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Claimed by My Three Alphas Read Free Novel Chapter Online

Amery Hunter was a girl who believed she was nobody. As claimed by my three Alphas, she was an outcast with no real friends except her childhood best friend. And even that becomes a lie when her only friend betrays her. Her identity is revealed when she mistakenly gets stuck in the werewolf realm.

Her getting stuck in the werewolf realm, puts her at the mercy of three powerful, arrogant, and ruthless Alpha princes. Levi, Asher, and Quincy grow a burning obsession with their little mate. Three sexy Alphas. One mate. And one deadly prophecy that is bound to tie her heart to just one who’d mark her as his. In this twisted tale, love and passion become a game and she, their prize.

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Part 1: Core Story of Claimed by My Three Alphas

Claimed by My Three Alphas white wolf

It all happened suddenly and out of nowhere, Amery found herself staring into the eyes of a huge white wolf, in claimed by my three Alphas. It was a bizarre thing to happen and what was even more bizarre was how calm and collected she was. She wasn’t freaking out or yelling because not only was she seeing a wolf for the first time but she was also staring at it closely.

Something about its eyes oddly comforted her as she looked into them. Like they weren’t something she was to be scared of, they brought her an odd feeling of solace. How did she go from never seeing a wolf to seeing numerous in a short timeframe?

Before she could say anything or move, the two newly arrived wolves pounced on the white one, startling us. She tried to yell to hinder them from fighting. It was terrifying and was all happening so fast. It was like her voice was inaudible to them as her attempt to stop them fell to no avail. She tried again, this time her words getting stuck in her throat and immediately interrupted by another loud sound.

Claimed by My Three Alphas jump off

The sound she heard this time though, in claimed by my three Alphas was a familiar one. She jumped from her bed in a panic, realizing she was in her room, the only company she had was the giant teddy it was the bear her boyfriend got me on my 18th birthday. It was all a dream, a bad dream,

Before she could let herself get drowned in thoughts of how terrifying and ridiculous her dream was, her thoughts got interrupted by the notification sound coming from my phone. A light smile appeared on her face as she reached for her phone. Given the notification tone, she didn’t need to think twice to know it was her boyfriend who had sent her a text.

Her Smile grew wider as she unlocked her phone and read the text from Sean, her high school sweetheart and safe to say, the absolute love of her life. As fast as she could be ready she dashed out of her room. After walking for about fifteen minutes, she finally got to school. Right, it finally dawned on her. Literally half the people in the hallways were laughing, whispering, and pointing- all in her direction.

Claimed by My Three Alphas Cheating

As confused, as she was in claimed by my three Alphas, she looked around her. The whispers weren’t getting any quieter, the sounds of laughter only getting louder with every second. Something must have happened. Even with that, she went on with her daily activities normally with her best friend.

Right in front of her eyes was a video of no one other than her best friend, Natasha, making out with her boyfriend, Sean. She tried to tell herself it was all a lie. But the moment she caught the familiar birthmark on Sean’s back, she knew it was a bit too real to be a lie.

Sean was cheating on her with her best friend. It felt like a punch in the guts, the pain taking its time to spread around her whole body. The people she treasured the most had worked together to break her trust. It felt like she was at a dead end. The two people she always went to when she was in pain had finally become the cause of her greatest pain. The girl in front of her quickly collected her phone from her, preventing it from mindlessly slipping out of her hands.

Part 2: Free Chapters of Claimed by My Three Alphas

Chapter 2 of Claimed by My Three Alphas

Claimed by My Three Alphas Get Lost

Every single doubt in her mind disappeared in chapter 2 of Claimed by My Three Alphas, making her realize how much a part of her was still hoping it was all a lie. It wasn’t a lie. Both my best friend and boyfriend were both animals.

She didn’t realize how they could be so heartless and cruel. How they could care about nothing but themselves and not even hesitate to break me apart.

She didn’t need any more explanation. She had gotten more than enough already. The sight in front of her was more than enough proof. She watched them uselessly get off each other realizing they had an intruder. All she could do was shake her head at them though, before finally turning to leave the room. Ignoring both their pleas, she left his room and walked downstairs. She could hear them as they struggled to put their clothes back on, both of them muttering curse words as they did.

When he said it was all misunderstanding. She wanted to know the part of it that is misunderstanding. The part that he cheated on her or the part of him doing it with her best friend.

Claimed by My Three Alphas Survival

Spotting Natasha almost by her side in chapter 2 of Claimed by My Three Alphas, she took to her heels and ran out of the house, she was hurting already, and seeing her face was only going to bring more hurt to her, so she didn’t want to see it.

Ignoring their calls, she dashed out of the house and took to the road, heading to nowhere in particular, all she knew was she needed to get away from them as far as possible away from them.

She finally reached her peak after running for a while, tears finally began to roll down her cheeks, and she had no intention of stopping it, having the tears freely flood her face until she felt a tad bit better. The pain was still there but after crying and running for what seemed to be hours, she was finally able to calm myself down. After running for so long with nowhere in particular in mind, she found myself truly in the middle of nowhere.

Just as she was about to take a gamble on what direction to head next, she heard a deep growl, stopping all her senses for a while. Confirming her guess, she turned around to immediately spot a white wolf growling behind me.

Chapter 3 of Claimed by My Three Alphas

Claimed by My Three Alphas hurt

She woke up to a splitting headache in chapter 3 of claimed by my three Alphas, positive her headache was birthed from the jabbering of whoever the people around her were, she felt tired and weak, confused about what was going on or where she was.

She managed to look around her, the voices getting louder. Her vision felt blurry for a while, leaving her with nothing but the sound of their voices. When they finally got her, they felt it was best they get rid of her as smoothly as they could.

Her eyes immediately jolted open on hearing the last words from whichever man it was. In an instant, she looked around her again, realizing she was in a foreign-looking room with three men standing a few meters away from her.

Though all she could see was their back views, the strong scent from them had now become familiar, making her immediately realize they were the three men from the woods earlier.

Part 3: Conclusion of Claimed by My Three Alphas

Claimed by My Three Alphas Lovely

Amery life as a she-wolf became daunting when she met the three powerful, arrogant, and ruthless Alpha princes. Levi, Asher, and Quincy. Whether she lives or survives by finding her right mate is unprecedented.


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