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Read Night Of Destiny Book by Vanessa. K

Looks and wealth are two superficial things that can trigger a woman’s insecurity. It goes for Anastasia Tillman of Night Of Destiny novel.

In Night Of Destiny novel, Anastasia’s stepsister and best friend have betrayed her. Now that she’s a successful woman, a mysterious man from her past insists on marrying her and offers her support in raising her son.

Who is this mysterious man? Is he after Anastasia’s wealth or heart and soul?

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Part 1: The Amazing Chapters Of Night Of Destiny Novel

Chapter 2

Night Of Destiny Novel Chapter 2

Hayley’s pranks and cruelty to Anastasia cause her to encounter another shocking fact about the man she and Erica have set Anastasia up. We can see Hayley’s shocked reactions in Night Of Destiny novel Chapter 2 when she figures out the man in Room 808 is Elliot Presgrave, the sole heir of the well-known Presgrave Corporation.

Nonetheless, Hayley’s play-victim tendencies have brought her success in convincing Elliot that she saved him by selling off his watch. At this point, Elliot believes Hayley by taking her to his villa to live with him and telling her he would repay her kindness. Hayley feels overjoyed as she figures out how to prevent Anastasia and her now four-year-old son from climbing her current level.

Chapter 13

Night Of Destiny Novel Chapter 13

A high-class jewelry fair in Night Of Destiny novel Chapter 13 involves the internationally-recognized FH Clothing Store. The President of Presgrave Corporation organizes this jewelry fair. This time, he doesn’t only invite Hayley, the woman who has tricked him into thinking about her victimized state. He also invites Anastasia.

Yet, Night Of Destiny novel Chapter 13 tells us both girls don’t know that Elliot invites them and not only one of them. So, Hayley is in a perfectly armed position when she hires the best make-up artist to make her look like a socialite. Hayley might be ready to “fight”, yet, Anastasia has Nigel of FH Clothing Store, who dresses her up in a beautiful, VIP-only banquet dress.

Chapter 14

Night Of Destiny Novel Chapter 14

Nigel’s touches on Anastasia’s appearance make Anastasia instantly become the jewelry fair’s queen. Night Of Destiny novel Chapter 14 describes the sixth seat should be Nigel’s, yet, Anastasia ends up sitting there. Not stopping there, Anastasia also has the chance to introduce herself to John Curtis, the President of Deluxe Incorporated.

Elliot happens to have his seat not far from Anastasia, and this thing in Night Of Destiny novel Chapter 14 is not a coincidence. The Presgrave Corporation intentionally sets the stage that way. On the other hand, Hayley holds to her delusional thoughts and feelings about Elliot, her boyfriend. Is it true that Anastasia can make herself Elliot’s wife in just one word?

Part 2: The Core Story Of Night Of Destiny Novel

Night Of Destiny Novel PDF Download

Room 808 doesn’t only become one of the crucial elements in Night Of Destiny novel. The private room also becomes the place where Anastasia Tillman’s life changes. She used to be a best friend of Hayley Seymour until that day when Hayley texts her that some men in Room 808 were about to molest her.

Watching a best friend getting tortured is always the last thing people would want to see, and Anastasia is not an exception. Just as she barged into the room and some groups of strangers were about to beat her, Hayley shows Anastasia her wicked smirks, telling her she was just playing games, and that Anastasia’s naivety is never her fault to begin with.

Hayley’s wicked strategies in throwing Anastasia to Room 808 and having her have forced sex with a stranger don’t only result in Anastasia’s pregnancy. Instead, it also results in Anastasia’s father disowning her. Then, Night Of Destiny novel tells stories of Anastasia’s encounters with two Asian bodyguards when she packs her bags and gets out of the house.

Night Of Destiny Novel PDF

The two men ask her questions about her late mother, who saved Old Madam Presgrave’s life a few years ago. Then, these men invite Anastasia to see Elliot Presgrave, the current heir to the Presgrave Corporation.

Anastasia is not in the mood to look for somebody. At least, that’s how she feels in the first chapter of Night Of Destiny novel. So, the two men proceed by looking for another girl’s identity. They finally agreed that Hayley, Anastasia’s ex-best friend, who sold the Young Master’s watch, was the Presgrave’s savior.

Knowing these things, the Presgrave men bring Hayley to Elliot’s villa to live with him. Meanwhile, Anastasia has to care for her four-year-old son by herself. What will happen in the Night Of Destiny novel when Elliot realizes all about Anastasia?

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Part 3: Some Analysis Of Night Of Destiny Novel

Night Of Destiny Novel PDF Free Download

Night Of Destiny novel is one of the most dramatic novels I’ve ever read, particularly in scenes and chapters that emphasize Hayley’s beyond-godlike capability of acting as the victim. Night Of Destiny novel might not have chapters that specifically tell the stories based on Hayley’s POVs. Yet, Hayley’s near-to-zero failure percentages have evoked many readers’ emotions.

I believe the author of Night Of Destiny novel has described Hayley’s play-victim tendencies and set-ups for Anastasia since the first chapter. “Anastasia, help! I’ve been molested at a club!” is a line that denotes Hayley’s flawless stage plays. She sounds vulnerable, yet, nobody knows if she used people’s vulnerability and friendship against them.

I can see from their dialogues that Anastasia and Hayley have established their friendship a few years before the core story of Night Of Destiny novel happens. So, it’s highly likely that the two girls share similar facial and bodily features. Otherwise, I would see other reasons why the Presgrave men turn to Hayley after they have failed to bring Anastasia to their Young Master.

At some points of reading the stories in Night Of Destiny novel, I get the impression that Chapter 2 could happen before Chapter 1. After all, the second chapter is a happy ending story for Hayley Seymour, the main antagonist of this novel. When we reversed the order, we would see the likelihood of Hayley’s attempts to fool Elliot and the Presgrave men.

Night Of Destiny novel has many emotional and dramatic moments that we can re-read as many times as we wish. Yet, I can see room for improvement in some scenarios, including the announcement of Anastasia’s pregnancy in this novel’s early chapters.

Part 4: An Alternative To Night Of Destiny Novel That You Can Read

Alternative To Night Of Destiny Novel

Night Of Destiny novel is full of wealthy businesspeople as the MCs and antagonists, and it can inspire us to read more portions of their stories. As we indulge ourselves in the chapters of Night Of Destiny novel, we might wonder, who will go to this place over the next chapter? What will happen next when this character influences another character with their wealth?

Hayley Seymour becomes one of the pivotal characters in Night Of Destiny novel. She might be one of the most annoying characters with her consistently coy demeanors to Elliot. However, her dramatic play-victim parts are things that keep the readers of Night Of Destiny novel on fire.

Another thing that I think we can note about Night Of Destiny novel is that we can find a novel with an extremely similar core story to the ones we’ve just read in this novel. Mind you, even the characters’ names, places, and other elements are the same! The title is My Baby’s Daddy.


In My Baby’s Daddy novel, Anastasia Tillman never thought Hayley Seymour, her long-time best friend, would set her up to rob her virginity through a messaging trap that leads Anastasia to a bunch of ravenous men in Room 808. Anastasia feels perplexed when Hayley appears with Erica Tillman, her stepsister, with a wicked smile and speaks to her mockingly.

Five years later, two butlers from the Presgrave Corporation approach Anastasia, telling her about their Young Master, Elliot Presgrave. Elliot has been looking for the woman who saved his life five years ago in Room 808. Yet, things are not always sweet, as struggles and challenges wait for Elliot and Anastasia.

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