Roxanne, The Abandoned Wife in this novel, to file a divorce without his knowledge and flee to Yartran afterward. Alas, Roxanne only remembers to bring her twin sons. She only reunites with her daughter after her Professor assigns her back to Chanaea, the city she used to reside in.

The Children

The Abandoned Wife The Children

The Children make their debut appearances in The Abandoned Wife Chapter 2. The author only mentions their birth times briefly in the first chapter. Reading only the first chapter will convince us that Estelle a.k.a. Essie, the daughter, has died, while in fact, Roxanne just forgot to bring Estelle with her in her panicky state. We will see Estelle’s appearance portions after Chapter 2.

Archie and Benny are six years old, and they are geniuses who have contributed to Professor Harvey Lambert’s research alongside their mother. Meanwhile, Estelle doesn’t speak at all in the first few chapters of The Abandoned Wife. All she does is to give Roxanne a clue about the “Daddy” through the scribbles. It could indicate her muteness or discomfort in Aubree’s presence.

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Part 3: Some Analysis About The Abandoned Wife Novel

The Abandoned Wife PDF Download

Nobody wants to return to a place where people get mistreated or even abused. I can identify with Roxanne’s feelings when her Professor assigns her back to her home city. It triggers her unwanted memories as The Abandoned Wife in her failed marriage with Lucian Farwell. I would object a little harder when I am in Roxanne’s position.

I could lose my job as a result. Yet, I also understand keeping up with the current job is the thing Roxanne wants to do to ensure her children’s growth. Archie and Benny’s extraordinary levels of geniuses wouldn’t develop that much if Roxanne was unemployed.

The Professor could have some connections to the Farwell Group’s personnel. Or, he could be an intuitive teacher, given that the traditional Chinese medicines are this Professor’s expertise, and it requires beyond-average levels of intuitiveness. Either way, Professor Lambert knows Roxanne’s unfinished businesses don’t only involve her ex-husband and his bodyguards, who still hunt her dead or alive.

Estella a.k.a. Essie becomes one of the key characters in The Abandoned Wife novel. She might look mute in Chapters 3 and 4 of The Abandoned Wife, as she only uses body language to deliver her messages. However, I doubt her muteness, and it could indicate her discomfort with being around Aubree for a long time. After all, Aubree is not her biological mother.

Based on my observations, it can also indicate Aubree is not a safe person to hang out with. Thus, Aubree’s presence intensifies the darkness levels in The Abandoned Wife novel.

Part 4: A Novel With Similar Story Elements To The Abandoned Wife

Similar To The Abandoned Wife Novel

The Abandoned Wife novel doesn’t only emphasize the power gaps between the previously-vulnerable female MC and her heartless CEO husband. Instead, it also tells stories about her journeys in liberating herself and leads her into the well-known Professor’s research lab, which becomes the place where she calls “home”.

I see the stories in The Abandoned Wife novel are interesting, even though it can be better when there are no assignments of returning to the “original” place. The dark aspects of this novel can also be improved. When the author properly executes these things, I am sure The Abandoned Wife novel will be a masterpiece.

Speaking about the alternative novel that fulfills such criteria while having similar storylines, why don’t we consider reading The Mafia’s Doctor?

When you read The Mafia’s Doctor, you will see the answers to: “What if Roxanne, who is now working in the medical field, was forced to nurse Lucian, who has likely become a powerful mafia, and that she never married this dangerous man?”


The Mafia’s Doctor tells stories about Elena a.k.a. Elle, a beautiful and brilliant trauma surgery doctor, who makes her way to her current position out of hard work. She has performed thousands of successful surgeries, and she leads the lab with a pure heart. Not to forget she has quite some connections apart from her best friend.

Elle’s encounters with Damian Moretti, a mafia leader who is also the hottest and richest bachelor in the city, force her to leave her surgery projects and connections behind. From now on, she is the only doctor to the mafia leader, who feels more than determined to make her Mrs. Moretti regardless of her attempts to object and resist him.

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