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One Night Stand With My Enemy By Jeanre Putter Read Online Free

On the surface, One Night Stand With My Enemy by Jeanre Putter appears to be just like a no-nonsense, fast-paced enemies-to-lovers story. Gwyn and Gareth’s dynamics made it seem as though the focus will be only on the romance and nothing else.

Beneath the quirky, aggressive tone of One Night Stand With My Enemy novel lies a deep, gloomy voice that represents the tragic definition of love in our modern society today. Loving someone can be addicting, but it can be destructive, too.

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Part 1: What’s It About?

One Night Stand With My Enemy novel starts off with its main character, Gwyn (not with an ‘e’ but a ‘y’), getting her heart ripped open by a wedding that she was supposed to be the bride.

Once upon a time, Gwyn was a lovely, confident, soft-spoken college girl of Stanford University. She moved to US after being considered as ‘too much’ for Oxford and unfitting to their customary beliefs. Needless to say, Gwyn is extremely intellectual and bright for her age. Just by looking at her and listening to her words, anyone could assume she’d do well in the future. Studying in Standford benefitted her greatly. She was able to enlarged her knowledge and gathered some experiences that would be of use once she’s out to the real world.

One Night Stand With My Enemy-Garreth and Gwyn

She also met Luke, the cheerful, laid-back student who’s always late to class. His air of nonchalance to serious matters and friendliness to those precious for him captured Gwyn’s heart. And right then and there, they became more than friends. Well, not technically, because no confession has been made. Their differences clicked, and Gwyn’s college life has become the most precious stage of her life that she’ll never forget.

But life, as always, knows how to teach people the cruelest way. Gwyn and Luke’s gradually grew apart. She moved to London in the hopes to subdue her growing feelings for Luke. But Luke got mysteriously cold and distant, she was forced to come back and see what had gotten into him. When she came back, she didn’t expect to see him, being loved by someone else. And close to marrying, too!

Disenchanted and remorseful, Gwyn began to question her reality. All her life, she’s been the sweet, innocent, and bright girl that everybody wanted. Why is it when it was her turn to ask for something, fate didn’t allow her?

The day of the wedding, Gwyneth pledged to herself. She’ll stay away from the image she had been taking care of. It’s all a mess, anyway. Why would she dare to go back and live normally again?

Her desperation led her to be involved with Garreth (the main hero of One Night Stand With My Enemy) Luke’s best friend, and her nemesis. Out of Luke’s close friends, Garreth is the only one to have reached her list of enemies. He’s unpredictable, cold, and brutal. His bluntness and cruelty doesn’t match his godly-like appearance. She doesn’t know why but Garreth has always been the one who can ruin her mood just by speaking. She doesn’t like his overall character, and neither does he. If there’s something they can agree with peacefully, that is to annoy the hell out of one another.

But on the night Luke married, their on-going battle has temporarily ceased. Mysteriously, his company was better than any of the attendees.

A moment of repulsion and they kissed in the middle of the dance. Luke saw them, and he was fast as lightning to question that. At that moment, Luke also discovered Gwyn’s feelings. But Gwyn was too dispirited to even entertain Luke’s inquiries.

Six months later, Gwyn and Garreth met again. Gwyn stayed true to herself. She took a job on a strip club where Garreth found her. They reconnected, and little by little, the bad blood that had been consistently separating them turned into something else. Their kiss months ago obviously left an impression. Gwyn began to see Garreth in a different light, and he’s starting to become comfortable around her, too.

With their connection becoming increasingly powerful, will Gwyn finally let Garreth be part of her life? Or will he remain as a stranger who’s only duty is to please her sexually and provide temporary entertainment?

Part 2: Free Exciting Chapters of One Night Stand With My Enemy

One Night Stand With My Enemy -The Dance

Chapter 1

In One Night Stand With My Enemy Chapter 1, Gwyn is silently suffering as she watches the love of her life be wedded to someone else. Unable to wrap her mind around the fact that she isn’t the bride, Gwyn could only cry in silence, becoming the only miserable one amidst the cheering crowd. She thought her suffering would go unnoticed but Luke’s best friend, Garreth knew her far too long to not know she’s unhappy with it.

Chapter 3

In One Night Stand With My Enemy Chapter 5, miserable Gwyn takes the stage with Garreth. The music is too solemn and sweet, it’s moved Gwyn to temporarily consider Garreth as a different man, far from the asshole he’s always been. They suddenly kissed, and all of the attendees dancing nearby halted in silence. One of them is Luke who didn’t hesitate to confront them by what they did. Gwyn tries to defend Garreth from Luke’s foul mouth but soon as Garreth speaks, she instantly regretted it.

Garreth just revealed the secret she’s been planning to take to her grave. Gwyn lost interest and ran away, ashamed that Luke had to hear it from someone else. Luke then chases her but Gwyn is too tired, too numb to deflect everything that Garreth said.

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Part 3: Thoughts on One Night Stand With My Enemy and Another Recommendation

One Night Stand With My Enemy by Jeanre Putter is a book that you can finish in one sitting. Not just because the words used and the author’s writing style is easy to digest, but the pace of the novel is understandbly fast, too. One Night Stand With My Enemy novel has only fifty-plus chapters so you don’t have to endure hundreds, if not thousands, before you reach the climax. The plot thickens in every chapter (which is something that you don’t encounter often), and there are no unnecessarry details or information that had been hammered in to fill up space. The author knew how to do her job, and she delivered it exquisitely.

One Night Stand With My Enemy novel is definitely a recommendable book. It’s engaging, thrilling and gut wrenching. Gwyn and Garreth’s tension all throughout the novel was highly addicting. It’s impossible to get enough of it. Once you read it, you’ll never be able to recover from its goodness.

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