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Read I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up

When Abigail Marie Fuentebella of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel get wind of her boyfriend and half sister’s engagement, nothing can prevent her from raising hell. If she’s been denied of happiness, why should she watch them have the last laugh? Everyone must be miserable. No one’s allowed to be different.

Her first step for the revenge is to cause an uproar and embarass the whole family. She flirted with the most gorgeous man she saw at the wedding, believing he’s an influential man. Her plan backfired when she finds out he’s just a mere waiter and nothing sort of the rich man she envisioned.

Find out how Abigail will get through of the mess she created in I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel!

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Part 1: The Cast of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up As Introduced

Abigail Marie Fuentebuella

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up - Abigail Marie

Abigail Marie Fuentebuella is the main heroine of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel. She’s feisty, reckless and a hopeless romantic. Ever since her mother met a tragic end, she’s been dying to feel love and be cared by someone. His father’s too selfish to do that. Instead of acting up as her father and be there for her, he pursued his own happiness. He married Karen who’s also a single mother and took them in their household, not even giving Abby a chance to profess her opinion for that.

Because of her father’s detachment and egocentrism, Abby had no choice but to endure the evilness of her step mother and step sister. For the following years, Abby became a victim of torture, gaslighting, and manipulation. All had been orchestrated by Karen and her daughter. Little by little, the rift that had already evolved between Abby and her father expanded even further. As a result, he stayed blind with the cheating of Justin and Alice, even becoming their matchmaker. In his mind, Abby is the spoiled and idiotic daughter who doesn’t deserve any ounce of happiness and attention.

Her broken heart motivated her to be desperate. As a result, she became entangled with Lucas Wright who presented himself as a waiter to hide his true identity. Money and status never mattered to Abby. But as soon as she found out Lucas’ real name and position in the society, she couldn’t help but to feel intrigued and interested.

Lucas ‘Lucy’ Wright

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up - <br />Lucy Wright

Introduced as LAM on the first half of the story, Lucas or Lucy Wright is the male protagonist of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel. He already showed up from brie’s previous stories. He came from a multi-billionaire family and by acting up as poor, he was able to enjoy life and see the world in a different point of view. His adventures led him to meet Abby and never did once he felt obligated to make a woman happy.

Polite, humble and extremely good-looking, Lucy is the most loveable character in the story and it’s no wonder why!

Part 2: Sample Hot Chapters Of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook-Up


Now that you have been acquainted with the delightful characters of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel, it’s about time to let you peek on the highlights of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up free chapters online. You’re free to access them by reading Abigail and Lucy’s story directly. But if you’re still in doubt if they’re worth the time, read these sample chapters first and you’ll find yourself enlightened in no time!

Chapter 1

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up - Justine's Engagement

In I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Chapter 1, Abigail fumes silently as she watched her half-sister boldly claiming the hand of her boyfriend without a single care of what she might feel for it. She just returned from abroad. To see them together was the last thing she’d want to see. How could the man she trusted and loved betray her like this? Worse, she’s done it with her step sister who’s as evil and manipulative as satan would be! Was he framed and forced into agreeing or was marrying off her sister had been his ulterior motive all this time?

Abigail’s mind is too blank, too cloudy to answer any of these question. Her father isn’t helping either. Instead of explaining and comforting, he insulted her and blamed her for what’s happening. In a moment of despair and hopelessness, Abby flirted with a man looking so magnificent in the crowd. She became a laughingstock when the man revealed he’s just a waiter, waiting to serve orders.

Chapter 3

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up - The Kiss

In I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Chapter 3, Abigail stood on her ground. She didn’t cave in when all of the guests made fun of her by choosing a man far more inferior than her. Captivated by the waiter’s beauty and wit, she can’t stop herself from advancing more. Soon as they’re alone, she kissed and cuddle him. The man welcomed her openly. His submissiveness ignited the sleeping fire in her, making her want for more other than a kiss. Who is this man and why is he so addicting?

Part 3: Introducing the Creator of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook-Up and a Recommendation from Dreame

R.C.BRIE15 is the pen name of the author behind I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel. She began writing several years ago with the intent of providing herself the amusement she can’t find on the books she has read. As with other writers who started from scratch, R.C.BRIE15 is also a fan of romance books. Her love for such literary pieces resonated with the stories she has written online and you don’t need to be a critic not to notice that.

Her unique style of writing has been unleashed on her several major works such as One Night With Blaze, My Prince Alpha Beast, The CEO’s Ten Million Dollar Wiife and of course, her recently updated story, I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel. All of which gained positive feedbacks and high ratings over the course of years since they’ve been released. Her genre is romance but she spiced it up by diving into its three different sub-genres: thriller romance, billionaire romance and werewolf romance. She’s not afraid to discuss topics that might raise some eyebrows, making use of her talent as a platform to voice out her satirical opinions and observations in today’s modern society.

Allow authors such as R.C.BRIE15 to be an influence. Follow and download the Dreame app and you’ll meet thousands of creators there, unique in their own ways and executive bearers of magical stories to tell.

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