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Age Gap Romance My Best Friend’s Father Read Online

My Best Friend’s Father is an urban romance that revolves around Brandi and her best friend Gianna’s father Giovanni.

The steamy romance is filled with lust and desires as Brandi starts a secret relationship with Gio and lets her desires take control. But the couple’s happiness is short-lived when their relationship is exposed to society causing a scandal and breaking Gianna’s heart.

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Part 1: My Best Friend’s Father Story Overview

My Best Friend's Father Brandi Marshall

My Best Friend’s Father is a modern romance that takes us on a tour of lust, desires, and passion of love as Brandi and Giovanni start a scandalous relationship that can threaten to tear their worlds.

My Best Friend’s Father begins with Brandi who is an interior decorator who started Marshall’s design two years ago. Thanks to her best friend Gianna’s father’s connection which helped Brandi set up her own company.

Brandi learns that one of her clients is having an issue and decides to visit him for lunch to enquire. But when her client tries to flirt with her Brandi quickly calls him out for his flirtatious nature and threatens to cut their business with him like a bosswoman.

Next Brandi goes to visit her grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimers. Her grandmother had taken Brandi and had raised her after she had lost her parents in a fire at the age of thirteen. As she’s trying to be their first grandmother a sudden text races her heart beating fast.

The text indicates an invitation to the Keleni Hotel. The rules stated her simple, no names, no talks, and no eyes. She’s given two options that is either yes or no. Brandi takes a bold step by sending ‘Yes’

My Best Friend's Father Storyline

My Best Friend’s Father continues with Brandi who is sitting naked in a dark room waiting for her suitor. She’s ready for one night of blind-blowing pleasure. It’s more like a one-night stand but with no names involved. It’s blind sex.

After one passionate night, Brandi runs away after the stranger is done with her. The next day she’s running late for her weekly dinner with her best friend Gianna. When she arrives she’s greeted by Giovanni who checks on her and they go in for a hug.

But this time their hug feels different because Brandi finds his scent very familiar. Throughout the dinner, Brandi is distracted by how good Gio smells. When she tries to connect the dots she realizes the stranger she slept with is none other than Giovanni.

The passion they had after one night’s encounter seems irresistible as Gio and Brandi continue to give themselves to each other surrendering to their desires. But what will happen when Gianna learns the truth about them?

My Best Friend’s Father is one of the hottest romances that is so thrilling that the secret relationship had me on my toes, nervous, with burning hot scenes that left me wanting more.

Let’s check out the main characters of My Best Friend’s Father.

My Best Friend's Father Gio

My Best Friend’s Father’s Heroine Brandi Marshal is a perfect businesswoman who runs her own interior designing business called Marshall’s Design. She’s confident and rebellious. After losing her parents she was sexually harassed by her cousin who had forced himself on him.

Since then Brandi has changed. She enjoyed one-night stands that would bring her pleasure and no drama. But when she sleeps with Gio, her world turns upside down. It’s wrong but she’s not ready to let him go.

My Best Friend’s Father Giovanni. He’s the sweet father to Gianna who never had I’ll intentions towards Brandi, his daughter’s best friend. But when one blind encounter leads to him sleeping with Brandi he realizes how good they can be together.

He takes on a scandalous relationship with Brandi which threatens his relationship with his family and daughter.

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Part 2: Hot Chapter From My Best Friend’s Father

My Best Friend's Father Hot Chapter

My Best Friend’s Father is an adult romance that talks about the passionate relationship between Brandi and Gio.

Chapter 4 Caught from My Best Friend’s Father is one of the hottest chapters and a turning point in the story.

Brandi was having her usual Sunday with her best friend. She’s glad that Gio isn’t around because lately, he has become a distraction as Brandi couldn’t tell for sure if it was Gio who she had slept with.

So Brandi tries to ask Gianna weird questions like what would Gianna think if any of their friends slept with Gio? Gianna finds that suggestion gross and is disgusted.

But Brandi doesn’t give up. She sneaks into Gio’s room to find the truth when she catches him masturbating. Hearing Gio’s moan Brandi confirms that the stranger she slept with is none other Gio.

Now Brandi has to decide whether to pursue Gio as she can’t let go of the night she spent with him or pretend like the night didn’t happen.

Part 3: My Best Friend’s Father Novel Theme

My Best Friend's Father Novel Overview

My Best Friend’s Father is a romance story based on a secret relationship between Brandi and Gio. Their relationship is taboo because Brandi is Gio’s daughter’s best friend.

My Best Friend’s Father novel surrounds the forbidden romance that’s filled with lust, desire, and complexities of the characters as they give in to their desires for each other.

It would have been so easy if there were no rules for love. Unfortunately, there are a lot of judgments and rules unconsciously society imposes on everyone to follow. But Brandi and Gio decide to break these rules. However, their happiness comes with a price as their secret gets known to Brandi’s best friend Gianna.

Even though age-gap romances are looked upon as quite scandalous we have to agree that love happens.

My Best Friend’s Father is more relatable to the readers as we have all found ourselves in love that is so not supported by society. Age gaps between the couples are interesting as they add more to the complexities of the relationship.

Part 4: Similar Book To My Best Friend’s Father

My Best Friend's Father Novel Recommendation

If you can’t get enough of Gio and Brandi from My Best Friend’s Father, you need to check out “Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad” from Scarlett Rossi on the Dreame app.

Becca breaks up with her cheating boyfriend Chad and visits her best friend Tally in Miami. But spending the summer in Miami with Tally means meeting her forever crush James, Tally’s father.

The sexual tension between them is irresistible as they confess their desires for each other. Finally, Becca’s secret fantasies about James are coming true as they start a secret relationship.

Becca can’t get enough of James and the way they fit so perfectly in the world where they are secret. But when Tally learns their secret Becca’s fantasy is threatened.

James has to make a tough choice. Will he give up on Becca for the sake of his daughter?

Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad is a steamy romance by one of the popular romance writers Scarlett Rossi. Currently, this novel is followed by thousands of readers who are cheering for Becca’s fantasy love to come true.

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