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Dragon Bound – Paranormal Romance Novel Review

Wyverns, the alternate types of dragons, are the major focus of Dragon Bound’s novel. The novel itself tells us a story about Pia Giovanni, a half-human and half-wyr woman who is being targeted by the Elder dragon races after she was blackmailed for stealing coins from these extremely powerful dragon tribes.

Such things in Dragon Bound cause Pia not to keep lower profiles of her identity. After all, she has just triggered the most feared and respected Elders among all: the formidable-looking Dragos Cuelebre. Fortunately, the formidable dragon Elder takes compassion toward Pia, which leads him not to kill her.

At the same time, Dragos intends to create a Dragon Bound by owning Pia. Yet, Pia refuses to be taken as a slave, despite knowing the debts she has to repay. How will their relationships last?

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of Dragon Bound

Pia Giovanni

Dragon Bound Pia

As a half-human and half-wyr woman, Pia Giovanni understands the struggles between her race versus some other races in Dragon Bound’s book. So, she had decided to keep her work identities since the first chapter of Dragon Bound.

However, she no longer can hide her identity after the Elder Dragon race blackmailed her for stealing some precious coins. In particular, she now encounters Dragos Cuelebre, the most respected and formidable Elder Dragon, and has to repay her debts at all costs Including having a relationship with Dragos.

Dragos Cuelebre

Dragon Bound Dragos

Dragos Cuelebre of Dragon Bound novel is similar to Pia in terms of his work identity. However, as an influential member of the Elder Dragon, he holds much more power than Pia. The Elder Dragon group even declares him as the most formidable, respected, and feared among all dragons and wars.

He is a possessive and domineering man who uses the Dragon Bound in an attempt to control the woman he is interested in. Even though he can use other means to make Pia repay her debts for stealing his tribe’s coins, he seems to only have romantic relationships with her in his mind.

Part 2: Main Story Of Dragon Bound

Main Story Of Dragon Bound

When we read the first chapters of Dragon Bound, we will learn that Pia Giovanni is not an ordinary human female. Instead, she also has war blood in her. For your information, wars are dragons with different amounts of legs and sizes than other dragon types. However, Pia also has a different attitude than other wars and dragons.

Pia is well aware of her race’s seemingly unending rivalry with the Dark Faes, another race that controls the territories in Dragon Bound’s novel. However, she decides to keep the peace between the races by keeping a low profile of her identity. She can no longer hide after she stole some precious coins from the Elder Dragon group.

There, she recognizes the possessive, controlling, respected, and feared male named Dragos Cuelebre. Even though Dragos decides to spare Pia’s life after knowing she steals from his tribe, he also wants to own Pia’s body. In my opinion, here is where the main story of Dragon Bound starts.

Throughout the novel’s chapters, Pia proves her quality by not backing down easily against the respected Elder Dragon No, wy. These entire things make Dragos even more interested in capturing her heart.

The love scenes of Dragon Bound are so tongue-turning, and tense, and we can also find healthy doses of spiciness in them. Thea Harrison as the author of Dragon Bound has successfully created a combination of a brave and likable female MC and a blood-lusty male MC.

No wonder this novel becomes one of the New York Times Best-selling novels! Just look at the quotes, particularly the quotes that picture the dominance and possessiveness of the male MC.

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Part 3: The Author Of Dragon Bound

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

Thea Harrison, the author of the Dragon Bound novel, is one of the world’s most renowned romance writers. We can see it from her bibliography, where she has written at least 16 other novels apart from Dragon Bound, the 336-page paranormal romance novel that she published in 2011.

The public, including the U.S. audiences, recognizes Thea Harrison as one of the most powerful and influential romance book writers due to the awards that she and her books have won. Many of her books belong to the New York Times Best-Selling novel list on various platforms, and she also won several awards as a book writer and editor.

Thea Harrison (or Teddy Harrison, her real name) may have written her books under different pen names. However, we can see her ways of telling the stories when we read the complete series and books and see the patterns in each chapter. For instance, the Dragon Bound novel that we discuss in this article has quotes between the MCs that only Thea Harrison can write it.

Dragon Bound itself becomes one of the earliest novels that Thea Harrison had written in her writing career. She had paused several times due to continuing education and raising her children. Right now, she lives in California with her lovely family members.

She may have stopped writing since 2021, however, it doesn’t stop the readers to enjoy reading her divine-quality books, such as Dragon Bound.

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