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Cultivation Online by MyLittleBrother | Book Review

Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age, deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him. His younger sister became his sole reason for living but things soon change when this young man reaches the apex as a genius in cultivation online.

Yuan had suffered from his incurable illness for a long time and he got fed up with life. The illness rendered everything below his head useless.

His parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him. In this dark and still world, the only person who gave him hope was his younger sister. His genius paved a new way for him, this young man is the newest VRMMORPG, and he is going to become a legendary figure in both worlds.

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Part 1: Main story of Cultivation Online

Main story of Cultivation Online

He was born with an incurable illness in cultivation online that left him blind at the age of 7 and crippled at the age of 13. He is now 18 years old, and for the past 5 years he would lay in his bed, unable to do anything else besides just lying there; it was a gruesome and unimaginable life that one wouldn’t even dare to imagine himself in.

However, for this young man who has spent more than half of his life living in a world void of light, he was able to continue living without giving in to despair because of his caring younger sister, who supported him every day without any complaints.

When he first heard of the game from his younger sister, he almost couldn’t believe it.

A game that operates inside the mind of the individual, allowing that person to live in another world without the need to move a single limb who would believe that such an incredible and advanced technology could exist? Not to mention that this high-tech technology was announced to be affordable enough for even the most common families to enjoy.

Main story of Cultivation Online

The countdown continued to lower as the young man tried to familiarize himself with the feeling of moving his limbs in cultivation online. Although it was difficult at first, even tripping after every few steps, he gradually became familiarized with his body again.

As the system’s notice appeared, the black space quickly brightened, becoming a bright white room. And right before the young man, a crack appeared out of thin air, looking like a glass window being cracked.

Suddenly, the large crack broke apart entirely, revealing the darkness behind it, and a beautiful woman with a graceful and elegant body slowly walked out from within the cracked space, looking like a goddess appearing from another world.

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Part 2: Free Chapter of Cultivation Online

Chapter 2 of Cultivation Online

Chapter 2 of Cultivation Online

While Yuan was spending his time entertaining a mysterious little girl in chapter 2 of Cultivation Online, other Players would either be strengthening themselves or trying to gain more information about this world. Everybody rushed to surpass their friends and rivals in this new game that just came out, especially those who wish to become a professional and are required to be ahead of everybody else.

Minutes quickly turned into hours, and while everyone was grinding in their own ways, Yuan continued to play with the little girl. ‘What monstrous stamina this little girl has! We have been throwing this ball back and forth for many hours, yet there is not a drop of sweat on her face! Even her small body shows no sign of fatigue!’

How could he, a young man, get worn out before a little girl that’s half his age while playing throwing a ball? Although he has not moved a muscle for many years in the real world, this was virtual reality; he shouldn’t even be sweating, let alone feeling fatigued!

Chapter 2 of Cultivation Online

Yuan began telling stories to Xiao Hua of the things he has done as a child, and she quickly became engrossed in his stories in captivation online.

After an hour of nonstop storytelling, when he ran out of both breaths and stories to tell her, Xiao Hua opens the book. However, when she began reading the book in her hands, he was surprised to find out that he wasn’t able to understand a single word coming out of her mouth. It sounded more like chanting than a story!

But he didn’t want to be rude to her, so he continued to listen. Soon, without being aware, he closed his eyes. After closing his eyes, he began feeling more relaxed and comfortable, almost as though he was experiencing some kind of hypnotization.

The weird chanting from Xiao Hua became less gibberish, he was beginning to comprehend her words, and information he never knew was being fed into his head. This continued for a whole hour before a sharp sound would suddenly wake Yuan from his meditative state.

Chapter 3 of Cultivation Online

Chapter 3 of Cultivation Online

In chapter 3 of captivation online, the world was in turmoil from the game’s first world announcement. Rich and powerful companies in the real world began looking into this player named Yuan with hopes to find his real identity. However, it was a near-impossible task due to the way the game handled the players’ privacy.

After spending many resources and time looking for Yuan, people quickly came to a realization that unless Yuan willingly revealed himself, his identity would remain unknown forever. But that alone was not enough to force these people into giving up on trying to find him.

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