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Lucian’s Regret Novel Read Online

Lucian’s Regret is a werewolf fictionalized novel that revolves around Aurora who is abused by her stepmother and sister after losing her mother.

To keep herself safe she hides her wolf and keeps it a secret as she pretends to be wolfless. But this only causes more problems.

Aurora’s life takes a turn when she is forced to marry the neighboring alpha who happens to be her mate. But he hates her being wolfless and vows to make her life a hell.

Kick-ass Heroine Fiction Lucian's Regret To Read Now

Part 1: Hot Storyline Of Lucian’s Regret

Lucian's Regret Storyline

Lucian’s Regret is a romantic fiction that begins with Aurora. She’s the daughter of the alpha but she is always neglected by her father. She can hear her wolf in her head as long as she remembers but no one knows this except her mother who asked Aurora to keep it a secret.

When Aurora loses her mother to a rogue attack, her father brings Selma, her stepmother, and stepsister Suzie. After making Selma the new Luna Aurora’s life turns into hell. She’s constantly abused by Suzie and Selma who hates her.

The whole pack fears Selma and Suzie so they do nothing to help her including her father and brother who never believes Aurora and always sides with Selma.

Suzie takes over Aurora and becomes the little princess for the alpha. Aurora is treated as a worthless human and is not allowed to train along with her alpha father. But in reality, Aurora has found her wolf Athena since she was fourteen but has kept it a secret.

Aurora’s life takes a drastic turn when her father announces that she will be leaving for the Blood Moon pack to marry alpha Lucian Grey. It’s an alliance to protect the pack

Aurora disagrees as she calls out her cruel father and brother for doing nothing while she is mistreated. She asks her father to marry Suzie instead which is rejected as Lucian Grey is known to be evil and her family is aware that she’s not going to last a year.

Lucian's Regret Aurora Is The Luna

Her father tries to manipulate her by saying he loves her and she has to follow his orders but his actions are called out by Aurora who reminds him of all the misordeal over the years.

Seeing Aurora disagree her father threatens to put her into the dungeon and torture her till she agrees. So Aurora challenges her father saying if given a chance she will break this alliance and repay for everything they have done.

Her father laughs at her calling her a weak girl. But Aurora doesn’t reveal about her unique wolf. She is locked up by her brother has the wedding is in the next two days. Now she has no hope but to wait to see how her marriage will unfold.

Lucian Grey is known to be evil. He would have never agreed to this arranged marriage if not for his mother. He doesn’t want to marry a spoiled alpha’s daughter, but his mother makes it clear he has no choice.

Lucian decides that Alpha’s daughter will only be his Luna for namesake and is sure he is not going to be attracted to her. But when he meets Aurora she is nothing like he had imagined. He wants to make Aurora’s life a living hell as he clearly shows his hatred towards her.

Aurora doesn’t reveal her wolf to Lucian even though he turns out to be her fated mate. Athena hides her scent even from their mate to not reveal their identity.

Lucian’s Regret shows how Lucian goes from hating Aurora to wanting her. Will Aurora accept Lucian as his mate and reveal her wolf’s true identity?

Lucian’s Regret holds a strong storyline that showcases love, hatred, and the journey of one unique wolf.

Kick-ass Heroine Fiction Lucian's Regret To Read Now

Part 2: Lucian’s Regret Novel Characterization

Lucian's Regret Heroine Aurora

Lucian’s Regret follows the journey of Lucian and Aurora. Let’s check out the characters to know more about them.

Aurora is the alpha’s daughter. Her life was perfect with her loving mother. But when she loses her mother she goes from loving daughter to the most hated person in the pack.

Aurora keeps her wolf a secret and pretends to be wolfless as she thinks having a unique wolf will make her stand out among others and be a threat. But her pack starts to mistreat her for being wolfless.

Her main bullies are Suzie and Selma, her stepsister and stepmother who always abuses her physically and emotionally. Even though Aurora is not weak she puts up with all the hatred thrown her way.

Aurora is confident but at the same time, she knows her family doesn’t love her. So when her father forces her to marry Lucian to create an ally she agrees hoping to teach her family a lesson.

Aurora’s true potential is yet to be known as we wonder what’s so unique about her wolf Athena. The secrecy around her wolf makes her character an interesting one as she meets her mate, her alpha Lucian.

Lucian's Regret Characters

Lucian Grey is the alpha who enjoys female attention and isn’t interested in having a Luna. But he agrees to marry Aurora only to please his mother. He decides to make Aurora’s life hell thinking she is a spoiled alpha’s daughter who wants nothing but to be an alpha’s wife.

We see Lucian’s character go from hatred to love towards Aurora as he realizes what happened to her in the past and how she was mistreated.

Lucian and Aurora can become one of the strongest alpha and Luna if they accept their mate bond.

Part 3: Lucian’s Regret Story Setting And Theme

Lucian's Regret Novel Setting

Lucian’s Regret is a fantasy romance that is set against the backdrop of a marriage of convenience between the two werewolf packs.

We see the trending novel themes ‘Hidden Identity’ and ‘Hatred to Love Relationships’ in Lucian’s Regret novel.

The story follows Aurora who has a unique wolf but it’s a secret. This unique hidden identity creates a thrilling storyline of hatred and love that everyone considers to be weak and unworthy.

Lucian’s Regret is also a kick-ass heroine fiction with a strong female lead who can take over the pack. Lucian Grey and Aurora’s journey to love is filled with lots of ups and downs but the chemistry between the two mates is irresistible.

Finding love after marriage, and arranged marriage are a few of the most popular reading trends and Lucian’s Regret story is set against these trending themes making it one of the most searched stories.

Part 4: Lucian’s Regret Novel Conclusion And Review

Lucian's Regret The Unknown Wolf Series

Lucian’s Regret by TracyLian is one of the trending novels on the Dreame app and is ranked number 7 in the top sellers voted by the readers. This is the first book from the Fictional series “Unknown Wolf” which is followed by The Unknown Wolf and The Luna’s Unknown Strength.

Lucian’s Regret is a must-read fictional novel if you enjoy a good werewolf romance with a strong female lead and hidden identity. The story follows Lucian who is forced to marry Aurora and take her as his mate and Luna.

Lucian hates Aurora but is surprised to see her humble nature, unlike any other daughter of the alpha. He thinks she’s wolfless but Aurora is his mate and has a unique mate longing for his love.

Lucian regrets not accepting Aurora and will make it right this time around as he learns about her abusive past where she was mistreated by her stepmother and family.

To know more about Aurora and Lucian’s journey check out the story and join the thousands of readers following the Unknown Wolf series.

Kick-ass Heroine Fiction Lucian's Regret To Read Now

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