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Read Now: Bride of Mr. Billion Free PDF

Regarding Raze bride of Mr. billion, a covert billionaire who can have everything he wants but still feels unsatisfied and is driven to seek it out. When his brother was killed in an accident and his parents placed all the responsibility on him, he lost his grin. That is also his loss. He is the owner of Techno, a game developer, a liquor firm, and the clothes and investment industries.

Every female wants a man to like him, but I think he’s numb for a few reasons, whereas Catherine is on the correct track. a young woman who, despite her difficulties, chooses to be content and enjoy life. A typical provincial girl who strives for advancement while really enjoying life.

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Part 1: Bellas POV on Bride of Mr. Billion

Bellas POV Bride of My Billionaire

In the novel Bride of Mr. billion, I am going to briefly explain Bell’s point of view in the first chapter. It was a lavish hotel suite. The untidy sheets, undergarments, clothing, and shoes on the carpet glistened in the early morning sun. My lower body started to ache as I peered down at the obvious kiss marks on the nude torso beneath the comforter.

All of this brought back the intensity of our conversation from last night with the odd man. A few memories raced into my thoughts as I clutched my long hair. Nearly all of them showed me being beaten and squeezed under the man’s body. Perhaps I should go right immediately before he finds me.

I got out of bed, dressed, grabbed my luggage, and made my way to the door. However, the restroom door suddenly swung open. An attractive man emerged from the restroom. He had a lovely face and long, golden hair. One could just make out his gorgeous and powerful chest muscles through the loose bathrobe he was wearing.

I shook my head and willed myself to put those images out of my mind. I tried to fan myself with my palms to cool down as quickly as possible, but it did no good. The man’s performance was remarkably calm in comparison to my agitation. I felt as though he was inspecting every inch of me as I looked at him as if I were a commodity.

Before he could, I quickly removed the meager 150 bucks from my backpack and put them on the bed sheet. I pretended to be calm as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

Although you are extremely gorgeous, your physical strength is not great and your abilities are bad, so it’s just worth a little money, I replied as I raised an eyebrow at him. I intentionally stated that. After all, I didn’t want to reveal that I was now poor to a man who intended to humiliate me.

Part 2: Why Bella Regrets One-night Stand on Bride of Mr. Billion

Why Bella Regret her one night stand?

Bella regrets herself for that night because she was not aware of his position and she start yelling at him and paid him for a night while he was quietly listening to her and never said a single word despite the fact that she was misbehaving with him.

I refrained from pausing. I went faster. I can’t even compete with him in terms of strength. Thankfully, the man did not follow. I was still terrified when I left the motel. I touched my thumping heart.

Thankfully, I moved quickly enough. In the future, I wouldn’t interact with that man in any way. I no longer had to be concerned about him. This made me feel more at ease. I went to the workplace after eating breakfast. I got a call from my mother Susan in the middle. In the future, I wouldn’t interact with that man in any way. I no longer had to be concerned about him.

This made me feel more at ease. I went to the workplace after eating breakfast. I got a call from my mother Susan in the middle. Uncle John turns 60 years old today. The Conrad Hotels will be the site of our supper. You must go. She is unwilling to go there.

My father cheated on my mother and me, and I’m an adult. I’ve never been able to forgive him. This novel bride of Mr billion is engulfing more exciting twists keep reading more.

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Part 3: Twist in Bride of Mr. Billion

Twist in Bride Of Mr Billionaire

In the bride of Mr. billion a shocking twist comes when Bella went for a job and she finds a man with whom she slept was her boss. I paid $150 on a prostitute’s services for one night. He is the new boss. That’s crazy to me! How oddly coincidental. What I said to the boss came to mind. I stated that I wanted him to sell at a reduced price since his talents weren’t excellent enough.

God, help me! Why do I have to say that? Would he dismiss me if he knew I was there? No, you can’t fire me! My sister and mother still require my assistance. Settle down! I needed to relax! I attempted to remain cool while taking a few deep breaths, but my legs continued to shake. I took a quick peek at the man seated in the front to make sure he wasn’t casting an eye my way. I was then rather relieved.

All I could hope for at the time was that Herbert Wharton, the company’s CEO, had never seen me. He probably missed me since there were so many people in the meeting room. It was painful for me every minute and every second. As the conference ended, it appeared like things were going better than I had anticipated. It seems like Herbert had missed seeing me.

I snuck out of the meeting room. When I got back to the workplace, I went straight to Joey and told her what had happened. Joey gave me a startled expression. To have slept with the boss is such a blessing. I’m terrified that he’ll terminate me in retaliation for me.

I still must care for my mother and sister. No way can I lose my job. I was really insane. Once more, I felt guilty. Why did I sleep with him for one night only? I gave him $150 for what reason? And why did I mock him for his lack of talent?

Part 4: Final Summary

I would summarize this book bride of Mr. billionaire with my final thoughts. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Bella and Herbert. This story has great plotting and shaped every character with full of excitement that a reader surely will enjoy this novel. A one-night stand makes her regret her life and later their regrets and anger change into love.

Her response to his harsh tone and provocative statements was, “It appears that Herbert’s private life is likewise quite wealthy!” We’re virtually the same, she said to herself.

You are a playboy if I am a dissolute woman and vice versa. When she attempted to jog Herbert’s memory about that one-night encounter, his demeanor once more turned quite hostile. My supervisor seems to be upset with me once more.

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