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He was can never going to accept her, she wasn’t just his type. He was her as weak and fragile, a commoner and to worsen it all a girl without a wolf. He didn’t want to believe she was his second mate. He already had one.

Is it possible for one to have more than one mate? That he didn’t know. Alpha Derrick’s life was perfect just the way he wanted it, he was gifted with an incredible gift of strength and was feared among other alphas. He had a perfect mate who was the daughter of the alpha of the snowpack, everything was perfect, just too perfect until he came back home and discovered he had another mate.

After he found out his first mate three years ago, he would never accept her because he thought she was weak and way out of his league.

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Part 1: Main Story of His Second Mate

His Second Mate Mom Please

Vicky woke up to hear her mom’s voice in her sleep. They were going to get late. She forgot what the day was, Alpha Derick was coming back and they needed to get everything ready. Vicky didn’t understand why he must come back to his second mate.

She was just seventeen, and it was her first arrival in the pack. Her Mom asked her to serve Alpha Derick some juice upstairs in his room. Happily, she took the juice upstairs to his room, because she was excited to see the young Alpha. She got to his room door, knocked on the door, but got no response from him. She knocked again and still, there was no response from Alpha Derick.

She decided to go back with the drink, but just then the door opened and Derick stood by the door, shirtless and sweating profusely. He took the tray of juice from her hand and gave her a quizzical look before letting the tray fall from his hand.

She heard a female voice behind him before she noticed hands wrapped around his waist and her head resting on his back. Without being told, Vicky knew it was Emma, Derick’s mate.

His Second Mate Hit Me

When Vicky heard those words from her, it pierced her soul, but what can she do? She was just a daughter of a maid in the mansion, so apparently everyone sees her as one. She was his second unwanted. Alpha Derick wanted her to get lost and never show herself to him.

After that incident, she never saw him until she heard he had gone to Canada to further his education alongside his mate Emma. Now her mom wanted her to get ready to see Alpha Derick because he was returning home. She came out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her chest before leaving the bathroom. When his mom yelled at her to be snappy. Her Mom urged her to get dressed and come to the main house.

She left the boy’s quarter and went into the main house, where the Luciano family lives. The moment she got to the sitting room, she noticed the sitting room was filled with different people from the pack, she made her way to the kitchen and was almost at the door when she felt a hand grabbing her arm.

Part 2: Free Chapters of His Second Mate

Chapter 2 of His Second Mate

His Second Mate So Hurt

Having bled herself in the kitchen, Vicky`s Mom asked her to leave and go to the mansion in chapter 3 of his second Mate. She was going to be allowed with a bleeding finger in the kitchen which will bring more trouble to her. Ashamed of herself, she left the kitchen, walked through the stairway, and met Clinton with a group of werewolf males just like him.

She had to act like she didn’t notice him, he noticed her and walked up to her. ”You are wounded.” He said those words and took her wounded finger. Like a twinkle of an eye, the pains and cut in her finger were gone, and only a little mark was seen.

”All done.” He smiled widely at her and let go of her hand. ”You shouldn’t have stressed yourself.”

”It’s not stress, it’s a gift given to me by the moon goddess and I love using it.” He flashed her a cute smile which brought a flutter to her heart before going back to meet up with his friends.

”Lucky you.” She murmured. Every werewolf was gifted with a special gift but she had no wolf, no gift.

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Part 3: Free Chapters of His Second Mate

Chapters 3 Of His Second Mate

His Second Mate His Mine

When she turned around in chapter 3 of his second Mate, she met eyes with Edwin, Emma’s elder brother and a soon-to-be alpha of the snowpack. She knew he was a chronic womanizer, who wishes to be in every Lady’s pants, not minding who you are.

”You have a fascinating scent for a girl without a wolf.” He said those words and groaned in a deep voice, making my hairs shiver. Hearing those words from him, she rolled my eyes and looked away,

”Why are you not dressed.”? He asked while staring at me like he was seeing through my dress.

”None of your business bastards,” she grumbled within.

”Your Alpha and your soon-to-be Luna will be back in the country after three years of being away, and You don’t think you should dress for it like everyone, ‘he asked realizing that the discussion was going elsewhere, she decided to cut it off

”My offer still stands.” He spoke firmly. Oh yes, I remembered he asked me to be his sex slave, not as a partner or lover, but he wants me to secretly be his mistress.

Part 4: Conclusion of His Second Mate

His Second Mate Can't Believe It

This story his second mate has proven to be a thrilling and engaging novel that takes readers on a journey. Throughout the novel, readers are drawn into the complex relationships between the characters and are kept on the edge of their seats as they follow the twists and turns of the plot.

With each new challenge that Alpha Derrick and Victoria face, they must rely on their courage, wit, and resourcefulness to survive.

As the novel reaches its conclusion, readers are left with a deep sense of satisfaction and closure. The characters have grown and evolved throughout the story, and their triumph over adversity is truly inspiring.

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