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No Longer Hallucinating: Once Rejected Twice Desired Novel Read Online

Having an Alpha blood, being content in living an independent life, and looking fierce yet dreamy all the way: Nothing screams less than “meant for greatness” in Alaia Noel Miller’s life.

Romance is Alaia’s only weakness. Alaia has an unpleasant cheating and rejection experience from the man who lives with her. Knowing those weaknesses, Alaia treads carefully to anything romantic.

What will happen when Alaia meets her second-chance mate at her birthday celebrations?

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Part 1: The Main Story Of Once Rejected Twice Desired Novel

Once Rejected Twice Desired Novel

Once Rejected Twice Desired is about Alaia Noel Miller, the Alpha’s daughter from the Opal Moon pack. Alaia has many stunning physical, mental, and emotional characteristics due to her noble status as an Alpha’s daughter. For instance, her hourglass-shaped figure is a result of her mom’s decent genetics.

Alaia knows to enjoy life and socialize with her brother and other peers. Like most Alpha’s daughters, Alaia is well aware of the werewolf’s hierarchy. She might be physically strong, yet, she also acknowledges her other peers who might be more powerful than her.

Romance never crosses Alaia’s mind unless she dreams about it. Who else, if not Alexi, the guy who lives with her despite not having any relationship ties?

Unfortunately, in Once Rejected Twice Desired novel, Alexi proves to Alaia and the readers his infidelity. Alexi doesn’t only break Alaia’s imagination of having lovey-dovey moments with him. He also has called his mistress the wrong name. Such acts drive Alaia crazy, and Alaia freaks out even more when she realizes it is her 18th birthday.

In Once Rejected Twice Desired, Alaia’s mother invites four Alphas from other werewolf packs: Alpha Xander Black of the Blue Moon pack, Alpha Elijah Roland of the Red Sky pack, Alpha Jackson Beck of the Crescent Moon pack, and Alpha Julien Grey of the Crystal Moon pack.

Who will Alaia choose? Who will dedicate their heart to this fierce but fun-to-be-around Alpha’s daughter? Or will Alaia choose to be with her best friend’s mate instead?

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Part 2: The Coolest Chapters Of Once Rejected Twice Desired Novel

Chapter 1: It’s My Birthday?

Once Rejected Twice Desired Chapter 1

An 18th birthday celebration always becomes a crucial moment for all she-wolves. In this once-for-a-lifetime moment, a she-wolf will develop the smelling abilities to recognize the mate. However, Alaia Noel Miller, the Alpha’s daughter of the Opal Moon pack, is oblivious to anything about celebrations and romances.

All she knows about is just a series of physical training sessions with her other siblings. So, worse scenarios begin to overflood in Alaia’s mind. She starts worrying about her “what-ifs” about her mate. Alaia’s mother’s set-ups with four different Alpha men don’t help her move on from her imagination about Alexi, the man who lives with her!

Chapter 2: Moth To A Flame

Once Rejected Twice Desired Chapter 2

Alaia shares her worries with Jordyn, her best friend, in Chapter 2 of Once Rejected Twice Desired. Even though Alaia is the Alpha’s daughter, I admire the humbleness she shows in this chapter. She acknowledges Jordyn’s physical prowess. Plus, she doesn’t engage in unnecessary fights.

At the same time, Alaia’s imagery of Alexi is still unavoidable. She feels lustful every time she sees Alexi in front of her. In Once Rejected Twice Desired Chapter 2, Alaia is still unaware Alexi is not into any individuals but himself.

Chapter 6: Rejected

Once Rejected Twice Desired Chapter 6

When I read Chapter 6 (title: “Rejected”) in the Once Rejected Twice Desired novel, I saw that Alaia and Jordyn found their mate. Jordyn’s mate is Aaron, Alexi’s best friend. Meanwhile, Alaia, our female MC, can’t stop squealing when she knows the dreamy-looking Alexi is her mate. So, Alaia instantly says “yes” to Alexi’s request of bedding her.

Alaia still feels overjoyed, to the point Alexi’s rejection sentences drive her to the “jump-scare” mode. Yet, Alaia is still the Alpha’s daughter, while Alexi is just a Beta. That’s why she accepts the rejection without feeling the excruciating pain that other she-wolves often experience. I wonder when Alaia will follow her best friend’s steps to romantic happiness.

Part 3: Some Impressions Of Once Rejected Twice Desired

Once Rejected Twice Desired Free

Indulging ourselves in a romantic fantasy isn’t only something a teenage girl would do. Even the most formidable and independent-looking girls would have clingy times when it comes to their dream guy. I see such patterns in Alaia, especially in the first few chapters of Once Rejected Twice Desired.

For a girl like Alaia, rejection is a catalyst for growth. I can imagine myself being in Alaia’s shoes and experiencing the rejection from Alexi, a guy whom Alaia used to love dearly. Alaia always indulges in her imagination about Alexi. You’ll see this pattern in the first two chapters. The big problem here is, that Alaia denies the reality.

Once Rejected Twice Desired isn’t only about a male werewolf rejecting his mate because of his mate’s weakness or that he’s just an unfaithful man. While it’s true Alexi flirts and cheats with other women, it’s not his reason to reject Alaia.

Once Rejected Twice Desired Online

When we re-read Alexi’s rejection sentence in Once Rejected Twice Desired Chapter 6, we’ll see the “future Beta of the Opal Moon pack” part after Alexi’s full name. It means Alexi feels inadequate that his mate is the Alpha’s daughter. That’s why he wants Alaia to set him free.

The four guys in Chapter 3 of Once Rejected Twice Desired also serve as the “entertainers” in this novel. Had I been in Alaia’s position, I would consider any of these four guys, especially when they have the potential to form alliances with the Opal Moon pack. Yet, none move Alaia’s heart and fantasy world until Aaron steps in.

Alaia’s relationship with Aaron, Alexi’s best friend, is yet another massive problem I see in Once Rejected Twice Desired. Aaron’s mate is Jordyn, Alaia’s best friend. What happens when Aaron starts to fall for Alaia, whom Alexi has rejected? Will Jordyn call her best friend bad names, such as a man-stealer? Well, only time will tell!

Part 4: Why People Love To Read Once Rejected Twice Desired

Once Rejected Twice Desired Online Free PDF

Imagination is more than just a creative process. Not many people are willing to delve deeper into their dark fantasy world, even though the underworld of a human’s psyche exists. You will see such themes as you read more portions of Alaia’s romantic imagination indulgences in Once Rejected Twice Desired novel.

Once Rejected Twice Desired will open your eyes to the rich fantasy world and invite you to embrace your mind power. Rejection doesn’t faze Alaia. She will get up and become mentally and emotionally stronger. Eventually, Alaia learns her imagination is okay, and she recognizes her mind’s power. At the same time, she also takes time to enjoy what life offers her in terms of her romantic life.

Once Rejected Twice Desired is also a novel for you to read more portions about a Beta male werewolf. So, have you ever wondered what it is like for a Beta male werewolf to lead his future pack? What about the Alpha “having some great naps” to entrust it all to the promising-looking Beta male werewolf? How will the Beta male werewolf deal with his self-confidence issues?

You will find those answers when you read Once Rejected Twice Desired on the Dreame platform!

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