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Blurb of My Girlfriend Dies Again[GxG]

Cynthia and Bailey are coworkers who are both candidates for General Manager at their company.

Cynthia is surprised, then, when Bailey gets promoted to the position she has desired for years. Even worse, she is informed that she must accompany her on a business trip.

They are unaware they are entering an unending cycle as they board the train. They will die over and over… Will they understand that they are caught in a terrible loop?

My Girlfriend Dies Again[GxG] Chapter 1

Cynthia woke up sweating inexplicably.

The room was cold and dry, sending chills down her back and leaving her throat sore.

She walked drowsily from the bedroom to the bathroom and accidently kicked the door frame on the way. Though the sharp pain didn’t give her the wake-up call she needed In the bathroom.

She tied her hair back to get washed and just as she reached for her toothbrush she froze. The handle of the mug had been pushed to the right. She stared at it in disbelief.

The handle of the mug had been pushed to the right again. How did this keep happening?

She always made sure of these small details. There was no doubting it. She definitely remembered setting the handle of the mug to the left each time she brushed her teeth.

Perhaps someone had sneaked into my house and moved my mug, thought Cynthia.

The idea suddenly frightened her, but she turned on her electric toothbrush and started to wash her teeth. Afterwards, she washed her face, got dressed, and went out without having any breakfast.

Cynthia had to forget about her worries for the moment and rushed to get to work on time. She couldn ‘t be late as there was the morning meeting to attend and today they were set to announce who the new general manager for California would be.

The morning meeting was about to begin.

A group of her colleagues walked past her office on their way to the meeting room. All the managers from the different departments were there and they spoke as they walked. Cynthia could make out Bailey walking side by side with the CEO.

The make-up of CEO Yvonne was a little bit overkill today. In particular, her eyes were especially sharp. Cynthia couldn ‘t help but notice the gaudy lipstick as the CEO ‘s mouth was almost attached to Bailey ‘s ear as they talked. Compared with the CEO, Bailey looked the more relaxed and composed of the two.

Bailey tied her long hair back and revealed her white delicate neck. She was young and full of vigor, and above all else, she exuded a striking sense of confidence. Even stood next to the CEO, she still drew the attention of those around her.

Look at those two, Cynthia thought, Just as intimate as the hearsay suggests and they don ‘t seem to care one bit. She had a bad premonition.

Soon after, the morning meeting ended.

Her premonition came true.

She should have known that the position was Bailey ‘s all along and she would have to settle for the vice manager role. In other words, she had just become Bailey ‘s assistant.

But if they thought she would quit then they were in for a surprise. She had no intention of leaving her job she had worked so hard at. Bailey may have used everything and anything in her means to get that promotion, but in the end, she was now the manager and Cynthia had to accept that.

There are endless roads in this world to what one wants. There is the surest path, the park marked with difficult and hardship, and the shortcut that is hidden in the dark. People will go their own way. Bailey had chosen hers, and Cynthia now had to pick hers.

An assistant called after her as Cynthia walked to her office. She had heard but didn ‘t give any response.

“Cynthia, ” the assistant said again, following her.

She put those files on the desk and said to Cynthia, “Bailey wanted me to tell you, the train tickets were booked. It leaves at 12 noon. You will travel to San Francisco with her for the negotiation. ”

Cynthia responded with cold silence.

The Negotiation almost killed Cynthia. Mr. King, the client of the company, was dipsomania. Cynthia and Bailey had to drink dozens of alcohol to please him. As a result of that, Cynthia got a headache and lost her ticket, which made her and Bailey to delay their journey to seven in the evening.

They sat in the waiting hall for their train. To help kill the time, Bailey went for a stroll around the station while Cynthia put in some headphones and listened to some music. After some time, their rearranged train pulled into the station.

The weekend rush was in full flow and the train was overcrowded with commuters. As they pushed their way onto the train there was only a narrow passageway down the aisle between all the passengers, suitcases and bags. Somehow, they squeezed through.

Bailey found her seat first0 and placed her luggage in the overhead compartment. She looked back at Cynthia, who was still struggling through the crowd and waved her to join her.

There were few seats left, but Bailey managed to hold on to the one next to her for Cynthia until she had made her way through. Bailey helped her put her case on the rack and Cynthia sat down with a long sigh. Before she could enjoy her rest when she was clattered her on the shoulder by a suitcase.

“Hiss…” exclaimed Cynthia.

She gripped her wounded shoulder and looked up to see a scruffy man who had lifted his suitcase so he could pass through the aisle. The man had greying hair and wore a pair of round glasses. The others on the aisle were also complaining to the man.

The man turned and glared at her as if she was the one who had hit her suitcase. He and Cynthia looked at each other for what seemed like the longest time, but he did not apologize to her, and instead kept pushing forward and soon had disappeared into the crowd completely.

“Some people. Not even an apology, ” said Bailey while tutting.

She turned to Cynthia and added, “Are you ok? ”

Cynthia shook her head and remarked, “It ‘s ok. Just let it go. ”

As they prepared to disembark, the passengers sat down and took the seats. The train slowly pulled out of the platform and went out into the night.

The trains stood out against the night as the city gradually disappeared in the distance. They were left alone with the unknown wilderness that lay just outside the window.

While it was warm and comfortable on the train, Cynthia couldn ‘t bring herself to nap with all the noise from the other passengers. As the journey wore on, she started to feel dizzy and stuffy.

Sitting behind Cynthia and Bailey was a group of college students. There six of them in total. Three boys on one side of the seats and three girls on the other side. They were playing cards and from time to time there came a burst of laughter from their group. Each time was louder than the time before and each time Cynthia was abruptly awoken from her nap.

From the heavy drinking from the night before to the full day at the regional office, Cynthia was exhausted and running out of patience. She had hoped she could take a nap during the 3-hour train journey so she would stand some chance of being able to function back at the office the next day. It was clear that wasn ‘t going to happen now.

As the train was passing a small station, Cynthia glanced at Bailey. She was jealous of her youth. Despite all the drinking with the client and despite all the work today, Bailey was still full of energy and she even had taken out her laptop to catch up with her emails.

The noise of the students did not seem to bother Bailey one bit. Under a furrowed brow, her eyes were one hundred percent focused, and her lips were pursed in concentration.

Looking at Bailey, Cynthia genuinely could not tell that she had just been on an exhausting business trip. When she had looked at herself, her eyes had been blurry and there were grey bags underneath. Yet Bailey looked like had a good night ‘s sleep.

At first, Cynthia thought this trip was going to be a life-and-death battle between her and Bailey. She was anticipating her new superior would exact her revenge at the earliest possible opportunity. Yet, she was surprised by how the trip had developed. When it was only the two of them together, Bailey wasn’t always trying to one better Cynthia. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Instead, she had helped Cynthia. Could it be that they would be friends after all?

The biggest surprise yet was still waiting for Cynthia at the end of the trip.

Eventually, even the sound of the students could not stop Cynthia from falling asleep. She let the comfort of her seat and the warmth of the train overcome her and she started to drift off to sleep. Just as she closed her eyes the whole train shook violently and the passengers cried out.

Cynthia felt like she was falling off a cliff and her heart jumped in her chest. Instinctively, she reached and grabbed Bailey ‘s arm. Like a cat, Bailey immediately straightened her body and she took Cynthia by the hand. They clasped their fingers together.

The moment of terror quickly passed and the train steadied. The passengers waited with bated breath for the train to shake again, but it did not, and normal service resumed.

Sitting down in front of Cynthia was a pregnant woman all by herself. She looked worried and she subconsciously touched her bulging belly.

“It ‘s all right. It ‘s over now, ” Cynthia reassured the woman.

The woman looked to have calmed down and she smiled gratefully at Cynthia.

The train continued on its way smoothly through the dark night and the incident was quickly forgotten. It was not long before the students returned to playing the game.

The students ‘ playing and laughter filled the train with noise and light-heartedness, but Cynthia could not relax. She could not shake a sense of dread that had come over here when the train had jumped.

She felt like something was about to happen.

A man and a woman sitting in Cynthia ‘s row suddenly stood up, took their backpack and headed towards the link between the carriages. Cynthia ‘s followed them with her eyes until they had completely disappeared from sight. Why did they move so suddenly?

When she felt uneasy, Cynthia had a habit of fidgeting with things in her hands subconsciously. She had been playing with a bottle of water and so agitated had she become that she dropped it on the floor.

The water splashed all over Bailey’s legs. Cynthia apologized profusely, but Bailey shooed her and told her not to worry. Bailey could clearly see that Cynthia already had enough to worry about. She took her hand tighter on her own.

“What ‘s wrong? Are you scared? ” asked Bailey with care.

Cynthia ‘s body stiffened and it was thought she could not move any of her muscles. It was as though some strange force was pressing her down. The feeling felt somewhat familiar, but from where, she did not know.

“Cynthia? ” said Bailey with some concern.

Cynthia looked into Bailey ‘s pretty eyes, loosened the grip of her hand, took a deep breath, and f****d herself to calm down.

“I ‘m fine, ” said Cynthia with a smile.

Suddenly, there was a deafening bang and Cynthia was blinded for a moment.

“Ah! Ah! ” she screamed and felt someone lying in her arms.

“Ah, Ah, Ah! Help! ” she continued to scream.

“Go! Run fast! ” shouted one passenger.

“Get out of the way! ” screamed another.

All around her, people leaped from their chairs and ran from the carriage. Cynthia sat still in her chair and looked down at her lap.

Blood. On her sleeves, on her shirt, on her face. All over the seats.

Bailey was lying on her legs with a large gaping hole in the back of her head.

Cynthia continued to stare wide-eyed at Bailey. Her mind unable to connect with the reality she saw before her. After some time, she finally accepted what she saw. Bailey was dead.

As the realization set in, Cynthia felt a chill wash over. It overwhelmed her and she passed out.

My Girlfriend Dies Again[GxG] Chapter 2

Cynthia woke up sweating inexplicably.

She couldn ‘t remember if she had been awoken by an alarm or not. She opened her mouth to speak but a burning sensation spread all over her body when she tried to.

She paused for a moment to get her bearings and began to recall a dream she had.

Had it been a dream?

She could not recall what had happened clearly. It was as though it was happening behind a curtain and all she had was the vaguest trace of a sound and the faintest of smells. Did she dare pull back the curtain?

Her little toe hit the corner of the doorframe on the way to the bathroom and winced in pain. Despite the pain, she felt a sense of relief when she that the handle of the mug in the bathroom was turned to the left.

While brushing her teeth, Cynthia wondered why she had paid special attention to which the handle was facing. She blamed it on the dream.

It was possible that the stress and pressure of the last few days had finally started to take its toll on her. The general manager position in California that she had worked so hard for had in the end going to greatest rival, Bailey. If Bailey had won the position fair and square then Cynthia would have been able to accept the decision. That, however, was not the case. It had been Bailey ‘s personal relationship with the CEO Yvonne that had no doubt affected the final decision. The news of their affair had become an open secret in the office.

Cynthia ‘s assistant told her that Bailey had requested that she go on a business trip with her to San Francisco. It would be a quick trip to visit an important client and they would only be there for two days and one night. Cynthia could hardly say no. This was her new manager after all.

Cynthia traveled, drunk, negotiated, got a headache, lost the ticket and delayed the journey. Time fleeted. It was time to come back.

The staff from the station had taken their positions along the platform as they anticipated the arrival of the train. A queue started to form and Cynthia and Bailey stood with their suitcases and joined the line.

In front of them were two flat-headed men who kept looking back at her and muttering among themselves. Cynthia frowned and pretended not to look at them. Not long after the train started to board.

Cynthia had not noticed but while they had waited, Bailey’s face had become increasingly pale. Bailey had been silent until that point when she grabbed Cynthia by the arm.

“Don ‘t get on the train, ” she said hoarsely and her voice trembled nervously, “Before I say anything. Let me tell you one thing, you don ‘t have to be afraid. ”

She shuddered briefly, but she tried to force herself to calm down, “I dreamt that you, me, and everyone else on the train were dead. You might think it was just a dream. Why take it seriously? But the man with the suitcase, the college students behind us who played cards, the pregnant woman sat opposite you…They all appeared in my dream. Remember the suitcase that hit you? I knew it was going to hit you. ”

Bailey took a tight hold of Cynthia ‘s shoulders, but her eyes were full of fear.

“They were all dead, and the whole carriage was full of blood. ”

Cynthia instinctively squirmed out of Bailey ‘s arms and took a big step back. They both looked at each other in the cold night.

After a long time of silence, Cynthia nodded.

The tension, which had built up for such a long time, was finally released. Bailey hugged Cynthia like she hugged a precious treasure and smiled for a long time without really knowing why. Cynthia gently pushed Bailey away and felt a little awkward. She tried to lighten the mood.

“Bailey, we can ‘t get back to Los Angeles. So you ‘re in charge of getting reimbursement from the company for the hotel. ”

Bailey gave her a beautiful smile.

Bailey and Cynthia carried their suitcases out of the station at San Jose. Taxis came and went and gradually there were fewer and fewer people hanging around.

Up above, the full moon hung in the night sky. Dark clouds blew across the sky and covered the, from time to time.

Cynthia turned to Bailey and said, “Let’s find a place to rest as soon as possible. We also have to catch a car in the morning. ”

Bailey bit her lip as though she was thinking something. Pausing for quite a long time, she finally said, “Right. ”

They crossed the puddles of the street, got on the bus quickly, and shook the rain off their clothes. There were already other passengers on the bus. A young couple sat in the corner of the back row with their two heads leaning against each other. Perhaps they were asleep. There was an old lady with curly hair at a window seat, with an umbrella and a red plastic bag in her hand. Her black shoes were covered with mud and her bulging, fish-like eyes through the thick eyeglasses stared at them without blinking. On the other side in the same row, there was a drunken and unkempt man lying between the two seats with mouth opened and snoring loudly. The night bus was small and dirty. The ground was muddy and the plastic seats were covered with unidentified stains.

The bus went on steadily. Outside the window, nothing could be seen. There was only the sound of rain against the roof and window.

With the smooth road came the drowsiness. It was half-past eleven and it already been a very long day for Cynthia. She yawned and then covered her mouth. She drifted off to sleep.

Bailey woke her up. Cynthia thought they arrive at the downtown, but she found Bailey just ask her to pay attention to two figures getting on the bus. Cynthia tried her best to control her anger and listened to Bailey.

A man and a woman had got on the bus. The man was very tall and strong, nearly two meters high, standing on the bus with his head slightly lowered. In his hand was a hard dark striped suitcase. He looked like a soldier. The ponytail woman looked so pale and covered her belly with her hand. It seemed that she was ill badly.

They were also on the train before!

This idea terrified Cynthia. She eavesdropped them before she got off. They talked in a low voice so Cynthia merely knew their name, Jefferson and Quintina.

It was already past midnight, the bus was finally into downtown.

“Bailey, ” murmured Cynthia.

She felt like she could pass out at any moment. Her eyelids were heavy and she could barely keep her eyes open. She began to wobble but she could not stop now. They had to find somewhere to stay for the night.

“Let ‘s go, ” she said with a steely determination.

They walking into the hotel, the warm lights made them feel safe and comfortable.

They checked-in at the front desk before shuffling into the elevator and swiping their cards to get to their rooms on the seventh floor. What little strength they had left was used to reach their rooms at the end of the corridor. Their rooms faced each other.

Cynthia swiped her card to open her door. She was about to say goodnight and enter the room when Bailey stepped in front of her.

“What ‘s wrong? ” asked Cynthia confused.

Bailey didn ‘t answer but Cynthia already knew. She saw the man and woman from the bus. Jefferson was swiping the card for the room and helping Quintina enter. In his other arm was the mysterious suitcase.

“It doesn ‘t matter. Good night. ”

And with that, Cynthia entered the room and closed the door behind her.

Cynthia did not want to be rude, but she was completely exhausted and had no interested in strangers. All she wanted was to take a bath and go to bed.

She felt as though she was lost in a fog. Was it because she was stranded in this strange city and surrounded by even stranger people? Bailey had scared her into making the decisions that led her to this point and she had been too tired to think about it.

She was just finishing drying her before going to sleep when she turned on the news on TV out of habit. The volume was loud and it was while she was turning it down that she was stopped in her tracks by the headline.

“…the train was heading from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The attackers made their way through the carriages on the busy service, shooting at passengers indiscriminately. So far, it is unclear how the attackers were able to get on board the train with the weapons… ”

The train from San Francisco to Los Angeles? Cynthia was in shock. Could it be the same train they were on?

Bang. Bang. Bang. There was a sudden knock at the door that startled her.

“Cynthia. Cynthia. Are you awake? ” said Bailey.

Cynthia hurriedly got out of bed and opened the door.

“Have you seen the news? ” Bailey said. She hadn ‘t showered and hadn ‘t even changed her clothes, “It ‘s the train we were on. Something really happened. ”

Cynthia nodded, “I saw. What a coincidence. ”

“It ‘s no coincidence, ” Bailey shook her head and murmured, “It ‘s not a coincidence. It ‘s exactly like my dream. “Whole carriages of passengers were killed. Just like my dream. ”

Cynthia could not answer her. She did not know what to say in such a moment. They had been so close to being on that train. They had cheated death.

Cynthia stared at Bailey and suddenly felt afraid. What else did she know about the attacks?

“So, Bailey. What exactly is going on? Who attacked the train? Were they terrorists? ”

Bailey faced her. Half her face was lit by the light of the TV. The other half was covered by the darkness of the room. Her determined bright eyes shone.

“I have no idea. All I know is what I saw in the dream. No, it wasn ‘t a dream. It was something I experienced, something that we experienced together, ” said Bailey impetuously, “More than once. We have lived this day countless times before. ”

She stood up to speak. As she did, she became visibly emotional but at the same time, what she said became clearer.

“Perhaps dreams can come true? Maybe they can help us to predict the future? It would be easier to believe that we live in a world where they do not, but what is really the truth? ”

“The business trip, the train, the terrorist attack, we ‘ve experienced them all before, ” said Bailey in a calm voice.

“I don ‘t know why you have that impression, but I don ‘t. What do you mean that we have gone through it before? When did this happen? A lifetime ago? ” pressed Cynthia.

“Not a lifetime ago. It ‘s just a familiar feeling. I don ‘t know how to say it exactly, ” Bailey offered exasperatedly.

There was the sound of footsteps in the hallway outside. Without looking, Cynthia instinctively closed the door.

There was the sound of gunfire.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Bailey ‘s body shook like a ragdoll as it was riddled with bullets.

Cynthia yelled and fell back on the bed as Bailey ‘s body slipped to the floor. The carpet ran red with blood.

Cynthia stared at in horror.

“Bailey! Bailey! ” screamed Cynthia as she ran to Bailey. Bailey ‘s eyes were still open, but the blood was pouring from her mouth and nose. She coughed weakly and with her little finger she reached out to grab Cynthia. With the last of her strength, she spoke to Cynthia.

“Run… ”

Cynthia clasped Bailey in her arms and looked at the door. Five men armed with guns entered the room.

Bailey was right.

She started to feel her consciousness slipping away. It felt like a familiar feeling.

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