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Hot Chapters of Mated To The Lycan King Novel

“Suffering” seems inevitable for any wolfless ladies, particularly when their pack members accuse them of killing important figures in the pack.

It happens to Avalynn Jennings, to the point her mate rejects her. Fortunately, the Moon Goddess’ mercy falls to her as she meets up with the wandering rogue before she commits suicide.

What will happen when Avalynn discovers the rogue is a Lycan king, and that she is Mated To The Lycan King?

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Part 1: The Primary Plots Of Mated To The Lycan King Novel

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The Crest Moon pack of Mated To The Lycan King is filled with werewolves who value their strengths and power hierarchy. As such, it becomes a hellish place for a wolfless girl like Avalynn Jennings.

The first chapter of Mated To The Lycan King already conveys Avalynn’s struggles in making friends in her pack. Claire, her brother’s mate, is her only best friend. The rest of the pack members love to call her horrible names, such as wolfless, pathetic, disgraceful, and loser.

As a result, whenever Avalynn commits mistakes and gets herself involved in the pack’s problems, the pack members immediately blame her wolflessness. Another thing that the Crest Moon wolves love to bring up about Avalynn is the rumor of her killing the future Alpha’s parents.

All Crest Moon pack members in Mated To The Lycan King novel glorify Ryder Cunningham, the guy whose parents plot him as the future Alpha. Blinded with hatred and his desire to get even, Ryder becomes the head bully who never seems to stop his antics towards Avalynn.

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Ryder’s bullying only gets worse when Avalynn hits her not-so-sweet seventeenth birthday and discovers him as her mate. Avalynn’s immunity to Ryder’s rejection statements only intensifies his hatred toward this poor little wolfless lady. So, Ryder tortures Avalynn, chases her like crazy after he rejects her, and drives her to a suicidal state of mind.

Avalynn’s suicidal thought leads her to write a goodbye letter to her brother and Claire. Finding out the goodbye letter doesn’t only lead Avalynn’s brother to get furious at whoever drives his little sister to such a scene.

Instead, Avalynn’s almost-goodbye scene in Mated To The Lycan King novel also becomes the catalyst for her second-chance mate’s first appearance. He might be a rogue, but his true identity lies in him being the future Lycan King.

His name is Everest. Let’s not forget Everest is genuinely nice to Avalynn. So, how far can Everest’s love prevent Avalynn from reacting to the traumas that Ryder and the Crest Moon pack produce in her life? Is it true that the Crest Moon pack is never the pack for Avalynn?

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Part 2: The Awesome Chapters In Mated To The Lycan King Novel

Chapter 4

The Moon comes in full force, and the sweet scents of vanilla and cedarwood are not only more fragrant than Ryder’s, but they also bring Avalynn closer to her whole new life with this breathtakingly handsome rogue Lycan King. The same goes for Lycan King Everest, as his gaze meets with Avalynn.

In Chapter 4 of Mated To The Lycan King, Avalynn only knows Everest’s Lycan King status after she discusses her encounters with Claire. Everest seems lonely, yet, he is a kind and compassionate individual. This time, Everest visits the Crest Moon pack. Will his presence bring justice to Avalynn’s position in this hellish pack?

Chapter 9

Mated To The Lycan King Chapter 9

Mated To The Lycan King Chapter 9 tells more stories than just Everest’s easy victories against Ryder and the rest of the Crest Moon pack wolves. It also tells us more stories about Everest being Avalynn’s most capable defendant and confidante.

In Mated To The Lycan King Chapter 9, Everest leads the way after he makes Alpha Michael submit to him after the latter Alpha’s defeat. There, the Crest Moon pack’s current Alpha leads Everest and Avalynn to a secluded place where he tells Avalynn’s adopted histories and uncovers her true identity as a Lycan.

Avalynn’s Lycan state shocks everybody else, including Ryder, who hopelessly kicks the door that his father never opens for him.

Part 3: Some Analysis Of Mated To The Lycan King Novel

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It is no secret that Lycans are always superior to werewolves. Their glares are more than enough to make even the most Alpha werewolves submit to their wills. Yet, is it true that Lycans are equal to the all-powerful beings in the werewolf world?

Mated To The Lycan King novel has the answer, as it portrays Lycan in a different light. Here, Lycans are still powerful beings. For instance, we can observe how easily Everest, the future Lycan King a.k.a. the Lycan Prince, strangles Ryder’s neck and instills fear in Alpha Michael’s head.

However, the full stories of Mated To The Lycan King also portray Lycans’ vulnerability. The Lycans’ slower aging compared to werewolves causes their wolf-finding process to be lengthier. No wonder Avalynn couldn’t smell her wolf yet when she was 16. Other werewolves may bully her by calling her “wolfless” and “pathetic”, but it only applies to the clueless and not-yet-awakened werewolves.

Ryder of Mated To The Lycan King is a great example of a man-child. He throws tantrums when his father has shown clear distaste and disgust toward his horrible life decision. Not allowing his son to enter the secluded meeting is the wisest thing the Alpha father could do!

Anyway, “Never underestimate a person’s worth,” is the take-home message I get from reading Mated To The Lycan King. This wonderfully written novel is also full of mental health themes that will encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks Of Mated To The Lycan King

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Have you ever wished to read more humanizing stories about Lycans, particularly female Lycans? Have you ever thought of a novel that portrays the struggles Lycans experience in a werewolf society, and wishes Lycans wouldn’t be some other Mary Sue or Gary Stus?

Mated To The Lycan King novel is a must-read for you! Here, we don’t only see Avalynn as a Lycan female mistaken as a wolfless lady in a werewolf society. We also witness Everest’s initial position as a rogue a.k.a. the fallen and undesired wolf, who only discloses his true identity to the closest ones.

Ryder’s rude rejection toward Avalynn isn’t the only rejection that appears in Mated To The Lycan King novel. Avalynn has tasted the bitterness of rejection from the Crest Moon pack members. Everest’s rogue status also results him in being an outcast in the werewolf society. These things persist until other werewolves figure out their true identities.

Lycans-and-Lycans relationship is rare. Yet, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Immersing yourself while reading Mated To The Lycan King will satisfy your imagination of the Lycans’ behaviors.

Then, nobody would dare to mess around Avalynn and Everest, for they are Lycans, the formidable forces in the werewolf world!

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