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Hot Chapters of Mated to the Alpha Twins Read Online

The tale is about a girl who finds herself starting a new adventure in a new town only to encounter twin brothers that are not just hot, they are really hot. The brothers can’t seem to leave her alone, and she has no idea why she can’t stop the strange emotions that well up within her each time they’re around. What will she do when she finds out the truth about who and what the brothers are?

Something about having multiple mates is hot. It can get messy though, just like in Cinderella And Her Four Alphas.

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Part 1: The Plot of Mated to the Alpha Twins

Mated to the Alpha Twins: Grace and Kade

The story follows Aurora, who moves to a new town with her mother and her mother’s husband. The town is small, and Aurora learns that most of the residents live in the woods. Aurora might find this fact strange, but even stranger is her experience in school where she meets them – the two troublesome twins. Aurora only has to crash into them for her school life to turn into a playground for the brothers. Aurora can’t understand why they suddenly became fixated on her, but they did.

The twins are well-known in the school as well as the town. Aurora gets to know that they are not people to be messed with. However, her case was unfortunate because she’d somehow drawn them to her case. Can she survive high school with them around?

Meanwhile, she is also dealing with a peculiar problem at home with her mother, Melissa, who wishes to be called by her first name only, and Frank whose wandering hands will not leave Aurora alone.

With so many problems coming from all sides, Aurora has to find her way around the new life she has. She has to protect herself at all costs. Is it from the twins or just from Frank? Aurora can try to hide but hiding won’t help her forever. She must leave that place by the time she turns eighteen.

Why Read Mated to the Alpha Twins?

We see a young and helpless girl with her hands full of perverts and bullies coming from all sides. We see an internal struggle, a battle with her inner self that has no idea about the emotions she suddenly feels. When did she start to feel these complex emotions for two males that bullied her? We follow an inexperienced girl as she takes a dive into a world that was all too ready to eat her up.

The story explores the themes of adolescence, fear, insecurities, pain, and misfortune, amongst many others. It is complete with immersive backstories and a perfectly imperfect protagonist that battles with her inexperience and a whole world within the one she already knew.

The foreign construct, to a newbie, can be overwhelming and hard to accept. However, with time, curiosity wins over fear and insecurity. It’s impossible to escape it.

Part 2: Main Character of Mated to the Alpha Twins

Aurora St. Claire

Mated to the Alpha Twins: Aurora

She is a calm young woman of the age of seventeen, who has had to grow up quickly due to the many experiences she has had with the vast and cruel world. She undergoes a lot of difficulty with her school life as well as her home life, but that does not do anything to keep her from emerging stronger and more confident than ever. She is a girl with a mind that is open to possibilities and new adventures. This is most likely why she does not find it difficult to embrace this new town and the strange encounters she has with certain people.

Aurora has no idea that a world she could have never imagined existed just right around the corner. It was right there in the woods, and she would become the most eager to explore it. She meets two brothers that pique her interest and practically light a fire in her heart, under her skin, poised to consume her whole.

Aurora is no stranger to the ways of bullies or oppressors; she has had to deal with them for a long time due to the condition she was born with. However, the way the twins are complicated and strange. The underlying messages that lay in their smirks, the unsuppressed emotions in their gaze, everything makes her bothered and slightly confused. But over the time she spent watching them enjoy their playful antics at her expense, it is impossible not to come to one very plausible conclusion. Then there comes the truth that would change her whole world forever.

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Part 3: Exciting Chapter from Mated to the Alpha Twins

Chapter Five

Mated to the Alpha Twins: Aurora and Alec

Aurora’s next class would have Alec, one of the twin brothers as well as Grace, the possessive twerp. Thankfully, there was also Tori there, so she got to sit with her. It kept Alec from tormenting her.

Soon it was time for gym class. Aurora chose volleyball had neither of the twins there. However, it did have Grace, the mean wench. Aurora managed to survive for fifteen minutes before something finally happened; Grace served the ball and someone on the other team hit it back. The ball came right at Aurora, and she braced herself for impact. But rather than getting hit in the face, she got knocked over. She fell to the ground hard, her head bounced on the floor, and a crack was audible.

Autumn helped her up and Aurora felt dizzy. She knew a headache the next day was inevitable. She inquired from Autumn about what happened, and when Autumn failed to respond, she just followed Autumn’s gaze, only to find Grace snickering with her group of sluts. Grace saw Aurora looking and gave a taunting wave.

Aurora’s eyes looked about at the other kids, and soon her gaze fell on the twins who had murder in their eyes as they looked in her direction.

Autumn helped Aurora to the nurse and before Autumn left, she made sure to invite Aurora to a party on Saturday which she assured will not be attended by the twins.

When Aurora left the nurse’s office, she sat in the hallway for another half hour. The bell went, and the twins appeared. Though the brothers teased her, however, their hands and lips were not idle.

Mated to the Alpha Twins: Aurora and Kade

There is something exceptionally intriguing about high school romance and when that merges with the thrilling world of the mysterious species of wolves, it creates a beautiful story for all to enjoy. Which is why you should read a good piece I found.

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