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Let The Darkness In: Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage

What we’re looking at is a young man who attains greatness as he achieves a feat that no one else has done before. He is nervous and thankful that he was able to make something of himself, making his dead mother proud. However, there comes a stupid little bastard from nowhere who feels wronged that he wasn’t the one to get the accolades. What does the annoying moron do? He takes the great person with a bright future over to a cliff, stabs him countless times, and then throws him over the goddamn cliff. But funny enough, death is held at bay, and he comes back to the land of the living. He becomes a walking abomination that can’t be respected in society anymore.

This story shows the unfortunate consequences of lost favor. In the protagonist’s shoes, I’m sure more than a few people reading this would have lost the zeal for anything and just waited for condemnation. Im wrong? Well, that may be the case because we sometimes underestimate the human mind. However, we’re sure that this man that lost his former shine will emerge from that doorway of disappointment and despair only to brave challenges that will pave a new path to greatness.

The protagonist is in too much of a sad position. It makes one feel bad, but damn did he rise. If you like that, you should see another cool book.

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Part 1: Main Character of Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage


Rebirth of the Strongest Mage: Gabriel

He is an astounding young man with so much potential and a bright future ahead of him. Yes, it was unfortunate what happened to him, but it seems that his destiny is a lot bigger than what he would have gotten had he taken the first path.

Gabriel is someone who carries a lot of hope and fear in his heart. It was fear that he would end up failing those who had cared for him and those who he loved. However, it became himself who got disappointment thrown in his face and a stab to the heart from those people.

His life as the common man was over, his life as the prodigy who would do great things, was tarnished. Gabriel’s only path now was one that was going to leave him broken and destroyed. It already took trust and love away from Gabriel, and there was more that he needed to lose to become what his fate promised.

Even though he got cheated out of the glory and respect of man, Gabriel didn’t lose much. His future will not remember the inconsequential people of his past. They killed him with their knives and spears, meanwhile, he saved them. Gabriel owed nothing to these people anymore.

He will walk the path of death alone and without love. Of course, greatness does not need distractions. Gabriel is no longer the child of light and could not show his face because dark mages were abhorred and killed for existing. When he did, however, the people he called family tried to kill him.
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Part 2: Plot Summary of Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage

Rebirth of the Strongest Mage: Gabriel and Maya

The story follows Gabriel. He is recognized as a prodigy after he makes history by being the first person under the age of eighteen to manifest the element of light. This meant that he would become a great and powerful light mage in the future. Gabriel was happy and nervous and scared all at once as he prepared for the next day when he would receive his confirmation and be admitted into the church of Light. However, that was the same night that an unknown enemy chose to strike.

This unknown enemy of Gabriels was none other than the son of the town priest, Harwin, and his elder brother Javin, both of whom were dissatisfied that Gabriel was accepted. Harwin himself had also manifested the element of light, but he was at the age of twenty-three which was considered quite unremarkable and even slightly older than the perfect age bracket. For this reason, Harwin wasn’t accepted, so he got jealous that Gabriel was picked. He got his brother and they kidnapped Gabriel.

Gabriel was taken to a cliff where no soul wandered and there, he pleaded with the two brothers to let him go. They only laughed in his face and even insulted Gabriels’ dead mother. Gabriel could do nothing but listen to these wicked brothers because even if he had the abilities, he hadn’t yet received training. Gabriel was subsequently stabbed to death, multiple times. Afterward, his body got thrown over the cliff.

However, something happened that brought Gabriel back to life and he obtained a new element that was like that of dark mages. The light he had in his heart was snuffed out like this.

Part 3: Intense Chapter from Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage

Chapter Nine

Rebirth of the Strongest Mage: Gabriel and the Mage of Darkness

The Priest arrived after sensing the presence of highly negative energy, and the sight before him was a source of shock. He could see a shield that was made from multiple evil spirits, and the shield swallowed the spear of water as if it was nothing.

The priest saw the mark on Gabriel’s hand and his jaw dropped. The mark of darkness that had been gone for so long, had finally appeared. The priest was going to fulfill his responsibility and kill the devil, Gabriel. He thought that after he killed Gabriel, his son could be selected for the church. The priest summoned his staff of light, but before he could do anything, Gabriel fell to his knees in pain.

He navigated his hand to his back where he pulled out a knife that had been stabbed into him. The knife left a deep wound on his back. Gabriel looked behind in disbelief as he found his best friend’s mother who had been like a mother to him, too.

The woman only saw that it was Gabriel when he turned around. She grew worried and called out to him as she stepped closer, but then she remembered what had just occurred. The woman stepped back in fear and resisted the urge to help Gabriel.

Gabriel saw the fear and hate on her face. He flashed a weak smile before moving to grab the book. However, another spear came toward him. It pierced through his shoulder, and he looked at his only childhood friend. He thanked her before dropping to the ground.

This type of story where the protagonist surpasses expectations and rules over everything, is the coolest. This one is just like Orbis: The Necromancer.

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