Bad Sex: His uncle's mistress

Alle Adames

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*updates everyday and back to Bad Sex* Alessa is sent by her fiancé to his Uncle Brian’s bed. Shocked and disgusted, she tries to escape but he doesn’t give up so easily… At the same time, Kevin, Alessa’s childhood sweetheart arrives out to save her from the abyss but soon the three of them are pulled into a whirlpool of power, money, love and desire.

Thanks so much for loving my book Bad Sex! I am so flattered for all your comments and support. Love you all, my dear readers. Please support my other ongoing story What a Dominant Master!, a love story between a thief and a gangster!


Tags: age galove-trianglepossessivearrogantmanipulativegoodgirlCEObossbillionairebxg
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Looking at Mandy’s familiar but distorted face, Alessa felt angry and a little sad.

"We are cousins, and we are all Schultz. Our fathers were brothers. Besides our parents, we are the dearest person to each other in the world, why do you treat me like this? You took away my fiancé, and now you try to kill me by such extreme means! I wonder……

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