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Chasing His Rejected Wife Novel Read Online Free

In Chasing His Rejected Wife novel, Jessica works for Julian Brown, a prominent boss and mentor figure, for a long time. Since then, Jessica fell for Aiden, Julian’s son, and Julian acknowledges this feeling by setting them up for marriage.

Jessica knows so well Aiden won’t reciprocate her feelings. Yet, she says “yes” when the dying Julian wishes for their happy marriage.

What happens when Jessica gets pregnant and Aiden’s childhood lover returns?

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Part 1: The Plot Summary Of Chasing His Rejected Wife Novel

Chasing His Rejected Wife Novel Read Online Free

Love can make forgiveness come as quickly as the aggressively flowing rivers, and that’s the thing we witness in the stories of Chasing His Rejected Wife novel. Jessica has fallen head over heels with Aiden Brown, her boss and mentor’s son, since her childhood.

Julian Brown, Aiden’s father, isn’t the only party in the office who is aware of Jessica’s feelings for his son. Jessica’s colleagues also agree with their boss, as they often tease Jessica. Julian also frequently sets the scenes for her and Aiden to be together.

It continued that way until Julian gathered Jessica and her colleagues to talk about his acute cancers. Julian’s wish on the hospital bed was to have Jessica marry Aiden, in which Jessica gleefully accepted. Jessica already knew Aiden was in love with Elisa Harding, his childhood lover, yet, she said “yes” out of her consuming loving feelings toward Aiden.

Aiden surprised Jessica by agreeing to marry her. Yet, these two MCs of Chasing His Rejected Wife only make love when Aiden fantasizes about Elisa. Marriage only exists in their names; until then, Aiden and Jessica live as strangers who merely share the same last name and house.

In Chasing His Rejected Wife novel, Aiden’s hurtful acts toward Jessica intensify after Elisa’s return. The conflicts and climaxes of Chasing His Rejected Wife novel arise after Elisa lives in the same house as Jessica. Since then, Elisa and Aiden treated Jessica worse than free-loader maids.

It puts the previously-pregnant Jessica on the verge of losing her child’s presence in her womb. So, Jessica, the rejected wife in this novel, flees as far away as she can to protect her child from people like Aiden.

Unbeknownst to Jessica, Aiden chases her, and says, “Darling, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I miss you very much,” Aiden becomes a softie when he is Chasing His Rejected Wife this way!

Is Aiden staying true to his feelings? What happens to Elisa that causes Aiden to chase Jessica back? Will Jessica believe in the kind-hearted Aiden?

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Part 2: The Main Characters Of Chasing His Rejected Wife Novel


Chasing His Rejected Wife Jessica has previous work experiences in the Brown group’s territory, which means she is a woman full of accomplishments. She also used to be a confident woman and seldom cried over trivial things. It gives a sense of a woman who never feels love until Aiden appears in her life.

The first chapter of Chasing His Rejected Wife shows Jessica is blinded by her love for Aiden. She wasn’t just unaware of Elisa’s presence; she also became emotionally reactive to the point of becoming the slave in Aiden’s household just so she could be with Aiden. The child’s near-death condition eventually changes Jessica’s mindset.

Aiden Brown

Aiden Brown of Chasing His Rejected Wife isn’t only the son of Julian Brown, Jessica’s late boss and mentor. Known by his beyond-godlike handsomeness and wealth, it’s no surprise a woman like Jessica would treasure her loving feelings toward Aiden since their childhood.

Throughout the chapters of Chasing His Rejected Wife novel, it’s clear that Aiden hasn’t moved out from Elisa, his childhood lover. Jessica could bear that much of a striking resemblance to Elisa that Aiden keeps mistaking his legal wife for Elisa. Thus, Aiden’s inability to move on from Elisa adds more emotionally stirring moments in Chasing His Rejected Wife.

Elisa Harding

Chasing His Rejected Wife Elisa

“Stunning beauty” and “a woman with a brilliant mind” are two of Elisa’s nicknames since her childhood. She is the childhood lover and ex-girlfriend to Aiden. For some reason, she furthers her studies and career far away from Aiden and Jessica, her previous classmates.

Elisa’s role in Chasing His Rejected Wife novel doesn’t stop at being the primary antagonist. She is also a talented “actress”. The first thing she does after she steps into Aiden and Jessica’s house is to use latently insulting words to body-shame Jessica. Then, she plays the “broken victim queen” role a few chapters after Jessica regains her strengths.

Part 3: Some Analysis About Chasing His Rejected Wife Novel

Chasing His Rejected Wife PDF

The stories of Chasing His Rejected Wife might involve the classical arranged marriage scenes. However, this novel brings our understanding closer to a whole new level. First, the person behind the marriage arrangement is not someone from the MC’s family.

The late Julian Brown was not only a caring and compassionate boss to his employees; he also helped Jessica pursue her feelings by setting her up with Aiden, his son. Did Jessica always deliver great results when she was Julian’s employee that she “deserved” such special treatment? Perhaps, yet, the workplace settings never limit Julian’s kindness towards Jessica.

Another possibility that pops into my mind about Julian in Chasing His Rejected Wife novel is that he might be pissed off with Aiden’s habit of never taking the initiative to decide for his girl. Then, again, Jessica resembles Aiden’s beloved Elisa that much; how could it be easy for Aiden to distinguish both girls?

Here is where Chasing His Rejected Wife gets more thought-provoking. After all, this is my first time reading about non-blood-tied “exchanged twin” characters. What’s more, is that the office a.k.a. the workplace becomes the central element to Chasing His Rejected Wife.

Such story elements make Chasing His Rejected Wife one of the most pleasant novels to read. Jessica’s efforts in parenting her child when Aiden is not around and the child’s growth after Jessica’s departure from Aiden’s house are yet two other things that add to the complexities of the novel’s story.

For example, they drive the readers’ curiosity about the child’s perspectives and how the parents contribute to the growth, and wondering if there would be any epilogues or upcoming sequels for the child.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks Of Chasing His Rejected Wife

Chasing His Rejected Wife Jessica And Aiden

I love reading Chasing His Rejected Wife novel, for this writing piece describes the painful feelings Jessica has to endure in detail. Aiden’s state of loving the mistress a.k.a. Elisa Harding isn’t the only painful thing that occurs in Jessica’s life.

She has also dealt with the pregnancy and the doctor’s hurtful statements about her child in the womb that happen in line with Aiden’s acts of leaving her alone. So, when you read Chasing His Rejected Wife novel, you will find Jessica’s characteristics, such as bravery and resilience, attractive and inspiring.

Chasing His Rejected Wife novel also convinces you with its unique approaches to seemingly classical themes, such as an arranged marriage scene and non-blood-related “exchange twin” characters. We have heard of non-toxic bosses here and there, but what about the boss who cares so much about his employees that he is willing to marry his son to one of his employees?

Chasing His Rejected Wife has your answers. Moreover, Julian Brown, the caring and compassionate boss, might have passed away in the first chapter. Yet, the emotionally-provoking love stories between Jessica and Aiden go on and on.

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