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Gap: Pink Theory | GL Book Review

The Gap Pink TheoryNovelis an adult romantic fiction that follows the life of Mon and Khun Sam.

Khun Sam is a wealthy, bossy lady and Mon is just an intern who is in love with Khun Sam. But it’s not going to be easy for the couple as the obstacles on their way are harder than it.

Gap Pink TheoryNovelis a love story between two female leads and is different holding the unique and hot love that ignites the lost passion.

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Part 1: Gap Pink TheoryNovelExciting Storyline

Gap Pink Theoryfiction

Gap Pink TheoryNovelis a fictional romance novel that is a Girl and Girl romance. It’s one of the hottest and most unique fiction which follows Mon and Khun Sam.

The Gap Pink TheoryNovelstarts with Mon who arrives at the office, in a pleasant mood. She worked in a digital company and the boss of the company was known as the Boss ML where ML means Mohm Luang. She was the last title of the Thai royal family or the son of a king’s great-grandson.

Mohm was famous and known as Khun Sam and Mon knew that she needed to work hard in her position.

Her mentor Yah, caught her trying to enter Boss ML’s office. As Mon was just an intern at the office, there was no real reason for her to meet the boss. Yeah didn’t understand why she would want to meet the boss either which left Mon disappointed.

Mon had been adoring The Boss ML and had been an admirer who followed her on the social media platform, following her every close moment. But she had a, that her mentor didn’t like her considering how Yah commented that Khun Sam never smiles unless she’s forced to do so.

Gap Pink TheoryNovelseries

To Mon’s surprise, as she crossed the boss’s room, Khun walked out but being shy she kept her gaze down. She was just shy but not scared however others in the office looked scared of the boss to Mon’s surprise.

Since Mon was new at her work, everyone was trying to talk to her and get to her. She heard that Tonight Mr. Kirk, the owner of the company was going to fund a party to celebrate hitting the target the company and this was her chance to meet Khun.

Gap Pink TheoryNovelcontinues at the party where Mon feels bored as her hope to see Khun turns disappointing. Her colleagues tell her that it’s better this way considering Khun is a lifeless woman who just spoils the mood for dinner.

They all are afraid of her because they don’t know what she is thinking. It’s hard to predict as they think of time if she was ever happy or sad or even express her anger, but Mon states differently.

Mon makes it a point that Khun is a beautiful woman who lights up the world with her smile and that she likes dogs.

Unlike her colleagues, Mon is secretly in love with Khun and tonight she found out that Mr. Kirk the owner of the company is actually Khun Sam’s fiance.

Gap Pink TheoryNovelread

As everyone leaves, Mon is left alone with her thoughts and the door opens.

In front is Khun Sam looking at Mon, she’s close to her as Mon wishes.

But Khun Sam questions Mon

“How do you know I like dogs?”

Can Mon confess her secret love to Khun Sam? Will Khun Sam ever realize Mon’s true feelings?

Gap Pink TheoryNovelis a well-written story highlighting the love story through the odds. Make sure to read the novel to know more about Mon and how she’s going to find her way to impress Khun Sam who is a perfectionist.

Part 2: The InterestingCharacters of Gap Pink TheoryNovel


Gap Pink Theoryonline

The Gap Pink TheoryNovelfeatures a few of the most important and different characters throughout the course of the Novel with each character evolving for the better as the plot thickens.

This romantic fiction follows two female leads. The Gap Pink TheoryNovelstarts with Mon who is appointed as the new intern to the digital company which has evolved throughout the years as a top company.

Mon is excited to be at work but it’s mainly because she gets to see Khun Sam. She’s a secret lover who just wants to see Khun Sam close and even when the whole office tries to talk low or tease Khun Sam, Mon defends her not making it very obvious that Mon is a huge admirer who has been following Khun.

But Can Mon be able to confess her feelings for Khun Sam?

Mon is one of the interesting and bubbly characters who is so full of life and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She takes her stand and doesn’t hesitate to make her point even when no one thinks alike. Mon is a character who inspires many.

Gap PinkNovelonline

Khun Sam is the other female lead in the Gap Pink Theory Novel. She’s called the Boss ML where ML means Mohm Luang. She was the last title of the Thai royal family or the son of a king’s great-grandson.

She’s the owner of the digital company which would have been gone if not for her vision that’s helped the company achieve success.

But all of her employees kind of misunderstands her because Khun Sam isn’t the one they can predict. Her lack of showing expression makes all of them consider Khun a lifeless woman who will spoil the mood wherever she walks.

Her employees think she’s put botox on her face and she can’t even smile. But unlike others Mon takes her stand, calling her a person who lights up the room.

But Khun Sam is engaged to Mr. Kirk the owner of the company. However, with Mon, she’s different. Can Khun Sam find her true love and happiness?

Khun Sam is a strong female lead with a bossy attitude who doesn’t care about what others think. It’s her hard work and attitude which has got her successful. But unlike so many other women she’s misunderstood in her job.

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Part 3: A Must Read Gap Pink TheoryNovel


Gap Pink Theory- book

Gap Pink TheoryNovelis an adult romantic fiction that follows Khun Sam who is a royal-ranked perfectionist, hailing from the upper class. She’s wealthy and intelligent and is known as the Boss ML.

Mon is the intern who idolizes Khun Sam and the only reason to get into Khun Sam’s office is to get close to her.

Mon admired Khun Sam and just wants to be close to her. But she’s shy when Khun Sam is around. However, that doesn’t stop Mon from not taking Khun Sam’s back when everyone in the office tries to belittle the boss.

When Mon defends Khun Sam calling her a person who lights up the room and that she loves Dogs, Khun Sam questions Mon how she know that.

Gap Pink TheoryNovel- online

Mon who has been following Khun Sam over the years knows her daily routine and can’t help but fall in love with her. But the contrasting personalities and the fact that Khun Sam is engaged to make it all interesting to see how Khun Sam and Mon come together.

But nothing is going to stop Mon from winning her love, Khun Sam. The Gap Pink TheoryNovelis one of the fascinating reads following the forbidden love story of Mon and Khun Sam. If you love a good love story with kick-ass heroines who are not afraid to stand for what they believe, check out the story to know more.

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