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Beautiful Life, Sweet Husband: Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Not enough is said about the terrifying consequences of rumors. They literally change the lives of people who they’re centered on and few people care about this. Here, we have a perfectly healthy woman with high mental capabilities and an easygoing attitude. However, the rumor that is going around says quite the opposite. She has to live with the reputation of a lazy and weak spoilt brat of a rich family. Meanwhile, her clothes aren’t even pleasing to the eye, so where is she being spoilt to?

There was a man approved by the family and everything. These bastards were eager to get their hands on her wealth. She ended up with someone else though.

The marriage that was supposed to be a temporary thing might last a lot longer because she needed to have a better taste of this person. What will Gu Zheng do about this strange woman who suddenly appears in his life with so much mystery surrounding her? Well, since they thought she was good for nothing, she will just have to show them something amazing. What else could Qiao Xi do?

The story is filled with moments that will make you laugh until tears fall down your face. The characters of the two leads are some of the most entertaining you will find out there. They make the story come to life in a beautiful and immersive way, it’s so hard not to be addicted to their quirks and flaws.

There’s a piece that you’ll want to check out after this. It’s sure to entertain you well.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself: Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi

The story follows Qiao Xi, a young woman who is tainted by the effects of false rumors that go around regarding her life in her own home. Qiao Xi lives a life that isn’t so glamorous unlike what the rumors would have you believe. She was brought back not long ago, from the countryside, by her despicable parents. They only did this because she suddenly gained the upper hand in the corporation founded by the family head.

Qiao Xi held all the good cards, therefore they thought cozying up to her would work. It didn’t, so they were willing to use force. Qiao Xi lived like she really was a country bumpkin, and in her own house, nonetheless. Her grandfather gave the condition of her marriage to implement the transfer of 65% of the company’s shares to her.

Ruined Plans

Everything turned to crap because of her half-sister. The sly wench had no shame as she stole Qiao Xi’s fiancé. It didn’t take much more than a single day for Qiao Xi to understand that these people needed to be taught a lesson. She had to leave that place and find a better alternative than being the puppet of the Qiao family. Therefore, Qiao Xi went over to the Civil Affairs Bureau and got married to a stranger.

However, that stranger turns out to be Gu Zheng, the uncle of her ex-fiancé. This male could be called one of the most powerful and untouchable in the city. But more than that, Qiao Xi realized that this man is sweet. How can she let him go after this revelation?

Part 2: Main Character of Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Qiao Xi

Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself: Qiao Xi

Uninterested in drama or much of anything really, Qiao Xi is a woman without a lot on her mind. But that changes as she finally encounters something that makes her want to take action. She didn’t choose to be born into a family of selfish and greedy rats who were willing to go to any lengths just to take what she has. Qiao Xi only wanted to fulfill her grandfather’s wishes. But instead got dirty water thrown at her reputation and got slapped across the face.


Qiao Xi is known to the world as a lazy and weak, spoilt rich woman who has nothing worthwhile in her future. It doesn’t come as a shock that they would look down on her because she indeed was sent away to live in the countryside. This was the work of her stepmother who came into their house just one week after Qiao Xi’s mother passed. Not only that, but the wench also had a daughter that was only two months younger than Qiao Xi. We all know what that means – a family of trash. She was the only one who didn’t fit in with these people.

Life didn’t change for Qiao Xi much, after returning to these people. She was the country bumpkin that they were ashamed of, yet they wanted her wealth.

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Part 3: Intense Chapter from Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter Six – Easy to Feed

Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself: Weak Lady Gu

A servant went over hesitantly and explained to the housekeeper that just showed up that Qiao Xi is the young madam that the young master brought back. Housekeeper Liu, however, laughed sarcastically and told them to throw Qiao Xi out.

Qiao Xi was thoughtful as she looked at the woman. She explained that there was a limited possibility for someone to actually break in, especially with the upgraded security system. Only one person was in control of the system, and that was Gu Zheng. Therefore, no one else had the authority to bring strangers into the villa. Qiao Xi mentioned the hostility of the housekeeper who had begun to feel self-important over the long period she had spent in the house.

Qiao Xi was able to pick up on many details, and it was clear upon her first glance at this housekeeper was responsible for the atmosphere she perceived upon her arrival.

The housekeeper couldn’t accept being exposed and moved to assault Qiao Xi. Of course, she dodged and restricted the woman. Gu Zheng then appeared, laughing as he recalled the rumor of Qiao Xi being weak. Soon housekeeper Liu was dragged away.

Gu Zheng asked Qiao Xi her reason for being downstairs and she said she was hungry. However, her eyes narrowed as they swept past Gu Zheng’s finger. She suddenly asked him if he wanted to kiss. The man smiled maliciously and told her they had plenty of time.

A tale like this, that allows you to live the life of a character that is torn and abused by her family is the best. If this is something that you like, then I have a recommendation. It’s another awesome title called, Wife’s Lies.

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