Possessive Billionaire Mr. Jones


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I continue to stare at those deep ocean blue eyes, "Of all the women you could have chosen to be interested in you choose me? Why? I'm broken and can never be fixed. You have everything you wanted, I'll never have at least one thing, to be loved," my voice cracked, "I'm just your assistant, nothing more."

Anger and hurt were written all over his face, it scared the shit out of me, He took a step forward closer towards me, as he was now just inches away from my pale face.

"Because your mine!" He growls, "I'm interested in you because your mine goddamnit when I first laid eyes on you, I knew something was special about you, you are beautiful and gorgeous, I loved the way you are. You help me see the light, you brought back the real me in reality, I realized I was into, nothing else matters to me but you." He creases my cheek gently, "I'm falling in love with you."
 Emma Swan works for the StoryBrooke Incorporated as an assistant for her boss Mr. Nolan. He's like the father figure to her. After working with Mr. Nolan he drops bad news, telling Emma that he will be leaving the building and handing it over to his good friend - Mr. Jones.

Although Emma is devasted about the news she stays and works alongside her new boss Killian.

He gives her a hard time, but she soon gets used to his cocky and possessive side.

Since meeting him has been nothing but trouble, but together they try to help each other out through tough times. Learning about Jones, she finds out he's as broken as so she. Together they stand as one.


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Chapter 50 | Help, Someone

Killian's POV

I managed to snatch my coat from the rack while slipping on my shoes before grabbing my keys from the table and head out to my car without tripping on my own two feet. I wasn't completely sober but enough to know what I am doing and remember every second.

Slamming my car door shut after I'd gotten in I pulled ou……

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