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Bad Sex: His Uncle’s Mistress

Blurb of Bad Sex: His uncle’s mistress

The day Isabel fled her wedding turned out to be a nightmare she will always have.

She was previously duped by Noah, who persuaded her to abandon her husband Howard and flee the wedding after discovering his infidelity. However, Noah then revealed his true nature and used her as his scapegoat, leading to her death in prison from unrelenting resentment.

God offered her a second chance to be born again, and when she realized that only her husband Howard truly loved her, she decided to make every effort to hold onto that love.

Bad Sex: His uncle’s mistress Chapter 1

A Five-star hotel, Los Angeles, California

The pool glistened under the translucent glass dome. It was silent other than the soft lapping of water, the hotel bright and vacant.

Crouched half-naked, Alessa had woken moments ago in the tan recliner by the poolside, her whole body aching. Sitting up, she’d glanced down and her blood-soaked thighs and hardly believe what had happened to her.

Earlier, her fiancé, Jose, had asked her to deliver some documents to the hotel where he was working. She remembered pacing into the room and being wrestled from behind, her mouth being smothered and lapsing unconsciousness. After that, it became fuzzy, like some erotic dream, in which she was surrounded by a man’s breath, shackled by his strong arms, contorted around his torso and used like a toy to satisfy his desires. She’d felt herself open up to him, her body ravished and pulsating; a burst of pain as he pushed himself into her as she cried out. And this man, the one in her dream – it wasn’t Jose, her fiancé.

But now, looking between her blood-stained thighs, her body a mesh of aches and sores, she knew it hadn’t been a dream.

Why? She thought. She gathered her knees up to her chest, watching the sunlight dance on the water. How could this happen in broad daylight? Her mind wandered. Should I call the police? Or… Preserve evidence?

Yes, evidence. She’d need to preserve her body; aching; bitten; bloodied and stained – keep it in a zip-lock bag and use it to punish the man who had done this to her. As her mind raced, the floor-to-ceiling glass doors creaked open.

She glanced up – a tall and handsome stranger stepped in, a white towel slung over his shoulder, water dropping from the ends of his raven black hair, his exquisite features presenting a noble temperament. His deep grey eyes moved to focus on her and like sparks shocked her.

That’s him! She thought, raising to her feet, unsure which direction to take. It was you who did this to me! She felt white hot anger rise in her chest at the injustice and humiliation of it all and her body pulled her towards him. She pounced to him like a bristling cat:”You… you asshole!” She said, clawing at his face.

He grabbed her by the arm and lifted her up and away from him. The heat from his body made her breathless; his voice was like grit and gravel before a landslide, mingled with extreme displeasure:”Me?” His mouth split onto a broad-toothed smile.”Why? It was Jose who sent you to me.”

Two hours before, Brian had and his nephew, Jose, had successfully settled a business deal at their family hotel. After the new partners left, Jose took two glasses of merlot to celebrate, chiming glasses with his uncle, Brian. Brian upended his glass and instantly felt his body ignite with a burning passion. His nephew smiled at him and invited his assistant to take Brain back to his room by the pool.

Feeling dizzy, he was surprised when he went into his room and spied a familiar, slender figure, sprawled on his bed. She was the girl he had once seen on Jose’s phone, he realized. At that time, he’d made a concerted effort to shown little interest in her. She was beautiful but didn’t want to tangle emotions with business. Did his nephew think he was interested in his fiancé? Had he sent her as a gift?

He realized now that, standing in front of this spited girl; of course it had been Jose’s idea, the i***t. He’d drugged them both and let them go at it. But why?

He told her.

Alessa shivered, tears filling her eyes.”What? It can’t be,” she said, cowed into silence.”Why would he do-” She gestured at them with sweeping arms,”this? I’m his fiancé!” The last word tasted bitter in her mouth now, like rotten fruit.

“Jose’s fiancé?” Brian frowned with and his thin lips twisted into a smile.”I had no idea,” he said, holding up his hands. This guy was really something, he thought, just a glance at her on his phone, and then Jose presented her to me bound, gagged and naked. Brian gazed at Alessa and said, drily,”It’s true, believe it or not.”

Reality hit her like a high speed train. She felt herself being knocked of balance and then falling into a deep abyss. Anger, sadness, embarrassment… they swelled within her and threatened to undo her at the seams. She glared at him, fists clenched, feet unmoving.

Her fiancé had sold her off like a slave to Brian and he’d eaten her up like a box of chocolates, she thought. The bastard. She needed to leave, she knew. Get as far away from this man as she could.

He noticed her turning her head, looking to run like a wounded beast. She’d go straight to the police, Brian knew, and she couldn’t be allowed to do that. In one swift motion, he scooped her up in his arms and lifted her over the pool.

“What the f**k are you doing?” she gasped, surprised by how easily she was overcome.”Let me go! Let me go! LET ME GO!” Alessa screamed, but only echoes answered.

By accident or not she wasn’t sure, but as she struggled her shirt was suddenly torn wide open, spilling out her well-rounded breasts for him to see. His eyes turned a darker shade of blue as he looked at her toned body cradled in his arms.

“Let me go! You – you r***d me.” She whimpered, tears spilling down her face. The words sounded like a weak omission. As if by saying it she was giving up.

Brian looked at her, a mixture of pity and sympathy in his eyes, and let her go, splashing down into the water.


She pulled her shirt tight around her, dripping wet as she walked along the boulevard home, the drugs slowly fading away.

“Are you okay?” Hollered a passing pickup truck. It slowed next to her, playing Bob Dylan on the radio.”Do you want me to call the police?”

What was the point? She wandered. What evidence did she have? After being thrown into the pool, would there be anything left to vindicate her accusations? She shook her head and thanked him. He shrugged and pulled away.

After Brain had thrown her in the pool he had watched her with wry smile, amused as she splashed, kicking and screaming away from him. She remembered hoisting herself out at the far side and running into the night. He hadn’t chased her, but watched her from the recliner she’d woken on, his arms cupped behind his head and his mouth stretched into the same amused grin.

Now, walking along the sunbaked pavement, her bare-feet ached from running. Birds where singing and could smell the sea nearby. She threw her phone on the floor, broken by being dumped in the pool. I spent half-a-months earnings on that phone, she thought as she ground her heel against it. The fucker.

She rounded a bend and arrived at a petrol station. She found a payphone just around the side where campervans parked at night and pulled some change from her pocket and dialed Jose.

She heard a familiar voice. “Hello?”

Bad Sex: His uncle’s mistress Chapter 2

Alessa’s knuckled whitened around the phone, her voice trembling:”Jose?”

She heard him clear his throat.”Alessa? Is that you?”

“Did you know? Did you give me to anther man?” Her voice shook with rage.

No answer.

“What the f**k, Jose!”

She’d never shouted at Jose before, her aunt had told her to be respectful. She wanted to throw her head back in laughter at the thought now.

“It was only business, babe. And if you’re going to be my wife, well, it’s your duty to help me,” he replied, confidently.”Is it necessary to question me in such a tone?” He continued.”Where is my beautiful, kind Alessa? Where has she gone?”

She felt the knife turn in her gut. It had been usual for Jose to occasionally hire escorts or buy expensive gifts to impress clients but she never she’d be one of them.

Jose found no answer on the phone for a long time so softened his voice.”Alessa, why did you leave so soon? Did you do something to offended him?”

She couldn’t believe that her father had married her off to this vulgar man. She hated him and his words galvanized her hate into a white hot point that stabbed at her heart.”Jose,” she said, her voice shaking”we are over.”

Jose clenched the receiver in his hand. He’d never expected that she’d dare leave him,”Over? Haw!” He barked.”How dare you break up with me? Look at yourself, you w***e. You have no family, no money and no job. I shared everything I had with you, everything! You should be kowtowing to me and be thankful I let you. And now you are going to leave me? Your uncle’s workshop would’ve closed down long ago but for me. If you want to leave, go ahead!” He raved.”I won’t beg. I made you sleep with a man, what of it? I don’t even mind, but now you want to leave me!”

So that’s how he saw her; a leech who’d grown fat off his hard work. He owned her, he thought. How wrong he was.

A chill crept over Alessa from the tip of her heart to her extremities. She forced a smile:”That’s great. We’re agreed; it’s over. The wedding is canceled.”

Jose gasped,”You’ve made up your mind? I’ll give you one more chance -.”

“No, Thanks. Take your chance and shove it.”

Alessa hung up the phone and walked into the store.”A pack of Marlborough lights, thanks.” She handed over some of her change and went back around the side and lit a cigarette and collapsed against the wall and cried.


Outside the 7-Eleven tan prostitutes hawked their bodies along the sidewalk.

A sleek black Lamborghini waited silently in the traffic, inside a dark and handsome figure reclined in the backseat, gazing coldly through the half-opened window at the girls and boys and the lipstick lesbians.

After that wild morning by the pool, Brian had returned to his calm and elegant self, dressed in a fine black Armani suit, a sense of chill hiding in his gray eyes.

He had been working and travelling abroad for many years and had not concerned himself with family. Nor had he paid attention to his nephew’s marriage and knew nothing about his nephew’s fiancé. It was all puzzling to him.

His body guard, Garwood, was a hulk of a man. He leaned over into his ear:”Sir, the girl is named Alessa Schultz, 21 years old; she was engaged to Jose as a child to cement the family businesses together. But soon went south after her father died and she was adopted by her uncle, Patrick Schultz. She now makes a living as a model. Mr Schultz suggested their marriage when she came of age, and they were supposed to get married next month.”

Twenty-one… too young to be out of school. Why are you in a such a hurry?

Brian snorted:”So what’s the deal between the Schultzs and the Yontzs?”

Garwood nodded:”Good instinct. Patrick Schultz set up a workshop which survives only as a supplier of Mr Yontz’s company. I guess that’s why Mr. Schultz was eager to marry her to that asshole Jose.”

Brians eyes darken slightly. So that’s what motivated them. All the Schultz cared about was money… his nephews money.

He’d heard earlier that Alessa had broken up with Jose. Had she taken her pound of flesh? He smiled, remembering the soft nape of her neck as he mounted her from behind. She was strong headed, he mused, and the determination with which she reportedly struck out alone

conjured memories of another girl he once knew.


Alissa got off the bus in the leafy suburbs of LA. It was dark and cool out, the tall oak trees rustling in the wind. She gathered her arms around herself, shivering in her still damp clothes.

She body ached all over, feet sore and swollen and purple bruises on her neck where he’d ravished her. She stumbled up the drive, exhausted.

She knocked on the door, her cousin, aunt and uncle watching TV in the living room.

She suddenly felt her confidence drain away. All the anger and bitterness that had propelled her there to here guttered out with a single, shuddering sigh. In a moment she realized she’d have to face the consequences of what happened today.

The door opened. She smiled weakly, tears in her eyes.”Uncle, Aunt, I’m back.”

Her aunt stood in the doorway in a pink nightie.”There you are! Did you break up with Jose? What in heavens were you thinking!”

Author of Bad Sex: His uncle’s mistress

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