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Book Review: The Teacher’s Pet by Aflyingwhale

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Emma’s story in the teacher’s pet depicts all that love can lead to, especially for those teens in high school. Emma was a young girl who gave all of her heart to her boyfriend and at the time she thought they were going to tie the knot one day, she caught him cheating.

Now saddened by her troubles, she finds herself in a bar and got laid by a stranger one-night stand. She would realize the stranger was someone who could mar or make her study.

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Part 1: Exciting plot from the teacher’s pet

Exciting plot from the teacher's pet

In this fascinating romantic story, the teacher’s pet, Emma was going to have her birthday, so she told her parents that she didn’t want a party, but rather to get a car. The next day her dad brought home this gorgeous blue 2010 Ford Mustang convertible as my birthday present.

So, last night, her best friends suggested an impromptu road trip so she could go see Zach. Zach had just started his freshman year at Emory University. They have been dating for almost a year now and she loved him to bits in the book, the teacher’s pet.

Emma had met Zack at a house party. Her friend Tiffany was dating this jock, Robb, at the time. He invited her to his house for a small get-together. It turned out to be a full-on party, complete with beer kegs and hard liquors.

To Emma’s wish, Zach and she started talking that night, and the rest was history. He was her first love, her first boyfriend, and her first kiss. They hadn’t gone all the way yet. He’d asked her about it a few times already, but she never felt like she was ready.

Exciting plot from the teacher's pet

But ever since he moved away for college at the beginning of summer, Emma hadn’t seen him in weeks and she missed him so much. She missed his smile, his touch, and his kisses. She didn’t think she was ready before but was ready now to make out with him for the first time.

In the teacher’s pet, was Atlanta’s an amazing city, and Emory’s an awesome school. She planned that maybe she would apply there too, so Zach and she could be closer than ever. They reached the college area at half past six. Having driven for hours, her butt needed a rest from all that sitting down.

Emma checked with Zach and he said he was having dinner with his freshman class. She didn’t tell him she was driving down here, of course. It’s going to be a surprise. She could only imagine the look on his face when Zach sees her tonight.

Exciting plot from the teacher's pet

The goal was for Emma to wait until Zach was finished with dinner and she would go surprise him in his dorm room. They had some time to kill before that, so Tiff suggest they check out this bar called Puzzles.

In the teacher’s pet, Puzzle was a lively bar, filled with college kids playing ping pong, darts, and pool, and they even had a karaoke machine. Tiff, who was currently single AF, started talking to this college guy named Steve. Carrie had borrowed her big sister’s ID, and she managed to get us all a round of beers.

The atmosphere around Emma was at an all-time high, and she couldn’t help but get carried away. Carrie started dancing, and by the second round of beers, they were singing karaoke with a group of sorority girls.

Exciting plot from the teacher's pet

Two glasses of beer was a lot for Emma but she never mind. So she suddenly felt the strong urge to pee. Tiff was still talking to that guy and Carrie was busy talking to the sorority girls about campus life, so she headed for the bathroom alone.

Suddenly it dawned on her that she was about to kiss a random stranger in a bar. What the hell was she thinking? She should not be doing this! She needed to be with Zach! The second glass of beer was a bad idea.

She went to her friend who was dancing and told her she needed to go wait in Zach’s dorm room. She didn’t respond until she yell to her ears because the music was so loud.

While she walked into the dorm people just assumed she was a student, so she had no problem getting in. Her heart was pounding in excitement as she climbed the stairs to the second floor. Emma’s eyes went to scan the long corridor for room no. 223, Zach’s room. Her heart was beating faster and faster as the numbers got closer.

Exciting plot from the teacher's pet

Her hand reached for the handle and she realized the door was unlocked. She pulled down the handle happily and pushed the door open. But as soon as she saw what was inside the room, her smile fell to the floor. Emma wasn’t prepared to see what was happening in front of me. She could have never been.

Zach was lying on his bed, naked. In front of him was a girl, also naked. She straddled him on the bed, so Emma was only able to see her hair and bareback. She was humping him, all the while moaning his name out loud. One of his hands was gripping her bare ass, clutching them tightly as she bounced and bounced on him. The other was on gripping her bare breast, kneading her as he groaned aloud.

Zac turn and saw Emma staring at him. He stood up and wanted to speak but Emma instinctively flew to his face to stop him from talking, slapping his cheek harshly. He looked taken aback and I was shocked too, Emma was never this violent person. Slowly, his eyes then turned from shock into anger.

Exciting plot from the teacher's pet

Zack’s excuse was that she didn’t want to have sex with him, while he agreed to wait until Emma was ready.

She called Tiff and Carrie to see where they were, but none of them picked up. So she decided to head back to the bar, thinking maybe they were still there. She double-checked all the corners and the girls’ room, but they were nowhere to be found.

Exciting plot from the teacher's pet

She had to ring their phone, no response, she then left a message on both their phones and walked over to the bar aimlessly, and took a seat on one of the stools. She was tired. Emma was hurting and alone. Every time she closed her eyes, the image of Zach and that girl popped into her head and she wanted to just scrape her brains out.

She turned to her side and saw that guy again, the gorgeous guy that danced with her earlier. He was leaning casually against the bar. She wasn’t in the mood to talk, so she ignored him and turned her face back to the front.

The bartender put a tall glass in front of her, filled with ice, sliced lime, and a clear liquid inside. She didn’t know what got into her, but suddenly felt the urge to speak out.

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Part 2: Main story of the teacher’s pet

Main story of the teacher's pet

Emma’s story in the teacher’s pet is about an innocent girl who loved her boyfriend and never cheated on him. He had asked for sex severally but Emma said she wasn’t ready and Zack agreed to wait till she was ready. One day, on giving him a surprise visit in his dorm room, Emma caught Zack making out with a girl.

Now saddened by her troubles, she found herself in a bar and had a one-night with a stranger. She would realize that the stranger was someone who could be mar or make her education.

Part 3: Main characters in the teacher’s pet

Main characters in the teacher's pet

Emma and Zack first got together when she was a sophomore and he was a senior at school. He had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, he looked a lot like Patrick Schwarzenegger. Emma has been crushing hard on him ever since freshman year. She never thought he’d notice someone like her, but he did.

Her two best friends have had sex already. Tiff’s first time was with Robb. They did it at the back of his Jeep. She said she didn’t like it at first, but things got better with time.

Carrie’s first time was when she was fourteen. It was with a boy she met at summer camp. He lasted for a good thirty seconds. Needless to say, it wasn’t great either, But now Carrie was dating Mark, our school body president, and they seemed to hit it off great.

Main characters in the teacher's pet

Her best friends’ stories about their awful first times got Emma scared about her. Which was why she never got past third base. But that was all supposed to change when she finds Zack in his dorm room.

There was something nice about the guy she met at the bar when she looked up at him and noticed how tall he was. He was around 5/4, he was probably a foot taller than her.

He had luscious dark hair and dark brown eyes. His skin was tan and his right arm was covered in a sleeve of tattoos. He was also wearing a plain black t-shirt that outlined his sculpted body.

Part 4: Read The Teacher’s Pet Now!

Read The Teacher's Pet Now

The teacher’s pet will keep you drowning for a hard time making out and you unknowingly drain your energy fantasizing about your lover.

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