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Hot Chapters From Beauty And The Beasts

Beauty And The Beasts is a novel adaptation of a Chinese manga comic that tells the love story of one beautiful girl and four shapeshifters. What happens when earth-girl beauty is transported into a world that has a different beauty standard?

Beauty And The Beast is a harem in nature. This is the story of Bai Qingqing who one day woke up in the beasts’ world, surrounded by gorgeous men, but what’s odd was the females in this world were ugly.

Yet, despite that, they are cherished by their men. Bai Qingqing being a high school student with a completely different culture, and different beauty standards would be no doubt a mesmerizing beauty in this world of beasts. She doesn’t want any of this until four shapeshifter men are drawn attracted to her and thus compete for her affection.

Although four gorgeous shapeshifters beasts were competing for Bai Qingqing’s affection, the main male lead here in Beauty And The Beasts is Parker, the Leopard. He’s the beast who first saved her when Bai Qingqing got lost on her school trip.

At the first meeting, Parker the Leopard knows he loved her at first sight, but then, the Leopard was drawn to wondering how could a female like Bai exist with such a beautiful face, since in their world, the females look far different from her.

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Part 1: Beauty And The Beasts Hot Chapters

Beauty And The Beasts is a sweet romantic reverse harem novel with an unusual setting. If you haven’t checked this book yet, here is a glimpse and review of its hot chapters.

Beauty And The Beasts Chapter 2 – I’m An Ape

Beauty And The Beasts Bai Qingqing

Beastmen like Parker are willful beings. Once they see someone they like they claim ownership of it. So, in this chapter of Beauty And The Beasts, Parker was already in love at first sight with Bai so after saving her, he decided that chasing her would be his life goal.

What’s funny in this chapter of Beauty And The Beasts is Bai And Parker’s first introduction. The differences in their culture made Bai awkward, and also when she was asked what species she is, it was funny how she answered that she was an Ape.

Also, this chapter of Beauty and The Beasts ends with an exciting cliffhanger wherein Parker claimed Bai as his mate.

And so she was taken to Parker’s Village where Bai saw a group of different human beasts living together, and there she noticed that the males were attractive while the females were ugly.

Beauty And The Beasts Chapter 5 – Eudora, The Most Beautiful Female

Beauty And The Beasts Eudora

So, in this chapter of Beauty And The Beasts, Bai was surrounded by shapeshifters human beasts with interrogating eyes. She was holding onto Parker, and her plans of escaping were canceled.

The other beasts want her, but Parker was possessive. He got angry and made it clear that Bai just belongs to him. Amidst the commotion, a female human beast interrupted, she was Eudora. Bai was surprised to see her features. She was described as having an upturned nose, and yet she heard that she was regarded as the most beautiful female in the tribe.

In this chapter of Beauty And The Beasts, it turned out that Eudora is a female rival. She liked Parker and wanted to be chosen by him, but though she showed him interest, still Parker rejected her, and she was heartbroken to see him taking home a girl to their tribe.

In her brokenness, the other beasts in the tribe comforted her and assured her that Parker couldn’t just see how beautiful she was.

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Beauty And The Beasts Chapter 18- Females Get Their Periods Once A Year

Beauty And The Beasts Chapter 18

So, in this chapter of Beauty And The Beasts, we are drawn to how unique the setting of this story is. At this point, the other side’s male lead was introduced. Parker was arguing with Harvey, the other shapeshifter beast.

Harvey meets Bai when she gets injured. He knows much about herbs and medicine and so, Bai felt comfortable with her. While Harvey and Parker were arguing over Bai, proving how sincere their intentions are, saying they would still like Bai even though he can’t bear a child.

But then the funny part in this chapter of Beauty And The Beasts is just exactly when the two male leads are having that kind of argument, Bai’s menstrual period comes up. She was too embarrassed while being in the jungle and having no sanitary napkins around. She doesn’t know what to do.

So, she grabbed Parker and went home, but Parker got too excited, misinterpreting the period as Bai going into heat. Going into heat was their term used to signify that a female is already an adult.

However, Bai was uncomfortable and sad thinking she will go through more situations like this in a place with no sanitary napkins. Parker comforted her, and then Bai learned that the female beasts in that world only get their period once a year.

Beauty And The Beasts Chapter 30 – The Appearance Of A Feral Beasts

Beauty And The Beasts Curtis Snake

The other male lead was introduced in this chapter of Beauty And The Beasts, Curtis the snake shapeshifter. Before that, Bai Qingqing, accidentally found a snake skin near the lake near Parker’s Tribe, not knowing what it was, she took it home.

Parker got very angry because he knew that it was a Feral Beast. Feral beast such as snakes usually shed off their skin to impress the female they want to mate with. And Parker doesn’t like the idea that it was Bai who got the snakeskin.

The next exciting scene in this chapter of Beauty And The Beasts was when Bai got captured by Curtis. She saw Curtis bathing in the lake. The description of this scene was a hook. Curtis was described as an attractive beast in his human form.

So at that time, Curtis was in his human form, and so Bai didn’t feel any threat that he came near to him. Soo, he heard Parker shouting to get away because Parker knew that Curtis was a Feral beast.

Beauty And The Beasts Book Cover

This chapter of Beauty And The Beasts ended with an action scene, Curtis and Parker transforming into their beast form while Bai ended up being captured by Curtis.

In the next chapters of Beauty And The Beasts Bai is caught in the world of snake beasts men, and here we get to see another setting and another group of beasts with a different culture from Parker, the Leopard.

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Meanwhile, Parker got home to his Tribe, and Harvey, the other male lead came to him, and the two ended up searching for Bai Qingqing.

Beauty And The Beasts is an interesting read. If you want a book with an out-of-this-world plot premise, then this novel suits them.

Clearly, the writer has a creative imagination. What’s catching in this book is the culture of the beast’s world that leaves the female lead, innocent and vulnerable, while the four male leads are very protective and always on the rescue of her, thus, adding a romantic vibe to the story.

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